Top 10 best plus size full body waist trainers in 2019

Are you a plus-size body type but want to have an hourglass shape? Of course, the best way to achieve this is to lead a healthier lifestyle and slim down. However, if there is an important event coming up soon for which you would like to go with such a look, do not worry. Waist trainers are there to help you do it. Losing body fat can be a long and tedious period, so why not try and get there quicker by wearing a full-body waist trainer? You will notice the first results very quickly. In the following article, we will go over some of the best plus size full body waist trainers you can purchase this year. Enjoy!


Best plus size full body waist trainers

1. Lover-Beauty women’s under bust corset waist training cincher

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The first thing we have for you is a 96% cotton, 100% latex, and 4% spandex corset that has 9 pieces of spiral steel bones. This waist shape product is stiffer and it always puts you in the best upright posture, compared with other, less functional corsets that only have 4 pieces. When it comes to materials, this corset is made from durable, soft, and flexible plastic bones, so you will be able to bend with ease. Also, this under bust waist trainer corset works best for longer torsos, and when you put it on, it will reduce your waist from 4 to 5 inches. There is a system of 3 hooks that keeps it nice and tight, giving you a neat look. The waistline is smooth, and there is a covered boning at both front and back for even more support. Last but not least, there mentioned 3 columns with hooks make for a very classic and easy to use closure design that is fully adjustable.

2. Gititlys latex under bust waist training corset

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This is a corset made out of 100% outer natural latex rubber, a very thick material, as well as 4% spandex and 96% cotton. The 9 pieces of spiral flexi boning are in charge of support. They make the wear very durable, comfortable, and flexible. Also, the hooks are in three rows, which makes it easier to adjust to your specific body size. Moving on, this corset sports a mesh design and it is breathable. In addition, the cotton lining material absorbs the sweat, while by using it, you also benefit from a boost of thermal activity, control of your belly, under bust lift, and the stimulation of fat loss. This is a quality corset that will do a good job in giving you a slimmer waist.

3. Manladi Neoprene Sauna Suit Tank Top Vest Waist Trimmer

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For one of the best and highest quality waist trimmers, go with this one right here. This tank top vest waist trimmer sports a unique design that has a sports bra, a waist trainer and a waist trimmer all in one. Therefore, it is good for different uses. Also, this waist trimmer has a high compression that will both shape and slim your waist. Moving on, the waistband can easily be adjusted in order to fit most of the sizes, and it is also recommended for those who want to sweat more and lose fat while exercising. An hourglass shape is a real possibility for all with this all in one item, and it fits well on women with normal and short torsos as well. The adjustable waistband utilizes Velcro closure function, as well as a zipper function. Last but not least, this corset is very comfortable, light, and durable. One very neat thing is that it has a pocket for your iPhone, Android phone, or other mobile device on the inside.

4. DawnRaid Women’s Latex Under bust Workout Steel Boned Corset waist trainer

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This quality corset is made from latex fabric that will ensure a firm waist control for your body, as well as flatten and slim your belly. The inner layer materials are 4% spandex and 96% cotton, the middle layer is 100% natural latex, while the outer layer is 4% spandex and 96% nylon. This corset will give you a high compression and reduce your waist by 4 to 5 inches. Thanks to its smooth waistline, 3 columns of adjustable hooks, and 9 pieces of steel bones, it will keep you upright and comfortable, while giving you the necessary support. That is not all, as it will also give you belly control, thermal activity regulation, underbust lift, and a flawless hourglass figure.

5. Dilanni women latex waist training cincher underbust corset

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The fifth entry on our list is a high compression corset that will reduce the size of your waist from 3 to 5 inches. Like many other options, it has 9 different spiral steel bones for the top-level support. With this corset, a beautiful hourglass shape and a slimmer figure is within your grasp. Thanks to its design, this one is used best while you do yoga or exercises for the postpartum belly abdomen. If you experience any sort of problem with it, there is a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. For the best fit, ensure that you know the right measurements of your body so that you get the perfect fit you need.

6. Camellias Women Waist Trainer

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This is a waist trainer that completely wraps around your belly and gives you a high compression in the stomach and abdomen region. You can easily achieve an hourglass body shape with this waist trainer. Since it is flexible, it is perfect for wearing while you do workouts and fitness, but also for your different daily outfits, formal work attire, and even in the sauna. Its compression effect is enhanced around the belly region because of the flex-boning technology, as well as the adjustable Velcro closure waistband. The trainer stimulates the loss of weight and burns fat, resulting in a true hourglass shape of your body.  It can also be used as a postpartum body shaper and support for your back, in case you experience chronic back issues. Only the best fabrics were used in the manufacturing process, so do not worry about irritations.

7. Camellias women’s 26 steel boned heavy-duty waist trainer corset

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Here is another Camellias corset on the list. This corset is best if you want to slim down and cinch. It has a lot of supportive parts, including 4 rigid steel bars, 20 spiral steel bones, and 2 regular steel bars. Furthermore, there are 4 layers of fabric, and two inner ones are made from high-quality cotton. Also, the middle layer is laminated to the outer layer, something that adds more strength to the whole design. This corset is used in the best way if you also need support for your back, other than the regular body shaping, waist training, waist-cinching, and weight loss needs. Also, it is good for belly control, correction of your posture, lumbar support, and postpartum weight loss. Feel free to use it daily, as well as during workout sessions.

8. Flexees, Maidenform flexes women’s shapewear

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The last full body waist trainer on our list is made out of 80% nylon and 20% elastane on the body part, while the extension straps on the shoulders are 22% Lycra elastane and 78% nylon. This is another shapewear piece of clothing that is sure to give you an amazing hourglass shape when you start to wear it. You can hand wash it without worries. It has flexed closure, and to achieve the most flexibility while wearing it, you should wear a separate bra. The shoulder straps are somewhat wider, but they will keep everything stays where it is supposed to. With this one, you can wear it all day and be comfortable and relaxed thanks to its tight control and movement freedom.