The Future Of Virtual Reality In Online Casinos

Virtual Reality In Online Casinos

Those who love gambling in real-time at casino games will enjoy augmented or virtual reality games as well. That is the future for most casino sites. Of course, there are several technology integrations that are required. Though VR headsets have become increasingly available, the technology is still evolving.

How VR Integrates with Online Gambling?


Today most casino websites stream live games from studio settings. These are dealer-based games that run in real-time and are interactive. Also, these games run with HD clarity. However, with AR or VR these games can feel more life-like. Indeed, it helps create a feeling that one is sitting at a casino table and playing the game.

What do VR Games Feel Like?

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If you are playing a casino game using VR, it would create an immersive experience. This would be in addition to seeing other people participate such as players and dealers. Some distinct features of such games are the following:

  • Ability to make hand or body gestures
  • Observe the gestures of others
  • Real casino setting and environment is easy to replicate
  • Casino game rooms are designed in detail; customers can walk through such rooms
  • Gamblers can find realistic slot machines for playing
  • Game tables are in 3D setup; hence customers can choose their seats and game
  • They can interact with other players
  • In-game chat rooms make conversations real; customers can talk and sit with a drink as well

These are some of the several possibilities for experiencing casino games at VR casino sites. There are a select few who are already indulging in such gaming experiences. That is, those experienced with VR headsets can log in to select casino sites that offer such life-like experiences. This makes live casino games particularly immersive. Players can get into game rooms, sit across dealers and choose their bets. At the same time, they can chat with other players and see them, either in their life-like images or in their avatar forms.However, those who wish to use AR or VR in online gambling have several choices today. While Slot Paradise casino review is an ordinary casino site, there are some that are designed to work with VR.

VR-Enabled Casino Sites and How They Work?


VR casino sites are still in their embryonic stage. Those that have integrated such technology have select games available in such format. Developers who are working on such platforms are focusing on creating life-like experiences. That is, giving customers a near-real gambling experience. Also, the features of such games go much beyond simply seeing the games in 3D. Gamblers can see and feel the game room environments. They can light cigars or order drinks. All such aspects are built into the VR gambling experience.

Some VR-enabled websites are:

  • SlotsMillion
  • PokerStars
  • Apollo Slots
  • VR casino

Features of VR casinos


Some salient features of VR-oriented casino sites are:


Among VR casinos this website is at the forefront. They have already added about 40 games in this category. Customers can play these games in augmented reality as well. All that they need to do is get hold of a VR headset. This will enable them to gamble in a 3D immersive environment. For instance, they can walk around on the elegant floors of the casino. Also, the VR games are designed with futuristic themes.


Those who are familiar with the world of online gambling are highly familiar with this brand. Indeed, it has been one of the forerunners in the world of online poker. They have launched a VR version of their online gambling domain recently. Hence, fans of poker games can have an enhanced experience of their favorite games. Once a player puts on their headset they can create avatars for themselves. After that, they can walk across poker rooms, and interact with other players. However, PokerStars VR is yet to allow real money transactions.

Apollo Slots VR

Currently, the Apollo Slots VR game is available in this version. Customers can download it and play it offline. It gives them a chance to discover different features of the game in the offline mode. Slot games in 3D are wonderful to explore as the theme features and bonus rounds come alive.

Final Thoughts


As evident, VR casinos and their games are still evolving. The technology is more detail-oriented. Hence, VR software developers have a different approach to casino games. They offer more of a real casino experience to gamblers. That is, they can walk across casino floors, and look at life like slot machines. Also, they can interact with dealers and other players. Hence, VR gambling online will help create a more immersive gaming experience. As evident, such a form of gambling involves sensory as well as social interactions in a larger form.