Drugs Cost you your Life

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People consider that addiction is awful, and it shows that a person has a bad character. People are not aware that addiction is not a condition on which we should judge the moral character of a person. It is simply a disease like many other diseases. Every disease affects bodies so is the case of drugs and it affects the functioning of the brain and the general conduct of an individual. An urge of drugs is created by the brain when you get addicted, and the person faces a condition when he can’t resist using the drugs. The best step is to take an early step towards treatment and cure your addiction before it ruins your life. Don’t allow them to control you and take a step towards the journey before it gets too late. The more early you take a step, the more are the chances that you will save yourselves from the dreadful consequences of drug addiction. People think that one who smokes cocaine and heroin is addicted but the truth is that alcohol, antidepressants, and sleeping pills are also drugs that are legal but can cause addiction. Sometimes, doctors prescribe narcotic medications which are commonly known as opioids. Two-thirds of the deaths caused by drugs are because of opioid use. One starts using drugs thinking that it makes you feel better. One thinks that the control of the drug use is in his hands but with time, the circumstances get change. The working of the brain changes with time that can cause physical long-lasting changes in your body. They take your willpower, control and cause damage to the body.

Misconception between Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse

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These two terms are often confused with each other. When a person uses illegal drugs in illegal ways it is called drug abuse. For example, you start using your prescription medicine more than required or use the prescription medicines of the other person. One may start loving when he takes the drug and feels good. He thinks that stress has eased. He starts avoiding the reality of life by using drug use. But in this situation, you can change the habit by stopping using these drugs. In case of addiction, the game is out of your hands and you need a professional team’s help. It brings your health to a dangerous point. It starts causing familial, financial, and other types of problems for the person and his family. Addiction is when you urge to fill, inject or smoke the drug in the body.

Relation of drugs with brain

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The brain plays a very crucial role in our body. The drugs wire the brain and send us a message that compels us to repeat the experience of drugs. It captivates and instills a thought in our brain that when we use drugs, we feel good. That is why we can’t resist and get motivated to have drugs again. Drugs directly target your brain and fill it with dopamine. This chemical dopamine triggers the feeling of intense pleasure. It forces and distracts your mind to use the drug to the limit that makes you high. With time, resistance increases, and your body demands more quantity and dose of dopamine. People are often foodies, they love food, love to hang out with friends, but once a person gets attached to drugs, he no longer feels pleasure in his old favorite habits. Drugs target four important things that are:

Reasons behind drug use

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The body and brain of every person are different. Everyone has a different metabolic and immune system. Medicines affect each body differently. Some people hate the feeling of drug use on their first try and they don’t want to taste it again. But some people love the feel and get crazy over drug use. Some people occasionally use drugs so they don’t get addicted. Addiction is not confined to age at all. It can happen at any age when you misuse drugs. Some common reasons behind drugs use are:

  • Disturbed Family relationships

Many people grow up in a family that always makes a troublesome environment of the house. Such an environment makes you alone and lonely. You don’t feel like sharing the problems with family. You don’t share a loveable bond with the parents so eventually; such children find escape in drugs.

  • Family genetics

In many drug cases, the genes are detected for drug use. The genes of a person become responsible for addiction. If your other family members have trouble with drugs, it is more likely possible that you can easily become addicted to drugs.

  • Mental illness

The adults of our era mostly get sad and depressed. They worry a lot which makes the high chance and possibility that they will choose the way of drugs. There is a dire need for awareness regarding mental health, visit a psychologist if you’re suffering from depression. Don’t prioritize drugs over the treatment of your mental health. Share your problems and feelings with a trustworthy person. If you don’t have anyone, seek help from doctors. Nowadays, we also have many websites that will not disclose our identity. The counselor will listen to our condition and will anonymously give you treatment.

  • Early use of drugs

When the brains of a child are growing, they incorporate habits that exist and remain in their life for a longer time. So the people who take drugs at their early and growing age are at maximum risk of getting addicted when they get old.

Quit now and get help

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It is high time to spread awareness and help people who are suffering from uncontrollable problems. Compel them to take admission at a recovery center and seek help from professionals. It will take some time, but the cure and treatment will help in living a drug-free life. The treatment will include two processes that are medication and counseling. Plan out the best and check here.