Ways to Obtain Purified Drinking Water for your Homes 2024

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All of us cannot harp on the point on how important water is for our day to day lives. All living creatures need water for their survival and wellbeing. There is no harm in conferring the fact that this universal solvent is essential for our daily needs. Nearly 70 % of the earth consists of water, but out of that a major chunk is not even fit for human consumption.

Obtaining purified drinking water is of vital importance in our daily life. How your health performs is dependent upon the quality of water you drink. For an individual who does not drink ample amount of water, they are bound to suffer from dehydration, fatigue, and even kidney stones, to name a few.

Why there is a need to obtain purified drinking water?

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If you are an avid health-conscious individual, you might have seen a lot of emphases laid on the positive impacts of drinking water. At the same time, you also need to be aware of when is the right time to drink water. Yes, one is not telling you to consume water from any source that is available. The worst part is that most of the tap water that is available in India is not even fit for human consumption. Yes, you have got it right.

This is the case in a country like India, where a major chunk of the population dies of water-related diseases. A definite lack of planning or treatment of drinking water is observed, and you are left with only a single choice which is to opt for an industrial RO plant-likeĀ ones available on RoCareIndia for the needs of your office or even for your home. At a naked glance, the water may look clean and pure, but there could be a series of impurities that might make the water unfit for human consumption.

For this reason, the need of the hour is to drink purified water. The best way to obtain pure drinking water is the installation of a water purification system. There are various ways by which you can go on to purify water.

The ways by which you can purify water

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To purify water that you are going to drink do not bear a lot of hassles, as there are numerous ways by which you can achieve the same.


This is a simple and obvious method that you can adopt. In case you are at home or use tap water for cooking or even for drinking purposes, then do not forget to boil the water at a high temperature. Boiling is known to kill all the parasites, microorganisms, and bacteria that are present in water. All of this might sound easy? But do not forget that you need to cool the water before you drink it down.


Chlorine in a liquid state could be used at your home before deemed fit for consumption. The thing you need to be aware of is that chlorine needs to be used in the right concentration of water. You should not exceed the amount of water that is to be treated. The only loophole of this method is that it is going to leave a bad and bitter taste in your mouth.


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This works out to be one of the easiest methods to obtain purified water. This is basically a method that involves chemical and physical processes whereby it is made fit for human consumption. By the method of filtration, large and dangerous compounds that are present in water are easily removed. This entire process sounds to be really impressive.


At a scientific level, this is a proven and tested method of purifying water. This is a method where water is boiled at a low boiling point, and once it vaporizes the pure form of water, it is ready to be collected. This vapor is then connected to a condenser, and the collected water is deemed fit for human consumption. This might sound to be a reliable method of purifying water, but the downside of this method is that the process of purification is really slow. The germs and bacteria are treated, but it seems to be a costly affair.

Water purifier

This is a common item that is seldom found in most of the households of India. Using the right type of water purifier for the needs of your home has an impact on our health. Though there are several water purifiers in the market, it is recommended that you opt for RO water purifiers that are suited for the needs of your home.

Clay vessels filtration

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This is a method that is traditionally found in India and certain countries of the world. The clay vessels are perfect for storing and filtering drinking water. However, the clay pot has to be porous so as to purify the muddy water. These vessels are ideal for ensuring that the purity of the water is intact.

Reverse osmosis

In the days gone by RO, purification method was mainly put to use for commercial and industrial purposes. But of late, the most reliable method for water purification in our homes has gone on to become the RO system. This is basically a procedure where a semipermeable membrane removes the harmful impurities present in water.


With the help of iodine, you are going to clean the bacteria or virus present in water. Being known as a powerful disinfectant, this procedure is more effective, even more than filtration. There is no need to be excited as water that is treated by iodine can have an unpleasant taste to it.


Certain methods that are discussed may seem to be obsolete and even not practical in certain cases. But still they are part of our list, and they can be put to use when there are no other options available. Once you have access to a modern-day water purifier, there is no better option than that. If you are still consuming tap or groundwater, you are putting the health of your family at risk.