Top 6 Best Refrigerators Under Rs 25000 2019

We believe that refrigerators are one of the most useful home appliances ever invented. First of all, because they can store your foods for a lot longer than was the case before finding this home appliance. Also, today’s refrigerators are significantly more advanced than their predecessors from 15 years ago. Another important fact is that today it is possible to buy a high-quality device at a very affordable price for less than 25,000 Indian rupees, which is great information for all people in India who are considering buying a new fridge. To help you with your purchase, we have decided to create the following list which contains the top 6 best refrigerators under Rs 25000. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

  1. Whirlpool 265L Double Door Refrigerator

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First on our shortlist is a home appliance by Whirlpool, a brand that has experience in the production of refrigerators and has gained the trust of satisfied customers around the world. As you can see from the name, this one has a volume of 265L and as such, it is ideal for medium-sized families (3-5 members). In terms of design, at first glance, you can conclude that it is a beautifully designed modern hairstyle. When it comes to additional features, the 6th SENSE Deep Freeze Technology is definitely the most interesting, allowing faster cooling while providing minimal power consumption. Also, there is a chilling cooling gel for the events of a power failure, as well as a FreshFlow Air Tower that allows cooling at all levels. We must also mention the built-in stabilizer and the warranty period of 1 year. The current price on Amazon is about 21500 Indian Rupees.

  1. Haier 276L Double Door Refrigerator

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Although Haier is a relatively new name in the refrigerator market, it does not mean that they are amateurs and that their products are not of good quality. On the contrary, their 276-liter dual-door fridge comes with very interesting features and a premium finish, which is not a feature of this price range. Certainly, the most significant feature is Turbo Icing Technology which provides ice formation in just 49 minutes. In addition, there is Swift Convertible Technology for conversion into the freezer and back to the fridge, depending on what do you need. If you want to save more energy (this one has a 3-star power efficiency rating), there are two modes for saving up to 15% and up to 30%. So, this is great home appliance at an affordable price of Rs 24000 on Amazon.

  1. LG 260L Double Door Refrigerator

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This is another double door fridge that comes to us from a well-known company with a large number of users in India. It is an LG home appliance with 260 liters of volume. Thanks to the linear cooling system, this unit provides cooling in every part of the interior, making sure all the foods are fresh even two weeks after you put them inside. To save energy (it has 4 stars in this segment) and your money as well, the designers installed an Inverter Linear Compressor that also reduces noise. Since it runs in the range of 135 to 290V, you won’t have to spend money on a stabilizer. Overall, this LG refrigerator has a very affordable price of Rs 24500 on Amazon and a bunch of useful features.

  1. Samsung 275L Double Door Refrigerator

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Continuing the so far established trend, here is one more double door refrigerator, this one made by the well-known tech giants Samsung. The famous brand is among the best brands in India, as well as the world, and this refrigerator has a beautiful silver metal finish and an LED control display will make any kitchen look fresh and modern. As any other Samsung product, the build quality is great, and the fridge has an inbuilt stabilizer. The capacity is 275 liters, more than enough for a family of 5. What is more, it saves energy, evident by the star rating of 3. There are slide shelves inside, while the Power Freeze and Power cool options provide fast service. Slide shelves are provided so that you can easily put and pick items placed on the inner sides. Power Freeze and Power cool functions provide quick cooling and ice. The dual fan technology ensures proper flow of cool air and provides uniform cooling. It is around 24000 on Amazon at the moment.

  1. Godrej 330L Double Door Refrigerator

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Godrej is a rather old brand, one that has been making quality home products for decades now. This refrigerator has a large capacity of 330 liters, and it is quite spacious. Families of 4 or 5 members will have trouble filling it up all the way. It is a durable product, made from strong materials, and its doors feel strong and smooth. The Cool Shower Technology gives the shelves built air vents for a superior cooling effect. On the other hand, the Quick Freeze option will give you ice in no time. This is not all, as there is another cool option, Aroma Lock, which keeps the food fresh for longer. Thanks to the Carbon Palladium deodorizer, odors are a thing of the past with this fridge. The 3 star rating means energy saving, and there is a stabilizer present too. The cool print on the fridge deserves a mention as well. It costs 25000 on Amazon.

  1. Panasonic 305 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

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The final entry on the list is by another famous brand in the technology industry, that being Panasonic. This is a part of their latest 2019 range of double door refrigerators, which sports a premium steel finish and a very solid build. The capacity is 305L, perfect for a family of 4. The fridge provides good cooling features and has 3 stars. The built-in stabilizer means it handles the voltage changes well. Furthermore, there is an inverter compressor and 6 power settings. The temperature inside can be adjusted depending on the amount and type of food you have in a given situation. This ensures that any and all food will be properly preserved and taken care of. The Silver Air Filter removes 99.9% of mold and bacteria inside the fridge, while the Twin De-Odoriser reduces odors. Other features include a Veg Jumbo box for storing vegetables and fruits, toughened glass shelves, a handy twist ice tray, big door pockets, and an LED light. With each purchase, there is a 1-year comprehensive warranty and a 10-year warranty for the compressor. The full price is 27000, but it is always on discount.