Are you Good at Online Gambling? Here’s A Quick Quiz To Find Out


This article aims to test your knowledge on the most crucial yet the least talked about questions in the world of online gaming. You could be an online slots master or a live dealer games guru with 15 years of experience on the best gaming sites, ( here, and still, get new information about gambling online from this quiz.

The answers to this questionnaire provide several necessary tips for a better gaming experience which in turn will make you a better, smarter, and wiser gambler. Some of these questions are so easy, you will guess the right answer upon reading.

Firstly, we recommend reading the questions and trying to come up with the right answers. After that, feel free to read the correct answers to the most challenging questions about gambling below. So, let’s get started, scroll down to see the list.

Quiz on online gambling


Here are the questions you have been waiting for. Try not to scroll over to the answer section until you’ve at least tried to answer them all.

  • What are the highest house edge casino games?
  • What are the lowest house edge casino games?
  • What game is better for advantage gamblers: blackjack or poker?
  • What is the best wager in most casinos?
  • Can you win with online casino bonuses?
  • Do reward programs have drawbacks?

The correct answers

Below you can find the answers and explanations to the questions above. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to answer all or any of the questions we made the questions difficult to promote acquiring new information. The thing we hope you take away from this is the information below.

What are the highest house edge casino games?


The biggest advantage a gambler has is the number of options available to put his or her hard-earned money into play with. So here is the list of the games with the highest house edge, be careful and make sure you don’t play these games regularly or that might drain your bankroll.

  1. Keno — a house edge of between 25% to 29%
  2. Craps (any seven) — House edge between 16.67%
  3. Slot machines — House edge can be as high as 15%
  4. Big Six — House edge between 16%-24%
  5. Baccarat (tie) — House edge of 14.36%

If you guessed any of the above, congratulations on knowing your gambling facts. The worst house edge among them belongs to keno. However and fortunately, most casino sites don’t offer keno cards as a gambling option as it makes no sense to wager on games with the highest edge. Some casinos also place high house edges on the slot machines, since slots are huge moneymakers for the casinos. Some of the wagers at a craps table are also over 10% just like a tie wager in baccarat on certain gambling sites.

What are the lowest house edge casino games?


Skilled gamblers know that making bets with the lowest house edge is the safest way to maintain a bankroll. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck at the casino, the following games are what you should be playing

  1. Blackjack – House edge of 0.28%
  2. Spanish 21 – House edge of 0.4%
  3. Jack or Better Video Poker – House edge of 0.46%
  4. Baccarat (Banker) – House edge of 1.06%
  5. Pai Gow Poker – House edge of 1.46%

The lowest edge casino games are card games. Mostly, it’s Blackjack and Video Poker. Even with this information you are not guaranteed to make a lot of money playing without the right strategy.

Anyways, an addition of Blackjack/Poker to your current lineup of games will be a big boost in the right direction. Tables games are not very kind to beginners so make sure you know what you’re doing as you play these games. If Blackjack and Video poker were your answers to this question, you were right again.

What game is better for advantage gamblers: blackjack or poker?


The fact that Blackjack is an easy game to learn and play is far from a secret. The rules are not difficult, you just need to have a combined card value of 21, and you win. It’s quick and easy to win at Blackjack, but poker is still considered a better game. Poker is better because not only is it easy to learn it also has more variety. Casino sites would rather lose advantage gamblers over winning poker gamblers. Both games are good for advantage gamblers. It just depends on your gambling purpose. You either want to be an advantage player in the safest or the easiest way.

What is the best wager in most casinos?


All online casino games have wagered, but the best wager is the odds on the craps table. This is the only wager that doesn’t have a casino edge at all. If you are savvy enough, you should understand that in the long run, you can break even on your odds wagers. So then why does no one just place the bet on the odds?

There are two reasons why. First, most casino players don’t even know that this is a wager option. Second, casinos are smart not to talk about it. According to the rules, you can’t make an odds wager unless you place a come-out roll bet. The latter has a house edge, so the casino still has the edge. If you enjoy craps, remember to make the odds wager anytime you can after betting on the come-out roll.

Can you win with online casino bonuses?


The question is rather tricky because most casino sites don’t let you benefit from bonuses. Perhaps, it is possible but such a bonus would be difficult to find but we are sure that if you scour the internet you are bound to find one. Hopefully, you are aware that bonuses have wagering requirements that you have to meet before you withdraw. It’s very common for them to be high and outrageous, so you end up losing the entire bonus and even your deposit sometimes.

There are also bonuses without sky-high wagers to withdraw and this type of bonus can be used in low house edge games. For example, if you play Blackjack, you can make a small profit with the bonus, again if you use the right strategy.

Do reward programs have drawbacks?


The reward programs or so-called loyalty point systems are common in most online casinos. If you take advantage of these programs you will get better services and various perks. The programs tend to track how much players gamble on the site and give a small percentage of your risked money back to you. However, sometimes these rewards aren’t in monetary value but given in the form of services and products. Another drawback of these programs is that they are designed to make you spend more money at the casino in exchange for perks. You can see several examples of levels that have to be reached and you have to bet a certain amount to get to a level.

The bottom line

Hopefully, this little quiz has equipped you with enough knowledge to help improve your gambling skills. If so, we suggest you keep coming back to this article to help with your online gambling experience