Top 8 Robot Vacuum Cleaners


Previously cleaning took too much time. Yet, modern devices let make this process faster. These 8 robot vacuum cleaners allow you to do everything you want, such as playing at Playamo or watching TV shows. Keep reading to choose the best one.

Roborock S6 MaxV


The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a lidar and a frontal video camera at the same time. The first one collects data for mapping, and the second one serves to identify obstacles. The cleaner looks at the obstacle check it with the image database on the server Roborock and develop an algorithm for cleaning. For example, the gadget understands that chair legs and flowerpots need to be treated closely, and the dog bowl or socks scattered on the floor is better not to approach.

The suction power of the S6 MaxV reaches 2500 Pa. Thanks to the proprietary noise insulation the volume of the motor does not exceed 67 dB. Wet cleaning is implemented in the compound system. A C-shaped tank is attached to the rear of the body, and under the bottom is inserted a mop with a napkin. The work parameters can be adjusted individually for each room.



This modern vacuum cleaner perfectly copes with any task. It is suitable for deep cleaning of carpets, gathering wool, combined cleaning, and scrubbing stains. For orientation in space, GENIO LASER L800 is equipped with lidar. On the map, you can specify priority areas and rooms to clean. And there are many modes, including double cleaning, spiral and along the walls, Y-mode wiping. The suction power can be adjusted between 1400 and 2700 Pa. A triple filtration system is built into the container to keep allergens from flying out. The battery capacity of 5200 mAh is enough for 150 minutes of continuous operation, during which the robot has time to handle up to 3 or 4 rooms.

Okami U100 Laser


It is a robot vacuum cleaner for comprehensive cleaning with laser navigation. High-performance engine NIDEC with the force of 2500 Pa sucks dust, crumbs, and sand into the dust canister. The petal-bristled turbo brush V-Shape 3.0 sweeps carpets from wool and hair. The 3,200mAh LongLife+ lithium-ion battery lasts for 2 hours of battery life.

Wet cleaning in Okami U100 is made on the principle of replacing the dust collector with a combined container with a reservoir for liquid and electronic control of wipe wetting. Upon detection of the container with water, the vacuum cleaner automatically enters the wiping mode. Thanks to this technology Okami U100 copes with small grease and dry stains. It is controlled by the app for Android and iOS devices. It displays the built map, and thanks to the options, it is possible to limit zones and set virtual walls.

iRobot Roomba 676


The functional capabilities are one step ahead of the initial 606th version. Besides, it is worth it to make allowance for the solidity of the brand, high quality, and reliability of its products.

Roomba 676 is designed to work with smooth and carpet low pile coverings. Cleaning is only dry, without the pampering type of wet rags. The system of cleaning is patented: there is a side paddle brush for corners and baseboards, a pair of central ones, rotating in opposite directions, brushes.

It supports iAdapt navigation technology. The main mode of operation is Clean, but there is also a local Spot in an area with a diameter of 1 meter. The DirtDirect system allows you to use optical and acoustic sensors to recognize the degree of pollution in certain areas and clean them more thoroughly.

iLife A4s


It is a budget robot vacuum cleaner for automated dry cleaning. It has a concise and minimalist design. The obvious advantage is a relatively low height of 7.6 cm, which allows the device to penetrate into niches under the furniture, where dirt usually accumulates for almost years.

The principle of cleaning is easy. Side brushes capture debris (dust, hair, hair), directed to the central V-shaped turbo brush, then all this dirt is sucked into a special container. There is also a triple filtration system for complete air purification, including fine filtering. The autonomous work time of the vacuum cleaner from Li-Ion battery (2600 mAh).

For the control, the body has a single button for automatic mode. Wider settings are available from the remote control.

Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1


It is a modern and technological robot vacuum cleaner from the famous German brand. The functionality of the device is quite wide, but the most significant advantage is the incredibly effective smart system Smart Navigation with a unique combination of the upper camera, gyroscopic sensor, and innovative software.

There are 7 optical sensors on the front of the vacuum cleaner that recognize furniture and other obstacles, while the 3 lower sensors respond to steps.

Kitfort KT-519


This stylish and compact model for dry cleaning belongs to Kitfort series of robotic vacuum cleaners with turbo brush. KT-519 is available in 4 different colors of the top cover. The dust canister is equipped with a modern pre-filter. The turbo brush installed in the suction duct is easy to remove and clean, which is sure to please pet owners.

The advantages of KT-519 include its small height. It means that it can pass under the bed or under the closet. The small diameter of the body allows for confident maneuvering between obstacles, and the artificial intelligence of the vacuum cleaner automatically corrects the path of movement depending on the program selected.

Switching on and off, setting modes, and programming can be carried out directly on the control panel of the device or with the remote control. The modern lithium-ion battery is capable of working on a single charge for up to 150 hours.

iBoto Smart C820W


It is a robot vacuum cleaner for dry and combined cleaning in small rooms. Unlike more expensive models, the Smart C820W uses a video camera for navigation rather than lidar. It has less mapping accuracy, but for houses with a simple layout, iBoto navigates confidently. Counter-rotating end brushes sweep dirt under the bottom, where it’s picked up by a petal-bristle turbo brush. For dry cleaning by wiping the floor, there is a container with a 350 ml tank. This smart C820W has three operating modes, such as zigzag, along baseboards, and spiral. You can switch modes, adjust the power and intensity of wetting the wipe using the remote control or mobile app.