6 Popular Mobile Phone Games

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There are many popular mobile games since mobile gaming became one of the preferred ways for gamers to play. Increasing the number of mobile device users increases the number of applications they use, as well as video games. Mobile gaming is great due to you being able to play them from wherever you might be with some of them not even requiring a mobile data or WIFI connection which has proved to be very popular amongst the gaming worlds. There are a lot of different ones to choose from with there being thousands of different themed games to choose from so gamers are never short when it comes to picking which one to play. Some that have become very popular involve players being able to win sums of money on them and these are the mobile casino games that have become very popular over recent years. When looking for some more mobile games to play you can find thousands of different ones across the different app stores with some of them being some of the most used and downloaded games across the app stores. Mobile gaming is now the preferred method of gaming due to it being remote whereas gamers who play on consoles or PCs are restricted to gaming from home or another venue due to them not being able to move the consoles around like you can with mobile gaming.

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Mobile games now feature some of the best gaming graphics and technology around, so users are sure to get a great gaming experience whilst they play. There are so many different games to choose from these days with gaming providers looking to feature all their games across mobile devices as well as consoles and PCs. The gaming industry during COVID hit record new targets with so many people turning to mobile games to help keep them occupied during the pandemic. There are a lot of popular mobile games connected with sports games and casino games being the most popular ones as well as games such as call of duty also being available to play on mobile devices now. Since gamers can get the big named games on their mobile phones it has encouraged a lot more people to take part in mobile gaming with them being able to get their favorite games and play on them from the palm of their hands. It looks set to be another record year for the gaming industry with more people taking up mobile gaming during their spare time.

Interaction with mobile devices, eg with smartphones, is integrated into the modern society around the world as many different types of activities that can be engaged in (gaming, gambling, and social networks).

Given that many games are free, and that the great advantage is that you can play whenever you want no matter where you are and that there are various genres so that each player can find something for themselves, we bring those that attract the largest number of players.

1. Lords Mobile

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According to the data we found, this game is played by more than 200 million people around the world, which makes it one of the most popular strategy games. It is also supported by the fact that it is free. Although it appeared on the market only a few years ago, it managed to climb to the very top of popularity. It is characterized by very good graphics. It is a multiplayer game that is more fun if you have a team to play because it has as many as 45 characters. By killing the various monsters that appear on the map, defeating the enemy, and participating in battles, your power grows, which brings you closer to the ultimate goal.

2. 80 Days

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80 Days is a game with a fantastic story in the background, which few will remain indifferent to. If you want to travel around the world, you will adore it. The main character of this game has the task of planning trips from city to city, to get around the world within 80 days. At the same time, he has at his disposal various techniques and means by which he can ensure a fun, and on the other hand a comfortable and purposeful trip around the world.

3. Asphalt 9

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Rarely can a man remain immune to games related to cars and speed. This is just one of those. Best of all, with each new victory, you get better cars, and you make a real small fleet.

4. Mini Metro

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Mini Metro is a challenging game for those who like to think logically and plan various strategies. The game is intended for anyone who loves strategic planning and who would like to experience what it is like to create a traffic system. Although it may seem simple at first glance, as the game progresses, you will realize that assembling roads is a much more difficult task than you think now.

5. Quiz games

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Although they require some knowledge and concentration, these games have a relaxing effect on many. It’s not bad to test your knowledge, but also to learn something new, isn’t it?

6. Card thief

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Those a little older certainly remember the pleasure that playing Solitaire provided. Well, Card thief is quite similar, but it’s an improved version, especially when it comes to graphics quality.

As we can see, everyone can find an interesting game for themselves. Of course, keep in mind that gaming should not be your lifestyle (if you are not a professional gamer), but a kind of relaxation, something that will relax you after a hard day at work.

Keep in mind that playing also has a positive effect on a person – it improves the perception of details, has a positive effect on concentration, helps in faster and more correct decision-making, and so on. The video game industry is making continuous revenue growth in the last ten years or so. According to industry trends recorded in recent five years, in the next period can be expected exponential revenue growth.