5 Reasons Why Turtles Are The Best Low Maintenance Pets

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Although there are various prejudices about turtles, you can have a very nice relationship with your pet if you pay enough attention to it. For example, you can often hear from other people that turtles are actually very boring and uninteresting animals.

Of course, that is not true. However, if you want to keep them in your arms and cuddle all the time, consider another pet. They can be very interesting, but they are scary by nature.

If you feed them by hand, they will probably become less timid over time and spend more time together. An allergy to animal hair is also not a good reason to buy a turtle as a pet.

However, if you are a fan of these animals, know that it is not difficult to take care of them. You will actually enjoy their presence and it will not take you much time to maintain them.

1. Simply arranged living space

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Every pet requires attention and has its challenges, but turtles are an exception. Although you will have to take care of them, they will not give you headaches because they do not require a higher level of maintenance.

They are a great choice when it comes to pets, because they need minimal maintenance, they are quiet and it is enough to provide them with habitat and nutrition. These animals are not essentially social, which means that they do not need to live in a group.

In fact, keeping same-sex groups can sometimes be very problematic if the male is very aggressive. However, if the situation is different, your turtle will probably accept the new company.

Depending on whether you have a young or an older turtle, decide on the appropriate water level in the aquarium.

For example, to keep a young species, it is best to maintain a lower water level. Some sellers will recommend a bowl with a palm tree in the middle, but do not accept this offer.

First of all, they are very small and you can’t keep a heater in them. One of the most common mistakes is feeding turtles on the island while they need to receive food in the water. When it comes to the size of the aquarium, it should contain about fifteen liters of water if you want to put a small turtle in it.

However, a larger aquarium is a better environment for your pet, which means you can never go wrong with an extra-large space. The aquarium should have a hiding place, an island, a heater, a heating lamp, a UV-B lamp, greenery and styrofoam.

You need all that for an adult turtle, but it requires a little more space to swim. If you have a larger aquarium, get a filter so you don’t have to change the water often. You can check other types of turtle habitats at aivituvin.com

2. Affordable food

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The turtle’s diet consists of various foods. Many sellers or owners are not sufficiently informed about this, so they reduce the turtle’s diet to dried shrimps and granules. Get food that is normally in their environment.

Don’t forget that they have a big appetite, which means that they can eat more than they need. So measure your meals every time and don’t give them more than they need to eat.

Be sure to remove leftover food from the aquarium to prevent rot and contamination of your pet’s environment. Young turtles are fed every day, twice a day.

For example, give them live food in the morning and granules in the evening. After a year, it is necessary to feed the turtle every second or third day, once a day.

So you don’t have to think about her diet every day. When she is one year old, get her used to plant foods. Their diet is based on protein foods with the addition of plant foods. The live food that turtles eat is very easy to find.

Herbal meals consist of foods that you buy every day to prepare meals, such as carrots, lettuce, zucchini, etc. You can also occasionally give them fruit or apples, bananas and more. However, do not do this often because their body does not tolerate a large amount of sugar.

3. Disease resistant

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Turtles are very resistant animals and can survive in difficult conditions. If your pet gets sick, it means that you did not take care of her health. For example, if you do not change the water or do not use a filter, your turtle can get eye inflammation.

Fortunately, it is enough to bathe it in lukewarm chamomile a couple of times a day or apply adequate cream to your eyes and it will heal very quickly. Due to the lack of filters, poor nutrition, the turtle’s immunity decreases and pneumonia is a frequent consequence.

In that case, a diet rich in fresh meat, higher water temperature and treatment by a veterinarian are recommended. If you do not provide her with sunbathing under a lamp, enough calcium will probably soften the armor.

This condition is also solvable, all you need is to get her a suitable lamp, increase the amount of raw food and add a vitamin to her diet.

4. Turtles are fun

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These are very versatile, cute pets that do not require too much care and attention. If you are planning to raise turtles, you will not have to work hard on them to get eggs and young.

They reproduce very easily and without accompanying problems. It is also very interesting to watch them, especially during feeding. We must mention that they are very good pets that do not cause any problems.

You will often forget that they are next to you, because they will not even beg you for food like a dog or a cat. When they start to trust you, they will probably run to the front of your space when you notice that you are approaching them. It is a very touching moment in the life of every turtle owner.

5. They come in many variants

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These are, above all, very beautiful animals. You can find them in different colors and types. No matter which type is most attractive to you, each requires the same care. This means you don’t have to research a lot of species before you get them, and you have plenty of options.


If you have decided to make a turtle your pet, you need to adopt all the important information about them. So, these animals require a lot of attention, love and proper care.

This will enable them a long life and proper growth and development. Don’t forget to provide them with adequate living space, which means a lot of air and sun. This applies to all types of turtles.