Top 7 Best Bean Bags in India 2024 for Adults and Kids

Best Bean Bags in India
Best Bean Bags in India

Hey Guy’s, looking for best bean bags in India? Here we list down top 7 best bean bags for your home use and its reviews. The bean bags are one of the comfortable and cheapest furniture ever in the Indian market. Nowadays you can see at cafes, hotels or restaurants. It will add the star to your living room. Also, its most comfortable way of seating for kids while watching T.v or reading book. Must Read Our Bean Bag Buying Guide at the bottom of the post. It will helpful for you.

Our Top Picks 2024

#1 Orka #2 Rest ‘n’ Sleep #3 ComfyBean
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1. Comfy XXXL Bean Bag with Beans Filler

When you want to relax some time comfortably that specially crafted for relaxed lounging. Its 6 Panel design gives a modern look and supports your neck properly.

XXXL Bean Bag is suitable for high weight like 75 to 90 kgs and height approximately 5.2 to 6.0 feet tall. With this chair, you feel relax in luxury.

This is Indian product made with the export quality of raw material for greatest strength and durability.
Comfy XXXL Bean Bag with Beans Filler

Why we recommend it

  • Comfy is not only comfortable but versatile too.
  • It uses in relaxing and working both.
  • Extra large size bean bag sufficient for all.
  • Sturdy material use.
  • The design supports your back and neck.


  • Color Brown
  • Size XXXL
  • Weight 4 Kg
  • Material Leather & Suede
  • Price Rs.1,798/-

2. Sattva XXXL Bean Bag without Beans

The XXXL size bag enough for the huge weight of a person. Use high quality of material for life along. It easy to maintain and clean with a damp cloth. The most unique and affordable at your range. Brown colour match with your interior and added a modern look to your interior.

It comes with only bean bag cover So, you need to purchase about 2 kg Beans separate and after fill this beans in bean bag cover before using it.
Sattva XXXL Bean Bag without Beans

Why we recommend it

  • Bean bag cover made in artificial leather.
  • Single seating chair.
  • Product colour might vary slightly.
  • It comes without beans.
  • Use this chair working and gaming.
  • Can take weight up to 120 KGs


  • Weight 2.0 Kg
  • Primary material Leather
  • Size XXXL
  • Color Red
  • Fills Bean 1.5 Kg
  • Price Rs.650/-

3. Orka XXL Bean Bag Without Beans

Orka serving the best quality bean bags in India. Easy to movable so, you can take an anywhere in the home. The manufacturer offers a guarantee on colour fastener and stitching. The product produces ergonomically designed with perfect width to height ratio.

Orka XXL Bean Bag Without Beans

Why we recommend it

  • Dual layer stitching leads to durable seams.
  • Try to clean spot only with a moist cloth.
  • Extremely portable and easy to manage a product.
  • Able of carrying weights up to 100 Kg.
  • Very low price.
  • It is brown in colour.


  • Brand Orka
  • Material
  • Height 42 inch
  • Required Beans 1.5 Kg
  • Color Brown
  • Weight 1.34 Kg
  • Price Rs.598/-

Bean Bag Chairs For Kids

1. Orka Minnie Digital Mouse Printed Kid’s Bean Bag

Such a pretty digital mouse printed chair available for kids. The suitable for 5 to 10 years old kids. They have a use from smooth and strong polyester fabric material. The lightweight bean bag is easy to move easily.

Kids lots of enjoyment and comfort with style that helps to complete support on back, west and arm.
Orka Minnie Digital Mouse Printed Kid's Bean Bag

Why we recommend it

  • Ideal for 5 to 10-year kids.
  • Beautifully crafted mouse digital print for fun.
  • Its height is 10.5 inch that is enough for kids.
  • Red colour chair furnishes your child room.
  • 100% satisfaction product.


  • Idel For 5-10 Years
  • Colour Red
  • Back Height 19 Inch
  • Material Polyester Fabric
  • Weight 1.5 Kg
  • Price Rs.1,499/-

2. Orka Mickey Mouse Digital Printed Chair with Beans

Enhance the look of your kid’s room lovely with presenting mouse digital printed chair in black colour. The height and weight perfect for kids. It also comes with beans so you not need to fill beans. Managing the bean bag is easy as you can clean it using a moist fabric.

It comes with 6 Months manufacturing warranty for fabric and stitching service.

Orka Mickey Mouse Digital Printed Chair with Beans

Why we recommend it

  • It comes with fill beans inside the cover.
  • Kids fun with this Disney characters.
  • Long lasting material.
  • Warranty comes with any repair/damage to the product.
  • Ergonomically designed suit your home.


  • Brand Orka
  • Material Artificial Leather
  • Color Black
  • Capacity Standard
  • Weight 2 kg
  • Warranty 6Months
  • Price Rs.1,549/-

XXL Bean Bag With Beans

1. Orka XXL Brown Bean Bag with Beans

This comfortable bean bag outer cover made from the soft durable material. Fill beans in the cover after its closing zip with velcro. The lightweight and comfortable bag easy to carry and fits anywhere gently.

Perfect height to width ratio for properly sitting. A modern bean Bag that can be used for chatting with your friends having a relaxed cup of coffee.

Why we recommend itOrka XXL Brown Bean Bag with Beans

  • Adjust in little space in your house.
  • Carry on up to 100kg weight.
  • Dual layer strong sturdy stitching.
  • Convenient handle on top to hold.
  • Comfortable to sit anyone.


  • Weight 3.7 Kg
  • Capacity Standard
  • Size XXL
  • Colour Brown
  • Primary material Leather
  • Beans Capacity 2.5kg
  • Price Rs.1,899/-

2. RestnSleep XXL Grey/Black Bean Bag Chair

This is flexible and mildew chair balances the shape of the user’s body, back, and neck support. The product has comfort for all. It comes filled with beans hence you are saved your time for buying beans and fills separately.

This stylish looking bag comes with affordable range. It’s design perfect for sitting and relaxing any way you like regarding a continued whole day at work.
RestnSleep XXL Grey/Black Bean Bag Chair
Why we recommend it

  • Lightweight.
  • Use best quality material.
  • Suit for long day work.
  • Its colour combination added a beauty to your home.
  • Approximately you can fill 2.5 kgs beans.


  • Quality Standard
  • Size XXL
  • Weight Capacity 100 Kg
  • Weight 2 Kg
  • Color Gray/Black
  • Price Rs.1,749/-

Bean Bag Buying Guide

Bean Bag is one of the most trending, Comfortable and beautiful furniture for living room. It also comes in small budget. They come in many different sizes, shapes and colours. so you can choose according to your room size and colours.

What is bean bag?

A bean bag is sealed bag which contains dried beans. Mostly its cover made of Leatherette or Fabric. Beans are tiny PVC pellets, polystyrene or polypropylene. you may be seen white small polystyrene(Thermocol) balls, that’s the filling material.

How to Choose a Bean Bag?

It’s not an easy task to choose bean bad when there are lots of choices in the market. So we write some features which can help you to choose your dream bean bag.


Size always matters. There are different sizes available according to shape. There is main four type of size Small, Medium, Large and extra large.

Large and Extra Large are a better fit for adults. Sofas can be used for multiple people of any shape or size.

Bean Bag Material

Bin bag mostly made of Leatherette or Fabric. both materials are good. They have their own advantages.

  • The fabric is overall more comfortable than Leatherette.
  • Leatherette is durable and easy to clean. So overall less maintenance for leather.
  • If you are love designs then the fabric is a good option.
  • Fabric will not heat as much as leather while seating.

Bean Bag Shape

There are several types of bean bags in the market. you can choose according to your need. its depend on for whom you purchasing adult, kids or teen.

· Oval/Round bean bags – These are the popular type of beanbag. They are shaped like a ball and can be put in a room for relaxing and enjoying activities such as reading books and playing video games.

· Square bean bags – Square bean bag can easily be found in the market. This type of bean bag chairs is cubed in shape and works more like a footstool for the footrest.

· Game chairs – Game bean bag chairs are usually round in shape and wide at the bottom but narrows in towards the endpoint.

· Novelty bean bags – This type of bean bags usually fall under the category of kids’ bean bags and assume the shape of anything from flowers and animals to footballs, etc.

· Elongated large bean bags – As the name suggests, this type of bean bags is elongated and is large in size.


Types of Fills

Types of filling materials are the factor for price and maintenance. So choose it wisely.


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Polystyrene is perfect material for bean bags. Most of the bean bag filled with EPS. It is a hard-celled plastic very similar to Styrofoam, which is extruded polystyrene.

EPS is lightweight so you move easily from one place to another place. Also, this makes bean bag resistant to moisture and heat. Eps cheaper then EPP and other fillers.

It has a strong chemical smell, so you have to wait for several days to become odourless.


Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

This thermoplastic polymer is most popular bean bag filler in Asia. EPP beads are much solid as compared to EPS beads so they are 40% heavier.

EPP beads are stronger so it is durable. Even when you smash or bend it, the material quickly retains its original shape and size.

The main disadvantage of EPP is the susceptibility to fire and burning. Also, it’s much harder to ‘flow’ within the bean bag and thus making the bean bag too firm and uncomfortable!


Compressed Foam

The compressed form is newly introduced which is known as memory form. Compressed foam is a type of polyurethane. It increasing viscosity and density of bean bags.

Mostly memory form used in mattress and cushions. They are more supportive and heavier. but they are easy to move because they can be compressed.


Factors to consider before buying?

Cost – Bean bags are assuredly cheapest seating solution. But check the price of bean bag and accordingly, it’s featured. Some of them with beans or without beans so they make the difference in costs.

Quality – Quality always matters. Check material of cover, bean type, chain, stitches etc. They make a huge difference for quality. Go with good cover.

Comfort – This is one of the most important things to consider before place an order. Seating should be always comfortable so choose a good shape.

Cleaning – Cover should be easy to clean. Leather material is very easy to clean than other materials.

Durability – As always leather is more durable than fabrics. Also, check other necessary things which makes bean bag durable.

Warranty – Bean bags lifetime is more than 2 years but the long-term warranty is a good choice.

Refill – Consider this also because you need to refill bean bag after 6 months or 1 year.  because when you sheet beans are compressed over the time.

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