How To Level Up Faster In Lost Ark – 2024 Beginners Guide


As is the case with any MMOARPG, Lost Ark is as complex as a game could get. After its initial release in Korea and Russia, and its massive success on Asian soil, the Lost Ark was finally released in Europe and North America, and if there was ever a time to jump into a new game – it’s now.

However, picking up a new game as complex as this one can be overwhelming, to say the least. But, fear not – geeks are here to help. We’ve done our due diligence, and we’ve prepared a pretty detailed guide to help you understand the game and level up your build.

So, if that sounds interesting to you, stick around with us for a few more moments – we’ll help you learn a thing or two.

Introduction To Lost Arc’s Level Cap Update

Before we get started on how to level up, we feel like it’s important for us to give you some general tips that will help you develop a better understanding of the game, as well as help you in the actual levelling process.

First up, the max character level in the Lost Ark is now 60 – which means all those old guides don’t really mean much anymore. The level used to be capped at 50, but with the NA/EU release of the game, the cap was increased to 60.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to grind more. Even though the max level was raised, the NA/EU version of the game starts you off with a level 10 character, so it’s pretty much similar to the way it was before, except you’ll have some skills, making it a tad easier to progress through the quests.

General Tips For Lost Arc Newbies

Let’s check out some tips.

1. Level Up Your Gear


The first tip we want to give you is to focus on upgrading your gear as you progress through the quest. Upgradeable gear will have a blue arrow indicator, so you can easily identify them.

Also, don’t forget to pick up the redeemable Adventure items, marked with a yellow arrow. You’ll have to upgrade your gear because levelling isn’t quite done after you reach 60 – as you can still work towards improving and upgrading your gear. And, if you don’t believe us just how valuable the gear level in this game is, click here and find out.

2. Blaze Through The Map


Levelling up won’t be quick, but then again, compared to some other, similar titles – this one’s pretty reasonable. However, the time frame for reaching the max level is anywhere between 12 to 20 hours, and one thing that will help you cut time is using Tripods.

Tripods are a fast-travel system in the Lost Arc, allowing you to instantly move from one location to another instantly, allowing you to blaze through the quest as fast as possible. So, make sure you utilize this to the best of your abilities.

3. Get Yourself A Pet


A great way to collect loot and boost your XP is by getting a pet in the game. You will get one as soon as you complete the first quest in the main hub town. The pet will also give you a small buff, apart from helping you level up faster, so don’t forget to get your hands on one.

4. Understand Quest Types

You’ll have to go on quests to level up, and knowing which quests are which will help you make better decisions and level up faster.

First, we have main quests. These are the main storyline quests, colored Orange, and then Blue, once you hit level 35. These are the most important ones if you’re just starting out.

Purple-colored quests are there for the beginners, and they’re mostly tutorials, giving you low-level bonuses and stat points.

Questlines are gold-colored quests that take you on chained quests, which on some occasions could result in unique and rare rewards.

Secondary, yellow-colored quests are optional, and most people never waste time on them as they don’t yield any worthy rewards.

Red quests show up randomly, and they’re time-limited. As such, they’re quite valuable, treating you to a nice lump of XP upon completion.

Finally, we have purple or Raport/Affinity quests assigned to an NPC, and they’re not the most valuable.

Now, let’s get a bit more into details and see how you can level up your character in Lost Ark.

Level Up Guide Part I – LVL 10 to LVL 35


As we’ve said, with the new release, you start at level 10, already equipped with some skills, and as far as we can tell – the process is pretty much the same for the NA/EU version of the game, as it was for the Korean and Russian one, apart from the starting level point.

All you’ll need to do is focus on the main quest. That should be more than enough to get you to level 60 (not 50 like in the Korean version), and it will also allow you to reach the max level the fastest. If you utilize the tips we’ve already given you, you should be able to do it in about 12 to 15 hours.

If you want, you can do side quests, as well, but that will probably result in a longer level-up time, but it won’t be in vain, as you will get buff from it.

Also, make sure you complete all the mandatory Dungeons solos and red-zone quests, as those will give you a chance to level up faster.

And, in addition to those, don’t forget about the mounts. If you want to get this over with quickly, you’ll need the added agility and speed at your disposal.

Level Up Guide Part I – LVL 35 to LVL 60


Once you reach level 35, the game takes on a new shape. To say that it changes considerably would be an understatement.

Instead of the Orange-colored quests, you will now get to sail the world and complete Blue-colored quests. As you can probably imagine, Blue quests are considerably harder, but they also yield better rewards, so there’s that.

Once you start to level up from 35, the game will have you follow a path from Tortoyk, over Anikka, all the way to Arthetine – in-game areas where you’ll fight to complete the Blue quests and level up your character.

If you want, you can take a different route than the one we just mentioned, but it’s better to stick to the story if you’re just starting the game.

Do this, and in a matter of two to three days, depending on your playtime – you’ll reach level 60.


It will be a bit of a grind to reach max level, but compared to some other similar titles, maxing out your character’s level in 15 hours seems like a child’s play.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two from us, and you’ll begin your quest to level 60 in no time.