Top 5 Best Air Purifier in India 2024

best air purifiers in india

Looking for best air purifier in India? you are in right place. here we list down top 5 greatest air purifier for your home use. Check our air purifiers review and also you can find buying guide at the bottom of the post.

Our Top Picks

#1 Philips #2 Honeywell #3 Atlanta
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Best Air Purifier in India

1. Philips AC1215/20 Portable Room Air Purifier

The Philips portable air purifier contains a HEPA filter, which filters out 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria. It comes with decent features like it Also filters out harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC that make the room clean and even free from ultrafine particles.

Furnished with the powerful aerodynamic system has raised 270 m3/hr clean air delivery rate and that highly reliable and safe to use. The device provides the lowest noise of 33 dB while running.

It smart air sensor automatically observes the PM2.5 levels in the room and purify the air quality in your house. It’s significant advantage night sense mode that constantly monitoring the fresh air while you are asleep.

This air purifier has been certified through AHAM, ECARF and Airmid, which prove that is more efficiently work in your home and safe to use.

Philips AC1215/20 Portable Room Air PurifierIn simple to say, it removes smallest to largest dirt piece from the air.

Removes 99.97 % bacteria & allergens.

It covers 677 sq ft room area.

Compact and handy to shift.

Works silently.


In low light situation device automatically goes into night mode.


  • Brand Philips
  • Filter Type HEPA
  • Area Cover 677 sq ft
  • Wattage 11 to 50 watts
  • Weight 7.04 Kg
  • Warranty 2 Year


2. Mi 2 AC M2 AA Portable Room Air Purifier

The air purifier manufactured by Xiaomi with a bunch of impressive features. This air purifier translates pure air in 10 minutes in every corner of your room, the size of the 21m room. This is best for and safe for the family’s health concerns. Its high-grade quality particle sensor extends to clean air monitoring perfectly.

The square shape of this air purifier has covered all the angles of your room and relieved of several impurities. The cylindrical shape filter enables to trap 360 degrees air. Also, activated with coconut carbon filter can cover all area and filters out from bad odour and other toxic.

You can download  Mi Home app on your phone and control this air purifier of your mobile phone. All types of notification send in your phone.

The purifier provides up to 310m3/h high Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR).

Mi 2 AC M2 AA Portable Room Air Purifier


1ultra-quiet and power efficient.

Connect with the smartphone.

Doesn’t make any noise.

Uses less power than most energy-saving light bulbs.


Does not have Humidifier.


  • Brand Mi
  • Filter Type HEPA
  • Colour White
  • CADR 310 CMH
  • Wattage 31 watts
  • Noise Level 30 dB
  • Weight 4.8 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year


3. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 Portable Air Purifier

Want to wake up appearing pollutant-free home and refreshed then you need this Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 air purifier. It works on a 7-stage purification process with just 43 dB noise level which keeps clean and healthy air in your home.

In indoor million negative ions generate per cubic meter in indoor sources. The H13 grade HEPA filter has capable to clean your home from dust, fume, odour, and other substance from up to 32.51 square meter area.

The device indicates when to change the filters that do not need to worry about manually checking them.

Its multi-stage filtration technologies ideal for purified home, office, clinic,  guest houses and hospitals. The effective UV light kills 97.6% bacteria and virus from the air.

Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 Portable Air Purifier


Lightweight and portable.

Remote control.

Auto start in case of power failure.

Power Saving Mode.


Only one year warranty.


  • Brand Atlanta Healthcare
  • Colour White
  • Coverage Area 350 sq ft
  • Air Flow Level 225 Cu.m/hr
  • Settings Speed 3
  • Portable Yes
  • Weight 4.8 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year


4. Philips 3000 Series AeraSense Air Purifier

The purifier comes with Vitashield IPS technology (HEPA Layer 1 and HEPA Layer 2)  which can remove respiratory problems more than 100 times smaller than PM2.5 in your family. Also, removes about 99.9. 7 % of the common airborne allergens.

This air purifier perfect for a room size of 76 square metres and NanoProtect S3 filter protection against the H1N1 virus with harmful gases such as dioxins, pollen and TVOC.

Apart from with AeraSense technology of the purifier that determines the life of the filter based on airflow of pollution level.

The dimensions of this product are 47.4 x 34 x 79.8 cm. Its powerful dynamic design and big handle easy to portable.

Philips 3000 Series AeraSense Air Purifier


Auto mode plus sleep mode.

Easy user interface.

Five speed settings indicators.

Especially suitable for a large room.

Low noise of operation.


Its bit costly might be out of budget for many.


  • Brand Philips
  • Model AC3256/20
  • Coverage Area 1027 sq ft
  • Air Flow Level 367 cu.m/hr
  • Colour White
  • Weight 9.83 kg
  • Warranty 2 Year


5. Honeywell HAC25M1201W Portable Room Air Purifier

The brand Honeywell is famous for its quality and technology that capable of running approximately 3000 hours. This air purifier gives the best result when 30 cm away from the wall. It is ideal for cleaning air in the living room, bedroom and halls for medium size room.

If you use this purifier up to 8 hours per day then the filter will run whole year. Its three-stage filtration process effectively removes 99.9% of all bacteria from the home.

The carbon and HEPA filter joined purifier including PM2.5 and pollens and also remove particles, odours, harmful gases, VOCs and odour and tinier particulate matter.

This portable Air Touch A5 air purifier from Honeywell is more affordable and useful.

Honeywell HAC25M1201W Portable Room Air Purifier


Filter change indicator.

Approximately 3000 hours of filter life.

Washable pre-filter.

Controlled by the touch-display.


Do not have a dehumidifier.


  • Brand Honeywell
  • Honeywell ABS Plastic
  • Coverage Area 323 sq ft
  • Ideal For Home, Office
  • Noise Level 46 dB
  • Operating Temperature 0-40 D
  • Weight 6.5 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year

Personal Recommendation

We have already explained top air purifier in India. But you can not afford this range of purifier then we suggest this American Micronic AMI AP1 22Dx Air Purifier.
American Micronic AMI AP1 22Dx Air Purifier

This price is only Rs. 4,480 that afford to low budget person. The activated with the carbon filter and removes oil vapours, allergies, smoke, gases, residue and odours at 99.97 % which secure your family health. Perfect model suit for bedrooms, living room, children room and small office.

Air Purifier Buying Guide

Air purifier had become a vital part for many people’s due to increasing in pollution in many parts of the world. It is an excellent tool for eliminating allergens and bacteria from the home air.

Why should you buy an Air Purifier? The days when air purifier was used by germophobes or ill people are long gone, people now understand that presence of allergens and pollutants in their home can cause real health problems.

The market for buying air purifier is pretty messed up, the market is crowded with misinformation and confusing claims. So here are all the things you should know before buying an air purifier.

Types of purifiers

Basically, there are two types of air purifiers classified on their use:

Room air purifier:

Designed and engineered for sanitizing the air of indoor of a room.

Car air purifier:

These are designed to be portable so that they could be easily fit in the cars. The doors and windows should be closed most of the time to work the air purifier effectively.

They are engineered so that they are capable of sanitizing pollutants, smokes and other hazardous pollutants.

Types of Filter

There are basically seven types of air purifier technologies commonly marketed.

HEPA Type Filtration

High-efficiency particulate

  • They form a great selection for home and kitchen store.
  • HEPA air purifiers use honeycomb structure which is filled with specially treated activated carbon.
  • They are 99.97% effective to catch the pollen and dust particles.
  • Replacement for this filter is quite expensive.
  • But those with the allergies these filters are best for them in the market.

UV Light

Ultraviolet light

  • Usually, in a form of Bulb or LCD light and are used in hospitals mostly.
  • Most of these types of cleaners are ozone free and are not harmful to our health.
  • Basically, it purifies the air not cleans the air, or we can say sanitizes the air.
  • Every year the bulb needs to be changed, this could be a pain for many customers and would also damage the pockets.
  • Some of the manufacturers do not usually tell what kind of UV technology they have used and this technology may produce high amount of ozone which can vandalize our lungs.


  • When an air purifier uses TiO2, it promises to eliminate Airborne pathogens.
  • It enhances the UV many times.
  • Also known as photocatalytic air purifier.


  • These are washable air filters, that the companies claim that never need to be changed.
  • There are multiple layers in these kinds of filters through which air passes through and get sanitized.
  • The deal breaker is the washable filters. They can be cleaned once in a month and could be used.
  • It could also clear smoke pretty effectively. If you are a smoker this is what you are looking for.
  • Not able to mop pollens and dust though.


  • Activated carbon is usually solid with thick or thin packets for air filtration, the carbon holds gases, fumes, and odours through the process called adsorption.
  • Some companies like Blueair offers advances activated carbon which can clean even more hazardous pollutants.
  • Activated carbon filters are also used in conjunction with HEPA filter to provide the customer with even more fresh air.
  • Carbon filter must be taken out in the sun once in a while which will release all different gases and it had already captured.


  • These are the most essential part of the air purifier as they increase the life of the filter overall.
  • They last for the life time but some won’t.
  • They are perfect at catching large debris like hair, dust or pollens.
  • These are really inexpensive and washable.

Ion or Ozone Generators

  • Ozone is basically an oxygen with one extra molecule and can clean air
  • Confusion between ozone safe ionizer and ozone generating air purifier is pretty common, but it is sure any air purifier put in your home doesn’t contribute unsafe level of ozone.
  • Ozone generators use ozone to cleans the air and generate more hazardous ozone.
  • Breathing ozone can cause damage to lungs, can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • These filters don’t capture dust or pollens.

Heat Filtration

  • Most of the air filters do not clean the air pollutants whose size is less than 3 microns but heat filter brings it down to 0.3 microns.
  • Removes 97% of dangerous particles.
  • Though not effective on smoke, vapours or non-organic particles.

Think About the Room

What kind of air purifier you need also depends what size your room is, a small air purifier won’t be able to cover the whole room. Similarly, a large air prefers in a small room is also not an efficient use of the purifier.

Small rooms: Desktop or mini towers are most recommended in this section. Mostly they are able to cover an area of 150sq.ft.

Medium rooms: Towers are the ideal ones for such surrounding. They are able to cover an area of approximately 300sq.ft.

Large rooms: if your room is upto 500sq.ft. a tower or a console is what you looking for.



Thermodynamic sterilization system, it is not a filtering technology though uses heat sterilization via ceramic core which is heated to 200 degrees Celsius.

Energy Star:

This is one of the most important ratings you must see before buying, it is the rating which tells us how much energy it saves and how much eco-friendly the purifier is.

AHAM Certified:

Association of home appliances which certify the air purifies and gives a clean air delivery rate (CADR)

  • The AHAM verified shows the suggested room size for that particular model.
  • The CADR values for smoke, dust and pollens.
  • This certificate also ensures that the purifier has gone through energy testing.

Warranty & Quality

The Air Purifier market is overcrowded with tons of brands which makes things a little bit confusing. Don’t worry, you can keep some of this points in mind.

  • Always go with the 2-5 year warranty. More warranty = Higher Quality
  • Consider both after sales service as well as the availability of spare parts

Some Trusted Brands

  • Phillips
  • Honeywell
  • Coway

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