Smart Dog Gadgets To Make Your Dog Safe And Happy


We all want to do what we can to make our best friends happy and healthy. And by best friends, of course, we mean the four-legged variety that is thrilled to see our day in and day out! Your dog is obviously a major part of your family, so why not give them the same considerations you would for your human counterparts? Check out the following smart dog gadgets that will make your dog feel safe as well as happy!

Dog Fences: Wireless & Invisible Pet Containment


Many dog owners use wireless and invisible pet containment systems because they want to give their dogs the freedom to run around and play outside without the worry of them running off. This type of fence will also give an older dog an easier way to use the bathroom when their owners aren’t home without worry. Dog fences can be purchased in two ways- wireless and invisible. The latter, invisible, uses a buried wire to contain your pet when they are outside. Your pet will wear a collar that connects wirelessly to a transmitter in the home. This transmitter sends your dog a signal if they get too close to the invisible fence. When they go over it, a small static shock will be emitted to your dog from the collar.

A wireless GPS fence doesn’t use the buried wire to contain the dog. Instead, cellular technology is used in order to map out where the pet can and cannot go. The dog will still wear a receiver collar that will alert them if they get too close to the fence or go over the line. The either containment system is great for pet owners who want to keep their dogs safe in the yard without having to put them on a leash or chain. Both systems typically come with small flags that are placed around the boundary as a visible reminder to the dog of where the line is. Millions of dog owners have had incredible success with both systems. If you are on the lookout for an excellent GPS Dog Fence, make sure to visit The Pampered Pup to make your final choice.

Smart Pet Collar


You should always microchip your dog in case they accidentally get lost. However, it will be easier and quicker to find your pooch if they bolt if they are already wearing a smart dog collar. A smart collar uses real-time GPS signals to keep track of your dog no matter where they are. Connect it to your smartphone and download an app that allows you to always have a handle on their whereabouts.

That’s not the only reason to use a smart dog collar, however. This type of dog collar can also monitor how much activity your dog gets day by day. You’ll be able to see how many steps they take and for how many minutes. While it’s a good idea for any dog, it’s perfect for an older dog who may be reluctant to get off of their dog bed and outside for a walk.

Smart Pet Feeders


Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are gone will do well with a smart pet feeder in the home. A smart feeder will dispense dog food at whatever time you set it to start. If you have a dog that gets upset when you leave, try setting their feeding time to a few minutes after you walk out the door. Once they get used to this schedule, they will start feeling better about your departure since they have a meal to look forward to.

Many smart feeders now allow you to engage with your dog when you aren’t there. Simply use an app to dispense a treat or two for your dog, and the smart feeder will toss a few out for them. This is a great way to stay connected to your pup when you aren’t home to give them the attention they want.

Pet Camera


Many homeowners keep security cameras inside and outside of their homes for extra protection and security. But did you know you can get a pet camera to watch what your dog does when you aren’t at home? If you are away from the house often and worry about your dog or dogs, then a pet camera can alleviate the fears you have. This type of camera can be placed at their level so that you can have face-to-face interaction, even when you are miles away! Some pet cameras also allow you to toss treats out to your dog from afar or use a laser beam to play with them via an app.

Smart Toys


Your dog can get bored when they are home alone, so why not leave them a toy that will stimulate them while keeping them out of the garbage? Consider a ball launcher toy that will play catch with your pup. Or, use an app-operated toy that allows you to toss out balls and treats straight from your smartphone. Some toys will also roll around the floor when activated, allowing your dog to run and chase it until they are tired or bored.

Interactive puzzles can also help your dog fight boredom and keep them out of trouble. Consider a dog puzzle toy that your dog can play with to get treats from. These devices help your dog get the exercise he or she needs while stimulating their brains. They will also keep your dog busy and entertained, great for when you have a dog that gets stressed and anxious easily.

Smart Dog Door


Does your dog go in and out of a doggie door all day long? If they do, consider a smart dog door that will allow your dog, and your dog only, to come back inside when they are done doing their business. You might miss when your dog needs to go outside, leading to accidents in the house, but you worry about stray animals coming in from the dog door. Installing a smart dog door will let you program your pet’s identities directly into the device according to their microchip. When your dog comes back in from the yard, the door will read their implanted chip and allow them access. If it doesn’t recognize a microchip, it won’t let the animal in. Most models can also set up a curfew for your dog if you want to make sure they are staying inside during certain hours.

Pet Tracker Tag


Another way to keep track of your dog is to attach a GPS tracker to their collar. This way, you’ll always know exactly where they are, even if they happen to get away from you. The tracker hooks up to an interactive map that you can track with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You’ll also get notifications through text messages, push notifications, and emails if your dog gets away from your home. While your dog should be microchipped, this is a way to reach your pet quickly if they do happen to get away from you.

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