Safety Measures to Adopt When your Office Starts to Open up Again in the Corona Era


Even though the lockdown has been lifted, the pandemic is nowhere near over. The corona cases are increasing day by day. In such a situation, going out of the house and going to the office is nothing short of risking your life. However, you cannot forever setbacks within the comfort of your home. If not today, tomorrow your office is bound to open. The offices have resumed in many places. However, the threat of corona is still lurking. In such a situation, it is essential to take safety measures to avoid falling prey to this virus at the office or working place.

In such a scenario, you will need to take a lot of precautions when going to the office in the corona era. According to experts, if you have started going to the office, then, first of all, remember to wear masks and practice social distancing. In case you are looking for the best quality surgical masks, then consider visiting They sell high-quality masks that decrease the chances of getting infected by the virus.

There are numerous other measures that you must follow to ensure your safety in the wake of this pandemic. Here are some of the measures that office employees should adopt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Take these precautions before going to the office.

1. Attention to cleanliness


Ensure the cleanliness of the workplace. Surfaces like desks, tables, phones, keyboards should be cleaned daily because there is a risk of spreading the virus from dirty surfaces. Employees should also be alert not to touch any surface in the office. If you are touching any surface, do not apply your hands on the face without washing them.

The instructions given by the government to employees include thermal scanning and sanitization. You will also have to carry out social distancing properly. Also, remember to cover your mouth with your masks. Keep a hand sanitizer or paper soap and water with you always.

It is necessary to wear a face mask before exiting the house. Keep with you the things you need such as earphones, chargers, power banks and laptop chargers, etc. Do not take these things from anyone else. The parts of your car or scooter that people are most likely to touch must be cleaned before touching them.

2. Employees should also keep themselves clean


Promote cleanliness among employees and customers. Make arrangements for hand sanitizers at the necessary places in the office and keep refilling them from time to time. Put posters of handwashing in the office. Make hand sanitization necessary for every person working in the office because washing hands will eliminate the virus, if any, present on your hands.

Do not remove your mask at any cost in the office, nor touch the mask. Remember to clean the desk before placing the laptop and mobile. Also, keep a distance of 6 feet from colleagues.

3. Follow respiratory hygiene


Provide masks and paper tissue to employees struggling with cold and cough in the office. Also, keep dustbin near them so that they dispose of the tissue and mask carefully. Place posters of respiratory hygiene and promote it in the office.

4. If you are feeling a little sick stay home

If the coronavirus is spreading in your area and an employee is feeling mild phlegm or fever, then ask them to stay home. Promote this message also in the office that if someone sees symptoms then he should stay at home.

5. Lift rules


If you use the lift in the office, then take care that the elevator is not too crowded. If there are more than three people in the lift, do not climb into it. If possible, do not use the lift, and even if you do, do not touch the lift button. Use tissues to press the lift button. Sanitizer must be used from time to time.

6. Washroom Rules


While using the bathroom, take care that there are not too many people in the bathroom, so as to maintain social distancing. Therefore, going to the bathroom should be avoided when too many people are using it. Take care of the hygiene of the hands and do not touch the surfaces where there is a possibility of infection.

7. Change eating habits


Keep your lunch box, a bottle of water, and essential medicines together with you. Do not eat food from outside. Sanitize your lunch bag, mobile phone, and laptop, etc. after coming home. Before corona, if you all liked to sit together and had lunch, then you need to change this habit in the corona era because sitting with a colleague at the same table does not oblige the rules of social distancing.

8. Sanitize Everything


Use masks the entire time you are present in the office. Even if you have taken a break or you are not in the midst of people, you have to wear your mask. Remember to clean your hands properly before you wear a mask. Alcohol infused hand sanitizer can be used for this.

Take care that your desk is sanitized from time to time. While working, many people have a habit of touching their faces but this habit needs to be corrected immediately. Avoid touching the face repeatedly. Keep tissue paper near you to open or close the office gate. If you do not have tissue available at that time, then open the door with the elbow. Sanitize your mobile phones from time to time.

9. Upon Reaching Home


On reaching home, put all your clothes in the washing machine. Do not touch or talk to anyone before taking a bath. Before you come into contact with other members of the house, take a bath and remember to wash your clothes properly. Only then get in touch with other members of your family. This is to ensure both yours as well as your family’s safety. Use a new face mask the next day.

We hope that these measures come handy when your offices resume. Follow them to ensure the safety of you and your colleagues.