Best 5 Ways to Save Money on Printer Ink and Cartridges 2024

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Many people rightfully complain that ink cartridges are far too expensive in the current day and age. This is especially the case for those businesses and individuals who are printing on a non-stop basis. If you tallied up how much you spent on printing things you would probably be exceedingly shocked.

However, a lot of individuals are actually spending more money than is necessary and the reason is that they are not shopping efficiently. Instead, they purchase from the first retailer they find who stocks the cartridges they are looking for. This is a big mistake.

Use the following tips provided in this article in order to ensure you end up with cheap yet high-quality ink cartridges.


1. Purchase on the internet

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First thing first, don’t go to your local store and buy cartridges there. Instead, you should buy them off the internet. There are so many more companies available online and therefore a much bigger scope for you to make fantastic savings.

If you buy locally then you will be restricted to the small selection in-store and 99 percent of the time the prices are guaranteed to be higher as well. In fact, you will often find that the exact same company has the same ink cartridge you are looking for available at a cheaper price on the internet. This is because most businesses offer online discounts nowadays because they know they are competing with a greater level of companies when it comes to the online side of their business.


2. Buy compatible cartridges

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You don’t have to buy genuine ink cartridges for the printer you have. Instead, you can look for compatible ones. This means that you are looking to purchase one that has not been manufactured by the exact same company as your printer has, nevertheless they have been designed and created with your printer in mind. These are almost always cheaper than going down the former route.


3. Refill and recycle your cartridges

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Instead of buying new ink cartridges every time your printer runs out of ink you should refill and recycle the ones you have currently got. This is not something you can do again and again and again. You will only be able to refill them a couple of times. Nevertheless, in the grand scheme of things, this can save you a significant amount of money.

Just think, you will only be buying a new one every one in three or four times when your cartridge runs out. If you sat down and worked out how much you spent, especially once you begin recycling you will be taken aback by how much savings you have made.


4. Look out for deals and discounts

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The Internet is home to a wealth of possibilities, and one of the things that it can help us to do is to save money. There are lots of different voucher websites nowadays, and so it is certainly worth doing a quick search to see if you can find more deals on affordable ink. You may be able to find discount codes for popular websites, which will give you 10 or 20 percent off the price of your purchases, for example.


5. Choose a company that provides free shipping

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Is there anything more frustrating than going to purchase a product online only to discover that it has suddenly become twice the price because of the shipping fees?

This can be incredibly annoying. You feel like you have wasted so much time adding items to your cart.

You can find reliable remanufactured ink suppliers with free shipping like the one offered at Yoyoink and free shipping is something that is definitely recommended when looking for items like remanufactured inks because you know that the price is not going to increase once you get to the checkout.

If you take note of the three pieces of advice provided in this article then you should definitely be able to find cheaper ink cartridges and make great savings without compromising the quality of your printer nor the quality of the work that is being printed either. All you need to do is look online, search for compatible cartridges rather than branded ones and don’t forget to recycle either.