Top-Rated IoT Companies for 2024 And Beyond


Over time, the internet of things has evolved to become a technology of the masses. It connects individuals and businesses to the internet, making it possible to control digital data. IoT comes with numerous perks. Companies are now adopting IoT solutions to improve customer experiences and boost sales. As such, many IoT firms have since merged to cater to the increasing demand.

Why use IoT in business?

The internet has since transformed people’s way of life. It connects millions from different parts of the globe- connections that were deemed impossible in the past. Is that enough? Not really! The internet of things (IoT) does this, and more. And companies better brace themselves for more changes.

With the many perks that come with IoT, this has since become a necessity among businesses. IoT is useful in generating massive data that you can utilize to make well-thought decisions for your enterprise. You can also analyze the data and use it to improve your business operations.

What’s more? IoT enables for sharing of this data to the relevant parties. These include workers, stakeholders, and more. It then becomes easier to monitor and track the effectiveness of strategies, campaigns. With improved sharing of data, companies will be interconnected, and more useful to each other, which fuels innovation.

What are the leading IOT companies for 2024

1. Sumatosoft company


Sumatosoft is a name to look out for when seeking IoT and software development services. The company is famous for offering high-end products and services. With its headquarters in Boston, the firm comprises of a team of engineers and many other experts.

To learn more about the various services offered by the company, visit sumatosoft. com. The company delivers a complex web, mobile, and IoT solutions for mid-sized enterprises. It specializes in user-involved software development. It designs interactive, user-friendly applications to help companies outsource app development with ease.

Moreover, businesses can tap into the technology used by this IoT company to ease processes and enhance customer satisfaction. The reason? Sumatosoft designs SaaS solutions and other sophisticated software for business processes automation.

Sumatosoft is your go-to for all things IoT. If you ever plan to adopt IoT for your business, Sumatosoft delivers the best solution for you any day. With years of experience, they are the best at what they do. Here is how their IoT software development process works before the final implementation. Check out their IoT services here –

2. ARM IoT Security Company


The ARM IoT company was launched in 1990. It boasts of years of expertise in the provision of IoT services. The company employs thousands of engineers and other experts in the IT field and has a revenue of over $1.6B.

Arm IoT company provides a wide range of low-cost IoT solutions to enterprises and corporations. The company has since introduced different new technologies as part of the “Kigen” family of products. These are designed to extend low-cost IoT solutions that feature integrated SIM functionality. Also, the ARM IoT S security company is famous for deploying various technologies and tools to achieve an exceptional level of IoT security.

3. Vates


Vates has its headquarters in San Francisco, and its compelling story dates back to 1991. Vates team comprises of engineers with tons of experience in big data and real-time analytics and software architecture. The firm boasts of over 90% customer satisfaction rate. It provides help with critical decisions that occur during design and development. Vates offers the following services;

4. Software AG


Software AG tops the list of Europe’s most prolific software companies. It was launched in 1969 and is reputed for offering unparalleled software and networking services. It provides a wide variety of services ranging from integrated software suits for business oversight to cloud platforms to create bespoke IoT systems. Their professional services include; the internet of things, modernization, managed services, and more.

5. Cisco



Launched in 1984, Cisco has been offering exceptional IoT services in San Jose and many other parts of the globe. The firm provides a wide variety of products and networking services, IoT, security, collaboration, mobility& wireless security. With its headquarters in San Jose, Cisco has branches in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Africa. The services offered by Cisco are;

  • IoT Networking
  • IoT Gateway
  • IoT Operations Management
  • IoT Data Management
  • IoT Security

6. Rootcloud


Rootcloud is a leading Chinese firm that boasts of an IoT track record for over a decade. The company has since connected thousands of industrial assets and is still counting. It offers asset management tools and also supplies physical infrastructure hardware. Rootcloud partners with different heavy machinery manufacturers and electronic producers, and explicitly serve niche verticals. These include injection molding manufacturers and textile firms.

7. Accenture


Accenture is renowned for partnering with other leading firms to design unique solutions and tools. These solutions are ideal for companies seeking to implement model changes using connected computing, especially if they lack in-house expertise. Its business extends beyond IoT to sectors like consulting and business strategy.

8. Oxagile


Oxagile is yet another IoT company that offers a wide range of IoT consulting services, hardware prototyping, software development, integration, and continuous enhancement. Founded in 2005, Oxagile leverages its expertise in AI, Big data, and cybersecurity to deliver high-end IoT solutions.

The company builds the best enterprise-grade IoT solutions for sophisticated industrial equipment. It also designs smart gadgets and intelligent devices for healthcare, retail industry, and many other industries.

9. HQ Software Industrial IoT Company


HQ software has been in the industry for over a decade. Founded in 22001, the company boasts of unmatched expertise offering extensive services. These include; Custom software development, Mobile App Development, Consulting & Prototyping, and Software re-engineering.

HQ software is also a leading provider for Industrial healthcare, Smart home, IoT automotive solutions. The company is famous for providing IoT services such as;

  • High-level development of devices & sensors,
  • Data analysis
  • Mobile app development

10. Intel


Intel was founded in 1968 offers more intelligent IoT services to enable businesses and enterprises to capture and analyze more data. With Intel IoT Company, businesses can utilize the full range of technology solutions and tools to improve decision-making processes and modernize operations. Some of the IoT services are Data Analytics, Clod development, and security tools.


Many firms are offering IoT services, and it’s critical to choose the best. If you’re seeking the fittest IoT provider, consider things like expertise, years of experience, services offered, and cost. Also, check out any reviews from previous customers to determine how it feels like dealing with the company.