Buying Guide for Instant Pot: What to Look Out for 


The market is currently experiencing a surge of instant pots, especially with the increasing popularity of these bonafide cooking tools. This influx comes with its fair share of challenges, and finding the best quality instant pot may not be an easy feat.

As Corrie Cooks says, this high tech fancy cooking ware will allow you to have a versatile cooking experience. Therefore you won’t only enjoy fast cooking but also enjoy fantastic meals from different recipes.

So what do you need to consider to get the best quality instant pot for a top experience? These four critical considerations will help you shop only for the best.

The size


These dominant cooking ware can be found in different sizes ranging from 3quartz in size to 10quartz. The size range also depends on the manufacturer as some choose only to feature one size.

The availability of size options allows you to pick one that meets the meal quantity you want to prepare. The bigger sizes are best with large meals for large gatherings while the small ones will suit small meals. Also, they allow you to choose an instant pot that will fit your kitchen countertop warmly.

Different sizes feature different wattages, which means that some can take longer to create the necessary steam to cook. Therefore knowing the size you want also allows you to check on the wattage that fits your cooking needs, which is vital in avoiding feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction with your instant pot.

Ease of use


Checking on the ease of operation of these pots is vital as it will dictate your cooking experience. These pots are relatively easy to use. You need to plug it into the source of power and ensure you press the button to let it go to work.

However, some models come with tons of features, which may provide a bit of a complex experience getting used to. Those with basic settings allow you to master the art of operation easily.

Besides, some instant pots come equipped with smart technology to enhance their easiness to control. The smart technology may include features like wifi connectivity to allow you to control your unit virtually.

Another feature that may add to its ease of use may come in preprogrammed recipe settings. This adds to your convenience while cooking specific meals.

The features and functionality


What features are you looking for? Instant pots feature these basic settings: pressure cooker, slow cooker, saute pot, steamer, warming pot, rice cooker, and yogurt maker. These seven settings allow this unit to offer a multifunction cooking experience.

However, some units come equipped with extra features to handle more complex cooking styles, such as air frying, sous vide, and dehydrating. Such extra features may not be relevant to your cooking needs and may not be necessary for your case. What you pick is in line with your cooking requirements.

This allows you to save on cost as most instant pots with extra features cost higher in price. These compact units allow for a convenient cooking experience if you have mastered each cooking feature’s functionality. Having a hang of each setting and how to operate it guarantees satisfaction with your item.

The manufacturer and reviews


Making your purchase from a renowned manufacturer comes with massive satisfaction and confidence in quality. The influx of these units in the market has led to some poor quality instant pots. Therefore, doing thorough research on the best models from leading manufacturers is an excellent option.

Digging in on expert reviews on the same products puts you in a better place of making the right choice. You will get exposed to all the necessary information you need. Allowing you to know more about the pot, thereby making an informed choice.

Looking out on actual users’ reviews, especially about the manufacturer or the product, is also a great option. Lucky for you, there are instant pots  Facebook community pages with actual users who share their experiences. Therefore you will easily get the kind of information you need on such avenues.


Choosing to buy this multifunctional unit requires research on what makes for the best pick. These 4 areas will allow you to get value for your money, and not only that, you will have the best experience with this unit. Adhere to these 4 critical areas and be among those who enjoy the efficiency of the pots.

Instant pots are a lifesaver which everybody who loves cooking should consider buying. Look at your budget and see which brand works for you. Certainly, it will be worth the time and money you’ve invested.