Do you Burn more Calories Wearing a Weighted Vest when Exercising


Studies show that you can increase the number of burned calories while you are exercising with the weight vest. According to the American Council of Exercise, if you are wearing a weight vest that has at least 15 percent of your total body weight, you can burn 12 percent more calories during exercise.

The popularity of weighted vests is bigger than ever before, and the reason for this is more than obvious. More precisely, this is absolutely the best tool that can help you increase the intensity of your exercising whether you are running, walking, or working out, and help you achieve your goal much faster by burning calories rapidly and effectivly. With this vest, people really change their exercise style and standard and bring the whole experience to a new level. In a long way, you are becoming healthier, stronger and you improve your physical appearance as well. There are actually many benefits of wearing a weighted vest while you are exercising, and if you did not wear it until now, we are sure that this article that we prepared for you will change your mind.

In further text, you will see how many calories you can burn in different types of exercising as well as the benefits of wearing it while you are engaged in physical activities and performances.

Before we start, if you are a beginner and you do not really know how to use a weight vest and how heavy it should be for you and your goals, you can read more about the guide you should follow.

What will you achieve if you walk or run with a weight vest?


While the person that has 180lb weight walks without the weight vest, he can burn even 100 calories per mile. If we are talking about a person with 120lb, he can burn around 65 calories. In other words, these are achievements without wearing any weight tools.

On the other hand, if they are wearing weighted vests that are 15 percent of their total body weight the result will be absolutely different. In the first case, where a person weighs 180lb, he can burn 112 calories on the same distance and the other person with 120lb can burn 73 calories.

It is the same thing with running. In other words, it will be much more beneficial if you wear a weight vest while you run. However, in this case, the number of burned calories will depend on the speed and the tempo of running and the bodyweight of that person.

Benefits of exercising with weight vest

Let’s find out what can you achieve if you start to work out with weight vest!

You will become much stronger and gain better endurance


One of the key benefits that you can get from wearing a weighted vest while you are exercising is definitely a chance to become much stronger. Despite that, you have an opportunity to improve your overall endurance with any type of exercise you are doing. In other words, whether you are doing squats, push-ups, deadlifts, or something else, you will achieve the same effect. This does not count only for strength workouts, but for cardio as well. The way a weighted vest will affect your physical improvement is by increasing pressure on your muscles. More precisely, your muscles will need to work much harder.

On the other hand, as we said, you can increase your endurance as well. Logically, your muscles will grow because they are working much harder in order to achieve compensation for the extra weight.

The best thing is when you take the vest off you will be surprised how easily you can exercise without it. Your workouts will not be so tiring and you will be able to work out much longer. The reason for this is that your muscles are used to the pressure of extra pounds, so when you take the vest off, they feel that workouts become much easier, so they can endure the workout longer without much effort. As a result, you will be very satisfied seeing your physical performance improved.

You can achieve having much better posture and balance


One more benefit worth mentioning from exercising with a weight vest is definitely promoted balance and posture that you will get. In general, by increasing weight on your body, you are influencing positively improving your body’s balance. In short, gravity pulls you when you are moving around or you tilt your upper body in some direction, which pressures your body to stay balanced. So logically, when you wear this vest, your body will be pulled much harder to the ground which will result in even better balance.

Despite that, while you are wearing a vest, you can improve your posture because you will improve your core muscles. While core muscles are stronger, you will hold your body weight much easier which will result in supporting the spine and staying upright. This is a very important benefit because you can have dangerous problems with your back, especially if you are older.

You will change the intensity of your exercise routine


In general, when you bring the weight vest into your daily exercise routine you can change easily the intensity of workouts. In other words, if you are feeling boring doing the same workouts all the time and you have a feeling that you can do the same exercise constantly without pausing, you can add a weighted vest to your routine and change the nature of your exercising. You will add more intensity and you will need to try even harder. However, in a shorter period of time, you will achieve even better results if you do exercise with a weighted vest. So, more precisely, you can save your time and spend less time working out and still achieving positive results. The best of all is the fact that you can add the weight of the vest that will suit you and your working needs the most. For instance, you can slowly start with some smaller weight of 10 pounds and increase the weight of the vest as well as the intensity as time pass. As a result, you will lose more weight as well in a shorter period. More precisely, you will much more effectively increase the number of burned calories.