Top 13 Best 10000 Watt Generators 2019

If you live somewhere where there are frequent power outages or is so isolated that you do not have a power grid at all, fear not, the solution is here! Meet the best 10000 watt power generators. They may reject you at first because of their bulky design. Their designers put a lot of thought into making them, a set of wheels and handles make it easy to move them from room to room.

1. HONDA EB10000 generator

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This Honda generator has been voted the best 10,000 watt  generator  for good reasons. This gas powered electric generator weights 464 pounds, making it heavier than smaller generators, yet incredibly powerful. While not so many  quiet, it is quieter than some other models of generators that put out the same wattage, making it ideal for home  use.

 2. Pulsar PG10000B16

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This generator has a 6.6-gallon tank, built to last for up to twelve hours with a full tank and operating at half capacity.. With four AC outlets, you have plenty of places to plug in appliances. Pulsar PG10000B16  generator is ideal you can use it while you are at work, at home or outdoors.

3. Briggs & Stratton 30679

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Durable and high-tech, this heavy duty generator operates at a peak 10,000 surge and 8,000 rated watts. This generator’s fuel tank contains 7.5 gallons of gasoline for 9 hours. This is one of the best fuel-efficient gasoline generators on the market today, the generator can synch with your phone, mobile device, or any device that can have an application downloaded on it to monitor how the generator is running.

4. DuroMax XP10000E

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This DuroMak KSP10000E is a very powerful generator, highly sought after and recommended by many. The unique exaust design coupled with the frame design alowes it to run at a comfotrable 69 decibels. Thats enough to hold a conversation next to it without raising your voice. They are designed to give you 100% security due to power outages, whether you expect them or not. There is idle control which lowers the RPM of the engine when it’s not in use, an air-cooled engine, and a low-oil sensor shutoff, is great for unexpected low oil levels.

5. All Power America APG3590CN

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All Pover America APGG10000 is a reliable 10000V and safe to use in your home, cottage, business, etc . The APGG10000 is user-friendly and comes with 4 AC Duplex 120V outlets, one 120V twist-lock outlet, one 120/240V twist-lock outlet, and one 12V DC. This unit also comes with a hour meter and wheel kit for greater convenience.

6. Generac XG Series 10000E

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The portable generator Generac XG Series 10000E is extremely powerful and a great solution for your needs. You can rest assured that even with the power outages you can access the fridge, freezer, etc. with it. It also has an illuminated dashboard for better visibility.

7. Gentron GG10020C

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Gentron GG10020C  is a cheaper generator that has many great features regardless of the price, but the price may not always mean quality. It is easily portable thanks to wheels and steel frames. The CARB compliancy of this generator is another great selling point, as well.

8. Durostar DS10000E

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Durostar DS10000E it is designed for safe and easy operation. They are perfect if you go camping in the woods, in your house, cottage, etc. This generator from Durostar is listed here as a quiet 10,000 watt generator – one of the quietest you will find, if noise level is something you have to take into consideration when purchasing.

9. JDNA All Power America G10000EGL

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When it comes to this generator you should pay attention to, the big difference is whether it is with propane or gasoline. With gasoline it has a longer running time, while with propane it is shorter. It has four sockets common from 120V, but there is also a socket with 120V / 240V twist-lock and 12V DC socket.

10. CAT RP12000E Generator

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The CAT RP12000E is perfect for both residential use and for the job site. If you are looking to get more power and more ruggedness from the generator, this model fits the bill perfectly. That is enough power to run the largest appliances in RVs, giving you power when needed.

11. Pulsar PG12000B 12,000W

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This generator, robust and reliable, it is the second best generator your money can buy on the market. Pulsar PG12000B can also be operated on propane or gasoline depending on which one you are comfortable with and delivers the same power. Runs 12 Hours at 1/2 Load.

12. Sportsman GEN10K 10000 Watt

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Sportsman GEN10K power 10000w is ideal for your needs without paying too much. The generator weighs 270lbs and comes with an 8-gallon fuel tank which can hold enough gas to generate power for 8 hours on half the size of the full load. Contains automatic low oil shut down with low oil alarm.

13. Powerland PD3G10000E

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The generator operates on Propane, Gas and natural gas which is ideal if you live in areas that are a bit far from refueling stations since you can switch to any mode whenever you want. To me, that is economical. The generator has a 16 horsepower engine and produces a maximum power of 10000w.


With this little guide you will get the necessary information about 10000 watt power generators. I am sure you will find at least one of your own. These powerful electricity producing machines are a boon to provide constant power on your job site, during power outages, in emergencies, and providing constant power to your RVs.