How to Use an Air Fryer 2024

how air fryer works

The common statement everyone passes during rain – “Ek Plate Pakode ho Jaye”.  Although most of people end up not eating it because of its high oil content. This is where an air fryer comes to fulfill your cravings without being unhealthy.

The great thing about an air fryer is you can do all those stuff like roasting, boiling, and frying without even paying for a microwave oven.

Best Air Fryer In India
Best Air Fryer In India

The Basic Components

Before using an Air Fryer, you should have some knowledge of basic components. 

There are a lot of varieties and sizes of air fryer available in the market but some basic components of air fryer always remain same.

  1. Cooking Chamber
  • This is the place where all the magic happens, the major cooking of the food happens here.
  • The heating element is lodged just over the cooking chamber, it is basically a porous bowl and those pores are used to pass the hot air from below.
  • Around the chamber, there is double wall also.
  1. Heater and Fan
  • The most essential thing to cook food is heat, this element provides heat to cook food.
  • The mechanical fan emits the heat into the cooking chamber and air flows around and enters below the food.
  • The fan is located over the heater piece.
  1. Food Separator
  • The perforated basket divider lets us cook two different foods at the same time.
  • This component saves a lot of time.
  1. Exhaust Fan
  • Last part is the exhaust system along with air filters to reduce the pressure in the appliance.
  • It also decreases the smell of the cooking food in the air fryer.
  1. Temperature and timer
  •  Most of the air fryer is equipped with an adjustable temperature control and timer dial which cannot be adjusted over 30 minutes.
  • The fryer also automatically switches off after the time you have set and prevent the ingredients to overcook.

 Advantages of Air Fryer

  • Food will be pretty healthy i.e. 75% less fat! as there are no fatty things used for frying like oil.
  • It is safe to use for the beginners – also no need to worry for spilling of oil or any other hot thing.
  • Cleaning of the accessories and air fryer is pretty easy or we can say a piece of cake.
  • It could be really useful for the gym freaks as the food cooked is really low fat and they don’t have to compromise for their favourite food.

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Quick Step by Step Guide

Step 1:

Open Air fryer door (depending upon the type you have). Do not set air fryer for excessive cooking time.

Step 2:

Place the food item into something into air fryer compatible to cook.

Step 3:

Close the door and set the reheat time and temperature according to the recommendations are given, for the food you want to cook. If foods are frozen, you can defrost before cooking.

Step 4:

Restart air fryer if additional cooking is needed.

Step 5:

Check contents periodically to ensure even cooking.

Step 6:

Remove food carefully and allow food to cool before removing.

Safety Tips

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction of use.

Directions in the user manual provide recommended operating procedure and safety precautions. For instance, Pre-heat the air fryer before adding the food, should heat liquid article more than recommended.

  1. Use air fryer safe accessories

Use cookware specially manufactured for the use in air fryer. Any accessories which is oven-safe would also be safe for air fryer also as far as they won’t come in contact with the heater which is located just above the cooking chamber.

  1. Invest in kitchen spray

Spraying oil on the food cooking will make the after cooking process easier i.e. washing the accessories and air fryer. Hand pumped kitchen spray would be more recommended than the other and it would be worth it.

 Cleaning Tips

  • Use the detergent that is peculiar in dissolving oil.
  • Wash the fryer after letting it cool down for at least 30-45 minutes or as per use.
  • Leave the pan or cooking chamber to soak in detergent water for few minutes, this will clean the utensil a lot better.
  • Never rinse or clean electrical parts of the appliance underwater.

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