Top 5 Best Baby Car Seat In India 2024

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Everybody worried about the child’s when car ride single with a baby. Its think how can manage a baby or travel. Here is a solution, the best baby car seat is the best option for you. Baby car seat keeps your child safe and secure and also providing a private seat that is made according to their size. In our bumpy road absolutely necessary to buy a baby car seat. Buy the best baby car seat and make safe your child during an accident or collision.

Our Top Picks

#1 Luvlap #2 R for Rabbit #3 Jack N Jill
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How to choose the proper baby car seat?

When we go to choosing a baby car seat, a variety of option available. But don’t take any chance for your babies health concern. Buying time note some points such as five-point safety harness, durable material, recliner position and soft cushion pad. This all safety points makes your baby safe and save against hazardous accident.

Still, some parents confuse to find a beat baby car seat in India. We understand their situation and prepare a list of best infant car seat and convertible car seat.

Infant car seat and Convertible car seat

Infant car seat chooses for those baby whose weight has an up to 13 kg while convertible forward-facing car seat able to carry up to 3 year age of a baby.

Many car seats cover both features like the rear-facing seat and forward-facing seat in that rear-facing seat identify with Group 0+ and then convert to a forward-facing Group 1.

Best Baby Car Seats Convertible/ Infant in India

1. Luvlap Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat

Luvalap is a very well known brand. No, any further product looks when a brand like LuvLap which maintain a baby’s safety so, absolutely trust this product for your baby. Its a certified by European Standard.

It is perfect for a baby age of 6 months to 3 years can be held up to 18 kgs weight. The offers amazing functionality with 5 point safety harness with shoulder padding which ensures safety and protection to your kids.

The product provides quality that height can be adjusted according to your child’s height.

This car seat furnished with 3 different reclined positions that offers better comfort while sitting a couple of hours. Also, added a washable seat cover which allows you to easily remove dirt.

LuvLap Baby Convertible Sports Forward Facing Car Seat

Key Features:

  • Certified as per European Standard (ECER44/04).
  • Ideal for 6 months to toddler.
  • Three positions reclining, Backrest.
  • Side cushioning for comfort.
  • Multiple colour option.
  • It weighs around 4.44 kgs.


  • Brand LuvLap
  • Colour Black
  • Supported Weight 18 kg
  • Safety Belt 5

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2. Jack N Jill Convertible Car Seat from R for Rabbit

This is a second best car seat in India on our list from R for Rabbit. The product name is Jack N Jill but the brand is R for Rabbit. It’s gorgeous look anybody to love this product. It comes into three colour, all three colour combinations are too good you can choose what your kid might like.

The innovative convertible car seat provides optimum safety for your baby. The protection seat can be easily used up to 5 years of age of a baby.

Its innovative side protection design protects your kid on the bumpy road.

This is a two in one chair Rearward and Forward Facing.

R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Rearward-Forward Facing Car SeatKey Features:

  • Well cushion seat pad with side protection for prime safety.
  • Five points safety harness with comfy headrest.
  • It is very reliable, comfortable and safe.
  • Adjustment height position.
  • East to attached with the seater.


  • Brand R for Rabbit
  • Colour Black, Grey
  • Supported Weight 20 kg
  • Safety Belt 5

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Best Infant Car Seats

3. R For Rabbit Picaboo Infant Baby Car Seat

Indias best infant baby car seat is can be used from age of 0-15 months. This seater is certified by the European standards as compared to the leading two in the list.

Its luxurious and lightweight design suitable right from newborn which capable to carry weight up to 13 kg.

The joined a sturdy and durable handle for easy to carry in while a baby is sleeping position and its adjust in 4 different positions. Also, added a canopy which protects your baby harmful sunlight rays.

It weighs around 3.76 kg.

R for Rabbit Picaboo Infant Baby Car SeatKey Features:

  • Adjustable handle.
  • It comes with a 5-point harness.
  • Integrated canopy for superior safety.
  • 4 position Handle adjustment.
  • It weighs only 3.76  kgs but can hold up to 13 kgs.


  • Brand R for Rabbit
  • Colour Multicolor
  • Supported Weight 13 kg
  • Safety Belt 5

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4. Luvlap Infant Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot and Rocker

Luvlap Infant Baby Car Seat is a good quality car seat. It can be suitable for an infant car seat for the babies of age 0-15 months and rear-facing (Group 1) 9 months to 3 years baby.

The multi positions car seat supported a 13 kg weight of the baby.

Its innovative design comes with padded wings for side impact protection with an inbuilt canopy to give most safety and comfort to a baby under sunlight.

Luvalap furnished with thicker headrest, shoulder, crotch pad for extra comfort and support to your baby during a comfortable ride.

Its weight is only 4.4 kg.

LuvLap Infant Baby Car Seat Forward Facing Car SeatKey Features:

  • Made from quality material.
  • The seat is strong and long-lasting.
  • Three position reclining backrest.
  • Rear-facing position is ideal for Group 0 babies.
  • Front facing car seat is perfect for Group 1 babies.


  • Brand LuvLap
  • Colour Black
  • Supported Weight 13 kg
  • Safety Belt 5

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5. Trumom (USA) Infant Baby Car Seat

Babies safety concern last one our list is Trumom (USA) car seat. It is a very fabulous product in a best baby infant car seat. The product certifies to the baby police organisation.

Besides that, superior side safety protection technology that makes baby ride superior along with soft padded wings. This baby carrier aids UV protection canopy which saves your child harmful sun rays.

This is ideal for the babies of age between 0 to 15 month with 0-13 kg weight. It is safest to ride along with its five-point safety harness.

Its softy cushion pad is easy to remove and wash while its durable handle stress-free carry the baby at a long time.

Mostly, Its compatible with all type of cars.

Trumom Infant Baby Car Seat

Key Features:

  • Comfortable carrying handle.
  • Side impact protection.
  • Suit for any type of cars.
  • Appropriate for children up to 15 months of age.
  • Sun/wind canopy with 50+ UV protection.


  • Brand Trumom
  • Colour Black, Grey
  • Supported Weight 13 kg
  • Safety Belt 5

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I know which is the best for my child?

When you are going to buy a car seat, noted some important features like baby weight, height and watch another safety point after decide for yourself which is the best.

What is the best car seat for a newborn?

There are two types of car seats like an infant car seat and convertible seat. You can choose an infant car seat for your newborn baby because the infant is suitable to 0-15 months age of a baby.

Is it legal for my child to travel in the front seat?

Yes, this is totally legal.

How long do baby car seats last?

Expiration date it will be printed in the package, its different for product to product. Most car seat between 6-10 years last a long but you can check before buying them.

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