Best Selling Guitars Under 5000 in India 2024

best guitars under 5000

When are you thinking to buy the best Guitars under 5000 rupees? Frequently many questions arise in our minds. So leave worry. I recommend you best guitar in your affordable range. The guitar is one of the best widely played musical instruments and that used six-string.

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Many of the popular brands available in the market. But, don’t worry my research will help you to choose the best guitar under 5000 in the best brand.

Here we have found choose it based on customer popularity and great reviews from people on Amazon and Flipkart who have used it before. Check it!

1. Kadence Frontier Series Guitar, Sunburst

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The brand Kadence is a prominent name when it comes to cost-effective and high performing Guitar. The overall weight of the Kadence Frontier Series, Sunburst Acoustic Guitar has a weight of just 2.95 kgs only. It has a dimension of 104*42*12.5 cm only.

Key Features:

  • Neatly finished outer body
  • High Sound
  • Affordable Acoustic Guitar
  • Stainless Steel String

There are no added batteries, the material used is spruce. If you are a beginner, check out Kadence Frontier Series, Sunburst Acoustic Guitar it is the most cost-effective choice, the outer body has a neat glossy finishing and looks amazing.

2. Kadence Frontier Black Acoustic Guitar Combo

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Looking for the best budget-friendly guitar, Kadence Black Acoustic Guitar Combo is the ideal choice. The body is made with spruce wood and the total number of the string is 8 nos. The stainless steel string type is perfect to play all types of music.

Key Features:

  • Study acoustic guitar
  • Total 8 number of string
  • Spruce wood is used to build body material.
  • Best for beginner music learner

The total weight of Kadence Black Acoustic Guitar Combo is just 3.03 kg, ideal for all beginner music enthusiasts. The black color has a neat finishing and the product size is 115.6*49.2*13.5 cm only. The pack of Kadence Frontier Series comes with a sturdy bag, strap and 3 picks. In short, Kadence Black Acoustic Guitar Combo is a complete package.

3. Zabel Acoustic Guitar 40 Inches Matt Finish Combo

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Looking for a reliable and sturdy guitar for beginner level music lovers, Zabel Acoustic Guitar is the most desirable choice. It is the most ideal acoustic guitar available in the market. The royal black gives a trendy look to the guitar.

The guitar consists of truss wood which provides better adjustment while you are busing playing music.

Key Features:

  • Light-weighted
  • The body is made with wood and linden
  • Total 6 sturdy strings
  • Budget-friendly

The cutaway design is best if you are practicing higher nodes on the board. Each pack of Zabel Acoustic Guitar consists of one super stylish back guitar, a cover, strap, and sturdy picks. The overall weight is 2.48 kg only, an ideal choice for all the beginners who are searching for a lightly weighted guitar.

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4. Juarez Acoustic Guitar with Bag Strings Pick & Strap

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The brand Juarez is an emerging musical instrument company that manufactures durable and high performing guitars. It is a 38-inch cutaway guitar that has an eye-catching black glossy finish. Juarez Acoustic Guitar has a total of 18 frets and perfects to play high volume sound.

Key Features:

  • Bestsellers
  • Plastic is used for bridge
  • Total of 18 frets are used
  • Strings are made with nylon

The overall design of Juarez Acoustic Guitar is super stylish best for stage performers. The full wood body gives it a sturdy look and steel strings have a long life. the neck, back, the fingerboard of Juarez Acoustic Guitar is made with linden wood

5. Jixing 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar Red Sunburst

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Jixing 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar is the most pocket-friendly choice of guitar for all the learners who want to learn guitar. The combination of 6 strings and 18 frets produces the best music at the huge sound.

The innovative design of the acoustic guitar is enough to grab your attention. the fingerboard is made with Lindenwood and the size of the guitar is 38 inches.

Key Features:

  • Weights just 1.5 kgs
  • 6 durable nylon strings
  • Maplewood is used to design strong material
  • Affordable and durable

The Jixing 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar comes with an additional bag, string, and 3 picks. This is the best light-weighted guitar available in the market.

6. True Cult 1680-AGB512 Guitar Navy Blue

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The search for best sound quality guitar ends here, True Cult Standard Acoustic Guitar is one of the trusted guitars when it comes to trendy and best-performing guitar. It is made with tonewoods and is trusted to give the best sonic performance. The scale length is short which ease the playing of music.

Key Features:

  • Best for learners and students
  • Great sound quality
  • Durability
  • Sonic performance

The True Cult Acoustic Guitar is an ideal choice for all the students and learners. The overall body of the guitar is durable and tends to have a better life. True Cult Standard Acoustic Guitar weighs 2.75 kg and wood is used to build the outer body. Grab this guitar if you are looking for a budget-friendly guitar in India.


There is a bunch of great acoustic guitars that you can check out. If you are in love with these instruments or you want to buy a new guitar for your collection, make sure you read reviews. For example, you can check out the review of the ESP LTD EC 1000 and ESP Eclipse E-II here but you can also find detailed information about other guitars! 

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