How to Protect Yourself From Harmful EMF


Electric and magnetic fields are a normal appearance in and around us. They are also a part of us, and, believe it or not, our nerves and muscles create them while active. We feel two types of EMFs – Natural magnetic fields of the earth and atmosphere, and man-made ones that cause all these concerns.

They are a part of our normal lives without which the world can’t go without. The latest and most extensive research has shown that these fields can and do negatively impact our bodies and produce harmful effects.

Some claim that 5G Networks are to blame and that they will be the worst yet, and we can’t deny that with its announcement, concerns for people’s health grew dramatically. This isn’t coming from someone like you and me, but from people that have medical degrees and who master their field of expertise.


With every problem, there is a solution. In this case, we have 2 types of solutions – tech solutions or natural ways to solve or rather mitigate this potential problem. This article will mostly revolve around the tech products that are accessible to you, but we will glance at a natural way to tackle the effect of EMFs on your body.

Let’s start with the honorable mention that is the natural way. Everything that calls for a natural way to deal with a problem isn’t always an easy task, but in this case, some of these solutions might be rather easy.

First of is to spend time in nature without any electronic devices. For a start, 10-15 minutes every day and increase your time in increments. Besides EMF protection, it also has other health benefits.


When not in use and when you go to sleep, try and shut down your WiFi router. With this, you drastically reduce EMF waves impacting you, plus you’ll raise some quality of your life, at least when you are sleeping.

Walk with your bare feet. Funny and strange, yes, but Earth is full of electrons that carry a negative charge that can aid you in detoxifying your organism of any EMF exposure.

EMF Shields


This is the tech side of the problem solution, and it’s meant for all of us who can’t manage previous solutions and are stuck in big cities that have little to none green surfaces called nature. You are probably aware of this, but until now probably haven’t thought about it. In only one residential building in a big city can be up to 50 different devices that emit electromagnetic waves. This fact renders simple, turning the WiFi off useless, right?

Thanks to that, some companies are trying to make EMF shields that will be with and around you in your home and on the go. These people are undertaking something incredible, and they are combining materials and technologies to make this possible. Basic things such as metal shields, metal screens, and foam can help but will not offer permanent or pretty protection. Some of you that know something about these materials will say – well, shielding from EMFs is easy, just take some copper or tin and wrap everything up, and you are good.

Not as simple as that. If you want to look normal and operate in such a way throughout life, then you should think about checking EMF Harmony or other companies that are offering EMF shields. It is not easy to function with a tin cap or a copper cloak on your back, and it will be hard to fit in a society looking like that.


That is where these shields come in. You can find anything – from products for your phone to the ones for your car and home. Everything is in harmony, and everything offered has one simple task – protect but without compromises regarding the looks and basic functionality of your devices. As I mentioned, this isn’t a simple task, which is why these companies have to undertake anything from quantum physics to the utilization of bioenergy. Tough task to undertake and even tougher to accomplish, but it is here.

The technology used in these shields differs from one product to another. Some are active, others passive, with spherical protection, big or small, static or portable. One thing that they all have in common is the fact that they mitigate EMP at a cellular level. Success will normally vary, and one of the factors that influence this is the product’s ability to resonate or harmonize with our environment. The higher the ability to do just that increases the protection for the end-user.

Many claims support a combination of both active and passive shields as the best option. Yes, the price is a factor since these are rather pricy, but if you can, you should think about getting both. Passive shields come in the form of wrist bands, necklaces, or even stickers, while active ones can be placed in your home, office, or vehicle. One more thing to know is that the passive ones don’t necessarily have to be bulky products. If you look around, you will find them in different sizes, from sticker type to maybe a briefcase size. The choice is yours.

What is interesting is the fact that this is taking a huge swing forward, and if you search the web for these things, you will be able to find anything from clothes to products like phones, smartwatches, and lots more. It will surely become a thing of fashion since, as of now, you can own anything from wristbands to beanies and caps. Our only warning is to read carefully about the product you look to buy and do your research. It’s also one of those things that attract a lot of deceivers offering impossible, so tread carefully.


The end benefits of using EMF shield products are plenty, but some of the more important ones include:

  • You are more energized
  • Carry a lot less stress
  • Less fatigue
  • More core strength
  • Better and more quality sleep
  • Better mood
  • More relaxation.

Our health shouldn’t take a back seat to our fast-paced life. There is no excuse for not acting if you have the means and opportunity. Use whatever you can to keep yourself and your family safe because no one else will. We’re in that day in age where excuses are few and an abundance of helpful things we just have to try.