4 Reasons to Use Anti-Slip Flooring In Workspace

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What is your biggest nightmare? Is it being lost, being face to face with a spider, or being surrounded by more than 50 people? According to a recent survey, one of the people’s worst nightmares is something you would never expect (although models know everything about it!) and it has nothing to do with the dark or insects. The majority of adults are afraid of – believe it or not – slipping and falling on the floor. What’s the reason behind this?

Besides the most obvious reasons such as being embarrassed in public, you would be surprised to find out that even the most benign falls can actually cause some serious injuries, especially in elderly people. This is, at the same time, the biggest reason why people are afraid of falling – they are aware of the fact that they can get hurt easily, and especially if the situation gets complicated and their fall turns out to be really harmful for their health. Research shows that around 50% of people have experienced falling on the street, in their homes, or at the workplace, at least once in their lifetime. However, these numbers significantly differ – the number of cases of slipping, falling and therefore all sorts of injuries greatly vary from one environment to another. That being said, it has been proven that the vast majority of injuries that have occurred at work, or in the workplace have been caused by accidental falling or slipping, making this the most common cause of injury, generally speaking. Pretty shocking, isn’t it?

All around the world, millions of people struggle with both slips and falls, and especially in places where floors are not safe and secure enough, which is at the same time, a serious problem for both the employer and the employees, and something that should be prevented at all costs. But what are the ways to prevent this type of injury at the workplace?

Among all the possible ways to do it, one of them is the most effective, yet the most simple, convenient, and easy to install, and that is – making the floors in your workspace anti-slip or in other words, choosing and installing one of the many different types of flooring that are resistant to slipping, even if there is water or other liquids in the workspace. If the floors are made of any material that can get slippery if in contact with water or mud, then the best thing you can do is to go for a solution that would eliminate the danger and help stay safe even if there are different circumstances or weather conditions. For example, if the floor in your workspace is made of concrete, it will – logically, get slippery as soon as a small amount of water gets on the floor. This is exactly the moment when people (especially if they don’t expect it) can get hurt and fall. In this case, the best option is to go for a mat that would reduce all the risks of tripping and falling. However, not every mat is safe and convenient for each workspace.

Traditional, already-existing mats can also become a cause of tripping, especially if they have started to fold in some places, at the ends for example, and they can even be slippery. On the other hand, special mats, that are really slip-resistant, provide great levels of safety which is amazing for every environment and workspace. Finally, there are numerous types of these special mats, tiles, coverings, coatings, tapes, and treatments, and they can also be made of different materials that are convenient and suitable for preventing potential falls and slips. If you’re not sure what is the best option for you, you can find out more on Safe-Flex.

If you are not sure if non-slip flooring is the right thing for your company, then you should take all the benefits into consideration and weigh if you want to upgrade your workspace or not. Here are the top reasons why you should consider installing special flooring:

1. It can help your business grow

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Although this may sound like an irrelevant element of your business, it’s been proven that an amazing workspace really can help your business grow, since people are proven to be more efficient in a workspace that can provide them everything they need and even more. Knowing that every segment of their work is being well thought of is something people appreciate. And their safety is surely one of these segments. Your business reputation depends on your employees and their opinions and comments. When you take care of their safety and reduce risks of injury, you are, at the same time, ensuring that you will be rated as reputable and reliable.

2. It affects your employees and their health

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Feeling safe and being safe at work not only affects your employees and their physical health, but it also affects their mental health in a great way. How is that? The answer is simple – just knowing that they have anti-slip flooring makes a difference in people’s minds since they get the sense that their employer cares about them and their health. Not to mention the obvious physical benefits of flooring that can’t become slippery and dangerous if wet. Also, these mats and coverings are usually in bright colors, so besides the practical design that prevents tripping, it also reminds the employees that they should be more careful.

3. It reduces potential expenses

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This is a very important factor for every business, whether it is small or big. Work accidents are one of the most common legal actions that often take much time, energy, and money from the ones that are responsible. What’s a better way to prevent all the complications that may occur than choosing to go with the best flooring possible in the first place? You will both save money and prevent unwanted injuries.

4. It reduces the noise in your workplace

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What’s more annoying than hearing heals on the floor when you are trying to stay concentrated and do your best at work? In order to prevent this, installing an anti-slip mat can also have another benefit and that is noise cancelation, which is a fantastic option for big offices with open spaces and a lot of employees, which finally – results in increased productivity.