Exercises for Better Sex

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Practically everyone wants an athletic, toned body without an ounce of fat. That is why when a new year begins or even after the summer, when September starts, one of the most popular resolutions is to join a gym and work your body again.

Experts recommend at least 150 minutes of physical exercise per week, or two and a half hours. That’s two and a half hours. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The trick is to make it fun and engaging – and what could be more pleasurable than sex? Why not tone up and get fit this way? Everyone wants to have the perfect body, especially those people who live off their bodies, such as sportsmen or escort girls that advertise in Skokka.

Sex is about physical activity, which means you can improve your performance and therefore your pleasure. It is very important, since everybody practices it, whether it is with their partner or a friend with benefits. Above all, to avoid pulling, discomfort, and so on in the middle of the action, you also need to stretch beforehand. Something very annoying and which can end the excitement and ruin the moment. Besides reinforcing possible complexes, embarrassment, and insecurities. No more faking orgasms. The main thing is to work on flexibility, resistance, and strengthening the muscles that are most used during sex. For this reason, they recommend exercises such as those detailed below.

Standing exercises

Weighted squats

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The exercise consists of holding the weight with the hands while lowering it slowly, controlling the movements, and then raising it quickly. This is intended to improve and work the quadriceps and gluteus muscles. And thus gain strength, endurance, and hardness in the area. That area that we women are so interested in because over the years, if you don’t work on it, it ends up sagging a little and of course, every woman on the planet would like to have gluteus like those of Jennifer Lopez.

It is important to use the right weight, so as not to overdo it or fall short. You can start small, doing sets of twelve repetitions and gradually increase them.

Lateral displacements

To perform the lateral movements, start by placing your feet together. Once there, bend your knees a little and put some weight on your hands, then just throw one of your feet to the side and rest it on the floor. Once done, turn the trunk in the same direction quickly and return to the starting position. It is recommended to do a series, first with one leg and then with the other.

This exercise works with the abductors, located on the inside of the thighs and trunk. This makes it much easier to practice different postures without getting out of breath.


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Many sexologists recommend Kegel pelvic floor exercises to increase control and intensify pleasure during sex. In addition to the other benefits of doing these types of movements. They are very simple and their main objective is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor area. That is, those found in the area of the genitals, the bum, and the lower part of the belly.

A good example would be to try to stop while you are peeing. Or take advantage of the downtime while sitting to consciously open and close the same muscles. In the case of women, there are also those who recommend getting help from a little friend, the Chinese balls. A sex toy that, if it is the right size and material, and is well-positioned, is really beneficial as well as fun for a walk or a jog. However, if they are to be used, it is important to take care of hygiene.

Lying down exercises

Hip Lift

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To perform this exercise, lie down with your back flat on the floor and your arms aligned with your body. Once you are lying down, bend your legs with the soles of your feet supported, and you can even place a little weight on your lower abdomen, then raise your hips and return to the starting position.

This way you work your buttocks, abdominals, and hamstrings, making it one of the favorite exercises of all women who want to have a sexy body. It also facilitates all the hip movements, something that will help you in your work.


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Again, placing your back on the floor, raise your legs to a right angle. Once you have done this, open and close them as much as possible without touching the floor.

Another stretch you can do is, once you have your legs open, hold them with your hands and try to open them a little more or keep them open. Always without forcing so as not to cause pain, but allowing the abductors and adductors to be strengthened and stretched. These are muscles that allow the limbs to separate and are very close to the groin area.

Four legs

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With your hands flat on the ground, with the whole palm of your hands. It is important to align them with the shoulders and knees. Once you have this posture, just move your back. So that it curves up and down. This can be accompanied by small movements of the head towards the front and towards the legs.

This makes the back and lumbar vertebrae more flexible. This area is very necessary for “thrusting” during sexual intercourse for penetration or other practices.

Seated stretches

Crossed legs

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Also known in some areas as the perfect posture or Siddhasana in yoga. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed and extend your arms forward, controlling your breathing. It is about moving the trunk forward, getting as close to the floor as you can.

Again without forcing the position, these simple stretches can help to avoid future butt strains, as well as improve flexibility in movement.

Butterfly or lotus flower

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Sitting down, with the soles of your feet together, you can make small up and down movements with your knees. These small bouncing movements, with your hands supporting your feet, are one of the easiest ways to work the abductors.