Learn How to Play the Keyboard – 2024 Beginners Guide

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When we were kids, we were all inspired by some type of instrument. Many parents send their kids to different classes where they can learn to play a certain instrument. Yet, it is not a secret that most of us do not keep the same desire that we had as kids.

Anyway, two instruments that are were, and always will be interesting to people are piano and keyboard. We believe that inspiring sounds that these two instruments produce are the main reason for that. Despite that, it is always interesting to experiment with things and try out different sound combinations.

Well, in this article we will focus on keyboards. We do not want to say that learning to play a keyboard is an easy thing. That’s why we want to give some directions to beginners that will help them become good keyboardists as soon as possible. Yet, the key element that will help you is hard work. Our pieces of advice won’t help a lot if you are not ready to practice every single day.

Anyway, let’s get started.

Get a Keyboard Bench

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Many people refuse to buy this piece of equipment because they believe it is unnecessary. Trust us; the importance of a keyboard bench is huge. You can’t use a regular chair because you won’t be able to find the right position while playing. Your muscles and back might hurt you after each class that you go through.

If you plan to teach your child to play the piano, then the keyboard bench is even more important. You should add cushions to a bench, or adjust it properly so that they can reach the keyboard comfortably.

Find the Right Position while Sitting on the Bench

Well, it is not the point to get the bench and sit in the wrong way. Our recommendation is to sit in the front half. In that way, you will be able to move freely. Despite that, you will make the correct distance between you and the keyboard itself. Your feet should be on the floor and the knees should be under the keyboard.

It maybe sounds silly why we tell you this. Yet, many beginners feel uncomfortable because of wrong positioning. Every factor matter, even those that will not directly help you become a better keyboardist.

Hand Position

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Well, your hands should be in the “C” shape. This is simply a natural position. In that position, you should place your hands on the keyboard. Despite that, keep your forearms and wrists are straight.

Believe it or not, the hand position is important a lot because it can cause some health problems. For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of them. Besides that, it is important to be aware of overplaying. This especially counts when you are a beginner. We understand that you are highly motivated to learn how to play the keyboard. Yet, it is not the point to hurt your wrists.

The Entire Body Position

Now we come to the entire body. First of all, your shoulders need to be relaxed. Despite health reasons, you won’t be able to be completely effective if your shoulders are not relaxed.

It is also important how you hold your elbows. They need to be at the same height as the keys. Your body should be in the middle of the keyboard; somewhere between notes E and F.

Use Black Keys as Guidelines

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Well, this might seem strange to you, but the black keys are a good guideline for beginners. Using only black keys will help you avoid having to reach for notes.

Yet, there is one more thing that we want to suggest. Our recommendation is to play with the padded part of your fingers. It is a much better choice than playing on the end of your fingertips. This method of playing will help you move your fingers around the keyboard a lot quicker. Despite that, you will get the necessary force to press the keys properly.

We believe that this technique will seem a bit strange in the beginning. Yet, as time pass, you will feel more comfortable when using it.

Find the Groups on a Keyboard

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If you followed all the rules that we said, then we come to the main part. First of all, every beginner should know that there is a seven-note musical alphabet. More precisely, it contains the first 7 white keys that are marked with the first seven letters of the alphabet. After the note G, these letters started to repeat.

Well, the problem is, the beginner is not sure how the find the note A. Now you will understand the importance of black buttons. Look at the keyboard and find three black keys. The key is between the second and third black key. When you find that key, it won’t be a problem to determine the other ones, right?

Still, we also know that many beginners do not understand the point of black keys. Let us explain. The white keys are also known as natural keys. Well, that doesn’t mean that black keys are “unnatural”. They do not sound bad in any way. Some keyboardists like to call them “accidental note”. These keys are equally effective as white keys, and sometimes we “accidentally” press them. Yet, you can’t only use them because it is a bit challenging to reach them. Despite that, it would be a bit more complex to incorporate them into your playing.

Finally, the beginners should know that most of the songs do not start with the “A” key. You will realize soon that this is not the best note to start on. Yet, it is recommendable to start with it and realize the position of other keys. Sooner or later, your hand will automatically go to a certain key on the keyboard. Simple piano songs for beginners you can find here https://note-store.com.

Hire Someone to Teach You

Well, all these things were easy and we are sure that you will easily go through these basics. However, if you want to improve your skills, it is recommendable to ask for help. For instance, websites like knowyourinstrument.com offer online keyboard lessons. We suggest you visit and check which services they offer.