Best Smartphones For Mobile Sports Betting


Sports betting apps aren’t very demanding, and you don’t need to have the most recent launches in the smartphones’ world so you can bet. But, what you really can do is to check if your current device meets the requirements of the particular casino or app, just to make sure the features are appropriate.

But, the good thing is that if your phone supports the usual apps like Facebook or Instagram, you can use the same device for betting too. Keep in mind that the newest models are the most expensive, but today, in 2024, even the 2018 launches will work great if you use them for online bets. These devices are up to date with the new trends, and they have regular software updates. But, if the hardware is weak, there is not much you can do to enhance the experience.

Make sure your phone has the latest version of Android or iOS, so you can download the app, or launch the betting website. Check that with some of the popular betting sites, like, so you can know if it works on your device.

Today, we will talk more about the available models, that you can use for this purpose:

1. Apple iPhone 11 Pro


Not the most recent, but still an exceptional phone that has great battery life, compared to the older models. But, keep in mind that betting apps can drain your battery faster than other apps. You can choose 256GB or 512GB, and knowing that it comes with a 5.8″ display, you can be sure you will have a great betting experience.

2. Honor 20 Pro


It works on Android, and it is a pretty quality phone, with a 6.26″ display, which makes it one of the best when it comes to screen size. You also have enough storage, and you don’t need to worry about that. Its CPU knows how to arrange the priorities during the processes, so you can be sure nothing will happen while you play.

3. Apple iPhone XS Max


This was a 2018 launch, together with iPhone XS and iPhone XR. We can say that no matter which one of these three you choose; you will have a great experience. XS Max has a huge display, but XR comes with a better battery. It supports wireless charging, and you can get a great phone for a lower price since there are two newer generations after them.

4. Google Pixel 3 XL


It’s one of the best Google hits, that comes with great design, and well-combined features, so you can have a great piece of technology in your hands. It works with Android. You may feel it’s a little bit overpriced, but you are getting a complete package of features, settings, and design, so just hit the bets, and enjoy the game.

5. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra


A very powerful device, that can be used for many purposes, so a lite betting app won’t be an issue for that. The best thing about the Galaxy series is that they are some kind of investment since you can use the device for years, without having to replace it anytime soon.

6. Google Pixel 4a 5G


If you are on a budget, but still can afford to spend up to $500, this is the best choice for you. As you can imagine, it comes with tons of features, and downloading a betting app wouldn’t be a problem for this great device.

7. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


Another powerful device provided by Samsung, that will run every app smoothly, without freezing and interrupting the process. You can even stop the background processes, so you can be sure everything is fine, and the betting app won’t crush while you wait for the results. It comes with storage up to 1TB, but even 128GB is enough for betting.

8. Apple iPhone 12


Apple always has great models, that meet their traditional design but incorporate the most recent technologies in a well-optimized device. That’s why the people love them. This iPhone also has a Pro, Pro Max, and Mini version. Every one of them is great for betting, and you won’t make mistakes no matter which one you choose.

9. OnePlus 9


The display shows exceptional colors, which is one of the main features to ask for when choosing a phone for betting. The design is also pretty attractive, making this phone good for everything today’s smartphones offer.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus


While people are using this huge screen for many purposes, you can do that for sports betting. You can keep track of everything that happens during the game, and even live bet, while you are using a pen, instead of your fingers and phone buttons.

What else do you need to pay attention to when picking a betting phone?

You should decide which operating system you prefer. We suggest sticking to the one you are comfortable using. If you are a loyal iPhone user, there is no need to change that for betting. The screen size is important, because the bigger it is, the more details it shows. Different apps require different display sizes to work properly.

As we said, betting apps aren’t heavy, nor are the websites, but if your phone supports 4G or even 5G, it will all work smoothly, without glitches while playing. If the phone is powerful enough, it won’t cause any problems for you. That’s one of the reasons why we suggested taking 2018 and later models, to get the most of this experience.


In this case, it’s not important to have the most recent or the best model in the world right now. It’s really enough just to choose what’s comfortable for you. Make sure you always have an Internet connection, no matter if you use Wi-Fi or a mobile network connection.

We hope that you can find what fits your budget and preferences. If you own some of the devices on this list, you can start betting today. Find the app you like, launch it, create an account and have fun. To find out more visit