10 Best Health Drinks for Immunity & Growth Of Children 2024

We are living in a world where it is really very difficult to get the proper amount of nutrition from food. This way, some health drinks come to the rescue. They are packed with nutrition and they can fulfill the need for water in your body.

Especially for kids, they are very important to help in brain and body development due to healthy ingredients. Here are the best 10 health drink brands in India.

Best Health Drinks for Children in India

They come in different varieties according to the flavor, ingredients used, etc.  When it comes to taste, everyone is choosy.

There are lots of brands in the market which claim to have an effective and best product. But we have picked the Best Health Drinks that are trusted and used widely for years.

1. NUTRILITE Health Drinks for Children

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NUTRILITE is one of the most preferred nutritional supplement brands in India, especially for growing kids above 5 years and school-going children. It is best for those kids who often get sick as this product had good immunity for kids and also adds up the energy to make your child more active.

2. PediaSure Health & Nutrition Drink

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PediaSure is another most loved and preferred health drink in India. PediaSure comes in the two most popular and delicious variants. They are healthy for your body when consumed moderately as they are rich in calcium and vitamin and they give an instant energy boost to your body.

It is a very good product which helps in better growth immunity and development. It is best for premature babies.

3. Complan Health Drinks for Children

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Complan Foods is a British giant producing powdered milk health drinks. It is a nutritional health drink available in different flavors and is widely beneficial for height. It is also healthy for physical and mental growth.

4. Horlicks Health Drinks for Children

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Horlicks is the best-malted milk beverage in India which has 2X immuno-nutrients which are important for the immunity and growth of your child. Developed by James & Williams, Horlicks is the malted hot milk beverage that contains protein and high-quality antioxidants.

It helps build stamina and strength and repairs damaged cells.

5. Herbalife Dinoshake Nutritional Drink 

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Herbalife Dinoshake fulfills the nutritional needs of children who have an unbalanced diet and very choosy food habits. It is a low-fat beverage and also consists of pre-biotic actin fibers to improve digestion as well as the immunity.

It also consists of vitamin C and vitamin B complex which is helpful to increase appetite and it can keep you active all day long.

6. Boost Health Drinks for Children

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Boost, the health drink which is the secret of our energy for decades, is one of the best health drinks in India. From the house of Nestle, Boost is a complete nutritional drink rich in 26 minerals and vitamins to keep your immune, healthy and strong.

7. Bournvita Health Drinks for Children

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It is one of the widely used and oldest health drinks in India. It is best known to provide nutrition to the body. Bournvita is loved not only by kids but also by adults.

8. Protinex Health Drinks for Children

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It is a balanced, scientifically-proven health supplement enriched with rotinex protein and other important minerals and vitamins. It improves strength, immunity, nourishment, and stamina. It is also a low-fat drink good for your health.

9. Nestle Nutrition Resource High Protein

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It is rich in all vital vitamins and minerals for the overall growth of the body. It comes in powdered form and can either be blended with milk or water or it can easily be added to your meal. It improves digestion as it is rich in prebiotic fiber.

10. Healthkart 80% Natural Plant & Milk Protein

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This nutritional supplement contains 90% soy protein and also rich in amino acids, calcium, and iron to build immunity, promote muscle recovery and support overall well-being.

Why Are Health Drinks Important For Children?

In this world of hectic life, it is almost impossible to stay healthy. When a health drink is going to provide the right nutrition, why you are going to deny for its usage?

These beverages are known to keep you hydrated well and give all the nutrition your body needs to complete your body needs. They are available in various flavors as per your taste. These health drinks are also helpful for brain development

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