Top 5 Best Smart Watch for Women Under 2000 In India 2024

Watches are the most popular and talked about accessories, especially for women. And this popularity has made numerous brands to introduce a different type of watches including the smart watches and others to make the women look great. A perfectly chosen watch not only provides a complete look but also is a great way to achieve perfection with the attire. 

Best Selling Smart Watch for Women

According to, smart watches are now getting immensely popular among women buyers who look forward to caring about their health. And due to this immense demand, you can easily find affordable smartwatches that have all the necessary features and efficiency that make them a worthy product to have. In this article, we are going to talk about the five best smartwatches that you can buy this year under 2000. So, if you were looking to buy your first ever smartwatch and want to try your hands on the affordable one before trying the high-end smartwatches, then these will be the best choice for you. Go through them and buy the most suitable one for yourself according to the features and usability. 

MAKECELL Bluetooth Smart Watch for Women

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MAKECELL Bluetooth Smartwatch is a great buy for women and kids who are looking forward to buying a reliable and efficient smartwatch with lots of useful features and design tweaks. The large display size and the necessary support from the mobile OS make it a complete smartwatch for the buyers.

With an affordable price tag, this is a great buy for those buyers who are looking to buy their first ever smartwatch.  Sync function, popular app support (WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter) and the 2G SIM support makes it an ideal smartwatch for the buyers of different cadres.

Time UP I-PRO Series Smart Watch for Women 

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Time UP I-Pro is a great choice for the buyers who are looking for a more traditional looking round-dial smartwatch that looks premium and has the essential features that make it better than a normal watch available in the market. With complete support of the messaging and social media app, this smartwatch can help you stay updated without looking at your smartphone every now and then. Diversified media support and the active SIM slot make it a perfect but for the buyers who are looking forward to buying a smartwatch that can easily work independently. 

Aikrun D13 Smart Bands for Women

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Aikrun D13 Smart Band is a perfect smartwatch that looks amazing, performs extremely well and has the features that look promising to almost every user. The Aikurn is a perfect choice for the buyers who are looking for a tough smartwatch with high-end features. 

Some of the worth mentioning features of Aikurn D13 smartwatch include a high-resolution color screen, fitness app support, waterproof design and many more. So, if you were looking to buy a reliable smartwatch that will help you follow a perfect healthy routine, this smart watch from Aikurn would be a perfect buy. 

Piqancy Y1 Plus Round Touch Screen smartwatch

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For those buyers who are looking forward to buying something trendy and unique, the Piqancy Y1 Plus would be a great buy. Along with around dial and highly durable design, the smartwatch has some really great and useful features that make it one of the best and most reliable smartwatches under 2000.

Some of the best things about the smartwatch are basic call functionality, health functions like the pedometer, sleep monitoring and others, social media app support and many more.  So, if you were looking forward to buying a completely functional, easy to use and reliable smartwatch for yourself, the Piqancy Y1 Plus Round Touch Screen would be a perfect choice for you. 

Mevofit Echo Ultra Smart Fitness Watch

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If you were after a fitness smartwatch that has all the necessary sensors and monitoring apps that work perfectly to keep you healthy and fit, the MevoFit Echo would be a perfect choice. Some of the worth mentioning features of the smartwatch are sleek design, full compatibility with all major mobile OS, heart rate and blood pressure monitor and many more. So, if you were looking for an affordable smartwatch that has all the sensors and app support, the Mevofit Echo Ultra would be an ideal smartwatch to go with.

Try your hands on it, and you won’t be disappointed.  So, if you are fond of smartwatches but are not too keen to buy the high-end watches in the beginning, then the above-listed products can be a great buy for you. The only thing you need to do now is to choose one of them according to your needs and buy it right through before the stocks end.