Make Your Kitchen Modular And Work In Organized Manner 2024

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With the advancement and adaptation of technology by the Indians, one of the significant changes taking place in almost all urban Indian homes is the kitchen.  Gone are the days of starting cooking early in the morning and ending up making mouth-watering dishes till afternoon.  The urban Indians are managing their galleries in an organized manner. They have reduced the time spent in the kitchen and utilizing the spare time in other works.

The number of Indian families where all the members are working and earning has increased considerably. There has been a considerable change in lifestyle. Galleries of any Indian urban home are becoming smarter and expensive, and more and more people are going for modular kitchens. However, before going in details of making these types, let us have an overview of the concept.

The Concept Of Modular Kitchens

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These ones are smart kitchens where every cooking item from the utensils to the groceries is arranged in an organized manner to work efficiently and neatly. They are planned according to the space available these days in any urban Indian homes. The days when almost all households had big cookery are gone. With space becoming premium, the sizes of the gallery have become small considerably, but the working has become smarter. Modular ones consist of a series of shelves and drawers, appliances, and devices to keep everything in an organized manner and work efficiently, reducing the time of cooking without compromising the taste.

The Cost Incurred In Making Them

Modular kitchen price varies on many factors. The cost of building a simple one can start around a lakh of rupees and can end in some multiples of it. It depends on the budget and taste of the individual. Some of the basic factors on which the total cost vary are discussed below, however, you can also visit this link for determining your customized modular kitchen prices.

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  • The Area Of Coverage – The available space of the cookery that one wishes to use for making the modular one is the crucial factor as the size and the shape of the gallery furniture change accordingly. The bigger the size; more is the price.
  • The Materials Used – The market is flooded with various types and quality of materials to do the modules so that everything can be kept in an organized manner. It can be used efficiently when in need. Apart from materials to do the modules, some changes in the wall-tiles are done to go with the theme of making the kitchen modular.
  • The Cost Of The Appliances – If one calculates the total cost, one should add the cost of the appliances used in the kitchen. A refrigerator, microwave oven, chimney, electric mixer-grinder- juicer, toaster, induction oven, the gas oven is all part of the modular one, and the quality and brands used adds to the cost of the overall cost. It is not only doing the modules for storing the groceries and utensils but much beyond that.
  • The Plumbing And The Sink – Again, it is essential to have a sound plumbing system with a proper sink and taps to minimize the time spent inside the kitchen for cooking. One can get taps of various designs and functions so that there is no wastage of water and give the gallery a smart look. The modular kitchen price includes the plumbing cost too.
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  • The Tabletop Used For Cooking – Another determiner of a good modular kitchen price is the tabletop. It is used to keep the materials for cooking, the gas burners, and work for the preparation. A marble tabletop will cost less than a granite one. Even those who are wealthy and affluent and using thick imported scratchproof glass for the tabletops and the cost escalates to a much extent.
  • The Electrical Wiring And Lighting – No modular kitchen is complete without having the electrical points at the correct places. Without them, the organized use of electrical appliances and gadgets is not possible. Again, these are no more like dark and shady places like the past. They need proper light. Even some of the modules lit-up on opening to give a perfect view of the inside. Therefore, the cost of making the kitchen modular can change according to the electrical fittings and fixtures.
  • The Cost Of Designing – We should not forget to add the value of designing to the total modular kitchen price. Expert interior designers do the designing as it is them who lays out the plan, select the materials and the appliances after brainstorming with the client and considering their need. The designers are the connoisseurs of changing your basic kitchen to a modular type. One should also add their consultancy and overall supervision fee to the total price.


It is very superficial to estimate the modular kitchen price as they depend on the taste and the budget of the user. However, making a basic one in an average Indian home can be somewhere around a lakh of rupees. It can go up to 15 lakhs or more. It is always best to cut the coat according to the cloth.