Top 6 Best Washing Powder in India For Washing Machines 2024

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A washing machine alone cannot remove stains without added washing powder. But, which is best is a big question. One says Surf and second says Arial while the other one uses someone else. Under such circumstances, we help you to suggest best. Here is a list of the top best washing power in the Indian market.

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#1 Surf Excel #2 Ariel #3 Tide
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Which is the best washing powder in India?

Can I use a front loader washing powder in a top load washing machine?

Generally, everybody says “Why not”? but remember that top load washing machine has an agitator in the drum so its capacity to produce more suds or lather as compared to the front load washing machine. So, it requires more water. A front-load has a no agitator so, it requires less water and less detergent.

If by chance your daughter or husband buying a top loader washing machine powder, don’t fight with them. You can use half the quantity of detergent in your front load washing machine.

Which is the best detergent for a front load washing machine?

Ariel Matic Detergent Washing PowderAriel Matic Detergent Washing Powder
Ariel Matic Detergent Washing Powder is the best washing powder for front load washing machine. Ariel Matic removes tough stains in just 1 wash for front-loading washing machines.

You can this washing powder 1 scoop(60g) for normal loads and 1.5 scoops(90g) for heavy or very dirty loads.

Hence, this washing powder produces a high-efficiency low suds formula. The low suds formula removes all the dirt with less quantity of water.

Which is the best washing powder for a top load washing machine?

Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent Powder
Surf Excel Matic Top Load laundry detergent is the no.1 Matic detergent for top load washing machine. The especially design for top load washing machine.

It works well with the high water level of the top load washing machine. It removes 100 % tough strain in the machine. Mostly, recommended by 9 leading washing machine manufacturers.

Thus, this machine gives you the best wash as good as your mom’s hand wash. (1 scoop of Surf excel matic = 2 scoops of regular hand wash detergent*)

This is the best washing powder for both: Top load & Frontload

riel Matic Detergent Powder Today, Ariel leads the way in laundry detergent innovation which offering an outstanding range of washing powders and detergents. Ariel Matic Detergent Powder is specially launched for both top load and front load Fully Automatic Washing Machines.

Ariel Matic leaves a refreshing smell and smoothness on your clothes. It will provide an amazing experience on the full laundry load.

With this washing powder grease, you can effectively remove grease, butter and oil stains and another type of tough stains respectively. If you have a semi-automatic washing machine, choose simple Ariel complete wash detergent powder.

What is the best detergent for white clothes?

Tide Plus Jasmine and Rose Detergent Powder

For perfect whiteness tide plus is better than the others because of the famous for its superior whiteness. They present a bleach in them for great whiteness.

Tide has produced by American multinational Procter & Gamble in 1946. It’s eco-friendly and the first 65% USDA certified bio-based detergentTide defense against sports odour and remove from clothes.

Tide Plus Jasmine and Rose Detergent Powder give the whiteness half the effort as compared to ordinary detergents.

What the different between Tide and ordinary different see in the image:


Which is the best detergent for washing baby clothes?

Mee Mee Mild Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

Babies skin is many sensitives as compare to elder skin. Its all clothes need to wash gently. Mee Mee Mild Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent especially formulated for washing your baby’s clothes.

The detergent cleans your baby’s clothes and keeps them safe from harmful chemicals. The prevents soil and dirt from depositing onto the fabric. No any artificial colouring added in this detergent.

Mee Mee has introduced a Baby Laundry Detergent that is safe and secure for your little cherub delicate skin.


We have thus seen multiple products in the Indian market. Nowadays, Surf Excel and Ariel very famous washing detergent as compare to others.

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