Predictive Dialer and What It Can Do to Your Business


Telemarketers, outbound call centers, and sales departments all need help to ensure a high-quality, responsive, automated, and productive workforce. Aside from employees’ willingness and capability to work, there should be technical support in these types of environments, something that will keep them comfortable, productive, and efficient while performing their tasks.

Their goal is to find customers with a phone as their primary tool. Thus, the phone system should be fast, responsive, efficient, and technologically advanced to automate the dialing and calling prospects. The solution is to use intelligent predictive dialer software from an innovator like Convoso to ensure high-quality performance.

Predictive dialer definition


Predictive dialer software is a calling system solution that dials automatically, using a prospective customer directory inputted into the system. It is a solution that helps improve agents’ productivity by preventing them from wasting time looking at contact lists and manually dialing numbers, hoping that the person at the other end of the line answers. The program also saves agents’ time from handling disconnected numbers, no-answers, voicemail boxes, and busy signals.

As an outbound calling system, the program scans and dials from the list automatically. It continues to dial a number until a connection is established before transferring it to an available live agent.

How it differs from other automatic dialers?


There are other forms of automatic dialers, but the predictive dialer uses call standards to anticipate the instance when agents are free to handle a new call. The system times the auto-dialing parallel to agents’ availability. If most agents are engaged in conversations with prospective customers, the predictive dialer reduces its pace or temporarily stops until it detects that many agents are close to ending their current conversations.

Because the system is programmed to minimize downtime, it automatically dials multiple numbers simultaneously. As the name implies, it predicts the exact number of calls to make parallel to the number of available agents.

How does the system work?

Predictive dialers can predict when live agents are available to take new calls. As soon as an agent is free, the system dials several phone numbers. The program combines the features of a voice-over-internet-protocol or VoIP and artificial intelligence (AI). The system’s algorithms speculate the correct instance an agent can finish a call before dialing a new number. It provides a constant supply of prospects to all agents with almost no downtime.

The software prevents agents from dialing a prospect’s number manually. Thus, it saves telemarketers and agents a lot of time, which they can use productively. The dialer saves agents from handling situations that make a call fail to connect. The system is programmed to calculate a phone call’s median length, as well as the number of attempts it should make to connect. It works seamlessly, giving agents a steady stream of prospects who are ready to answer the call.

If you have robust predictive dialing software, you can set up the system’s automatic call rate to align with the availability of agents. For example, if there are fewer staff in the office or most of the agents are taking a lunch break, it can decrease the call rate in line with the number of available agents.

Who uses this type of system?


Companies engaged in customer service, debt collection, market research, and telemarketing are the main users of predictive dialers. Some agents doing lead qualification use the software as well.

A predictive dialing system is excellent for high-volume call centers. It is particularly effective for:

  • Telemarketers
  • Mass recruitment
  • Sales teams
  • Debt collection
  • Customer service
  • Lead qualification
  • Market research

The software will not be useful for companies that want to develop a high-caliber customer experience or sell items of high value because they need more time to converse with prospective customers. These service companies need plenty of time to research their prospects to make their conversation more productive.

Are predictive dialers effective?

Several companies offer predictive dialing software, so the features of the system vary. But for companies where using the telephone is the key concern, the program can give excellent results in improving work productivity.

The program improves productivity by maximizing the efficiency of the call center agents. The program makes this happen because it uses most or all of these metrics:

  • Number of available agents
  • The average number of dials needed before a called number is picked up
  • The ratio between answered and dropped calls
  • The average length of a conversation

Benefits of using predictive dialers


For companies that provide various outbound call center services, using predictive dialing systems will significantly improve your agents’ efficiency and performance.

  • It can increase the productivity of your agents. The agents do not have to waste time checking their lists and dial numbers manually. There will be fewer idle times as the program predicts the right time to call so that the agent can take the next call immediately. The system bypasses machines, unavailable phone lines, and disconnected phone numbers.
  • Improves efficiency of lead management. There are predictive dialers that can integrate lead management software. In so doing, they can organize the sales information, contact information, customer history, and lead data and provide the data to the agents. The software can determine the best times to call the prospects and automatically makes the call at the right time. Likewise, it filters out various deterrents, including answering machines, fax numbers, and “do not call” restrictions. One thing that guarantees call pickup is by using local phone numbers, ensuring that there will be more answered calls than ignored calls.
  • Increased sales, lower costs. The operation cost of running a contact center can be reduced dramatically by using a predictive dialing system. Agent efficiency and productivity increase while reducing downtime and abandoned calls. Conversely, the system improves customer satisfaction, which leads to increased sales.

With all the benefits your contact center will gain from using predictive dialers, isn’t it about time that you deploy such a system? Your initial investment will pay for itself in a short time because your agents’ performance will means increased productivity, efficiency, and excellent customer engagement.