How Technology Dramatically Changed the Landscape of Gambling


The gambling industry has been solid and robust for many years. It was popular even a century ago, especially among people from North America and Europe. However, gambling laws have changed a lot in the meantime. In one period of human history, most of the world’s governments didn’t have a favorable opinion about it. But, things had to change because of the digitalization of the industry.

Even in Canada, the USA, and other most powerful countries in terms of economy, there are certain areas where traditional gambling is illegal even today. Yet, in almost all parts of the world, online gambling is 100% popular. That counts for regions of the world where the gambling laws are strict as well.

The international regulatory bodies mostly located in Malta and Gibraltar ensured that the industry is safe and secure. More precisely, they are only issuing licenses to those gambling sites that follow strict requirements. Apart from that, there are many safe payment methods that people can use to safely transfer their winnings from casino accounts to their bank accounts (and in opposite direction).

Finding licensed casinos isn’t difficult at all. You can check websites like to find out more about the different offers that modern gambling sites provide. Yet, the question that most gamblers have is – why would I leave the way of gambling that I got used to?

This really is a good question that deserves in-depth analysis. In this article, we will explain in delta how technology dramatically changed the landscape of gambling. More precisely, we will explain why online gambling is a more comfortable option and why people around the globe are gladly choosing it. Let’s go!

It Has Become More Flexible


Not everything around technology is good even in the gambling industry. But, we can’t neglect the fact that most people that gamble online do that because of the high level of flexibility. In other words, they can gamble from any location that has a stable internet connection.

Going to a gambling venue isn’t always available to us. People have jobs, want to spend time with their families, or simply hang out with people when they have free time. Online casinos are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They do not have working hours and you can access them in the middle of the night if you want. That opportunity has transformed the entire gambling industry a lot.

Higher Demand

As we said, there are many people that simply can’t play due to restrictions determined by the gambling laws. But, that’s not the case with online gambling. The gambling sites are either completely blocked or completely available in countries where gambling is illegal. That automatically made the demand for gambling even bigger!

Gambling Has Become Safer

Have you ever heard about responsible gambling? Responsible gambling represents a set of moves that every online casino needs to make in order to help clients that have a problem with gambling addiction. Neglecting the problems that gambling can cause is completely wrong and this is the subject people need to be aware of. However, it is worth mentioning that gambling sites have become aware of that as well! It is not in their interest that their customers are actually a group of addicted people. Their reputation could get ruined easily.

So, which moves do they actually need to make? Due to the demand of international regulatory bodies, they need to ensure professional help for all the customers that need the assistance of that type. Apart from that, casinos also must allow their customers to restrict their spending whenever they want that. They can even block themselves permanently in case they decide to quit gambling completely.

These services were not available in the era of traditional gambling. Because of that, we give ourselves the right to say this is the biggest change of all!

A Variety of Games


Traditional casinos are a bit limited. They can offer a limited number of games. For example, let’s say that the gaming floor of a casino is 1000 square feet. That means there can be a couple of tables and a few slot machines, and that’s it! If they want to expand their offer, they need to move to larger premises, but, even then, the offer they have can’t be as good as in the online world.

The bigger number of games is only possible in the online world. Casino sites offer, in some cases, a few thousand games! They let you play different categories of games as well as a different variant of each category. That makes gambling more entertaining and it lets people dig deeper and find the game that meets their requirements and expectations.

Have in mind that quantity is not the only innovation! A high level of quality is also present! All the games are safe because they are developed by licensed and reputable software development companies. That means their software ensures entertainment to the fullest as well as pure randomness thanks to Random Number Generator. Apart from that, games come with high RTP which automatically raises your chances of winning.

More Reward Options

How many times have you gotten any type of bonus or reward in a brick-and-mortar casino? These situations rarely happen, especially in smaller casinos. That’s not the case with casinos supported by the most modern technology. All casinos offer a variety of bonuses and promotions to their customers, especially to the new ones. That way, gambling has become more accessible because it lets people get free money and spins to explore games and gain some experience.



These are all the ways technology has changed the landscape of gambling. We are pretty sure the same trend of innovations will continue in the future. We didn’t mention that many casinos of today offer VR-supported gambling. That makes things even more entertaining. But, keep in mind the number of these gambling sites is still not big. But, we do not see the reason the same trend won’t continue in the future.