4 Benefits of Automatic Printing Machines 2024

Img source: systauto.com

Computers are slowly but surely making their way into every aspect of life, and the case is certainly the same as the printing industry. In the past, the printing press was the machine used to print all kinds of items. From t-shirts to coffee mugs, it was all done manually. But nowadays, automatic printing machines have been fully embraced by screen printing manufacturers due to the benefits that come with them. Automatic printing machines operate on a simple yet highly complicated way through microprocessors similar to those that power an ordinary computer. They operate through a set of controls called programmable logic controllers (PLCs), bringing digital technology fully into this industry.

These controls have fully replaced analog machine controls, with the worker giving the printing machine a set of parameters and orders upon which it executes them. Some even go beyond the PLC method of controlling and onto a more advanced method of computer commands. What this means is that the printing machine worker can fully control the machine from a computer connected with the machine. This gives the worker additional flexibility through the software which connects the machine and computer.

In most cases, there are more functions available to the operator with automatic printing machines, database options such as analyzing orders and production times, flexibility with upgrades, and new programs that give more printing options. According to Once-Tech, automatic printing machines can be used for a variety of printing products. Most of these machines can screen print large volumes of products, such as bottle screen printing machines that can print from 4200 bottles per hour in one, two, or even three colors.

Img source: systauto.com

There are lots of benefits when it comes to digitalizing your printing operations, and some of the best ones include:

· Scheduling and Job Tracking

These machines allow manufacturers to track each and every order received, making the entire order process fully streamlined. These machines are equipped with lots of software applications that work in conjunction with the machine and its given orders.

· Set Printing Parameters

Digitalizing the printing industry has allowed full flexibility when it comes to entering or editing screen printing parameters. These parameters can be set on the machine itself, or through a computer, saving you a lot of time eighter way.

Img source: systauto.com

· Savable Parameters

Once you have your desired parameters set, those parameters can be saved for future use. The use of software and computer programs proves to be extremely valuable when it comes to time management and quality processes. Ultimately, what this does is improve your product quality.

· Automatic On and Off

Digitalizing your printing operations not only enhances the printing process, but it gives you full control over the printing machine. This means that you can turn on and off the machine whenever you like through the use of computer controls. Furthermore, you can utilize digital renditions with optical recognition to add great value to the printing process. Optical recognition is useful because it allows you to set up a high-resolution camera that can be used to set up the entire printing process, recognize parts, and proper loading.