Playing Slots: The Do’s & Don’ts Before You Get Started


Think of Las Vegas and you’ll imagine the rows of them lining the casino floor, while imagine a commute to work and you’ll even see plenty of people taking a spin on their smartphone.

It’s a hobby that is forever growing and for good reason too. But they aren’t as straightforward as they seem and you can go from full bankroll to no bankroll in just a few minutes if you’re not careful.

Slots are among the most popular pastimes on the planet across websites like Casino777 and in brick and mortar establishments too.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you with your slot play, including the main do’s and don’ts…

The Do’s


When it comes to the dos, there are plenty of methods and strategies you can take to make sure that you’re best placed to start playing. This includes finding the right slot to play in the first place. Here are our main things to consider doing before playing…

  • Start with a small wager: It’s always good to get a bit of a feel for a slot before committing to it, that’s why it makes sense to start with smaller wagers meaning that if you lose or you’re not comfortable with a slot, you can move on to another without having lost much of your bankroll.
  • Find a game to suit you: While spending small, you can find a game to suit you. To do this, consider what you want to achieve from the game. Do you want to win big? Earn regular small wins over longer sessions? Take these things into account and explore the volatility and RTP of a slot to help make a decision.
  • Read the rules: You wouldn’t build a garden table without reading the instructions, so make sure you read the rules before playing a slot. Slots have all manner of bonus rounds, ways to win and so on, so understanding them should be a must before you spin the reels.
  • Stick to your budget: Perhaps the most important thing to do when playing slots is stick to your budget. You can increase or decrease your stake accordingly, but you should always play within your means. It’s often considered that a good level of bankroll to have is 250 bets, which would usually cover around three hours of betting on slots.

The Don’ts


Then of course there are the don’ts. Naturally, a lot of these are the opposite of what we have just said, while there are a few more things to be wary of, most notably:

  • Don’t always bet maximum: While the maximum bet will secure you the maximum payout if you win. Bets should be placed in line with your bankroll, not how much you wish to win. If you’ve only a small or medium sized bankroll, placing the maximum bet could mean you lost it very quickly indeed.
  • Don’t gamble all your winnings: If you’re lucky enough to win, do make sure that you cash out. Especially if it’s a big win. Whenever you collect some winnings, consider whether you should withdraw them. You don’t necessarily have to withdraw them all, but that money will certainly be better off in your bank account.
  • Don’t expect to win: While many slots will pay out regularly, you shouldn’t necessarily expect to win. After all, the game is completely random. Do look at things like RTP and volatility to set your expectations slightly, but just because an RTP might be 98%, it still doesn’t mean you’ll win the jackpot.