5 Pros And Cons Of Using The Hit & Stand Betting System In Blackjack

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Hit or Stand is one of the most popular strategies used for blackjack, but also for almost all similar games. The name itself tells you that you have two options, and it is easiest to implement on blackjack because the game itself is simple and there are not many possible outcomes.

To hit, it’s one of the ways to ask for an extra card from the dealer, so you can get a better combination of the cards you have.

To stand, that is when you keep the cards you have and wait for the outcome.

But before you can do that, you must first place an initial bet to receive your cards. Additionally, you include a side bet, and then decide whether to hit or stand. At the same time, you need to read the body language of the other players in some way to understand what is happening to their cards and whether you have an advantage in this dealing hand. Of course, then comes the time to find out the final outcome.

Do land-based casino strategies apply in the online world?

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Strategies are something you accept and adapt yourself to. Some people use different approaches to playing blackjack online, but the hit or stand is the same in every possible way.

What you need to pay attention to is whether the online casino meets all the necessary conditions to organize this type of game, whether it is relevant, reputable and how long it takes to pay for the money received.

When it comes to blackjack, we recommend you take a look at Powerplay and see all those different variants, which are based on the same rules and strategies. Surely, that includes the hit and stand system, which is our today’s topic.

In this article, we will try to discover the positive sides, but also the disadvantages of using this system while playing your favorite games, so let’s get there:


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  1. It’s one of the easiest strategies to implement in your game.
  2. It becomes even easier to make the right decision, based on the factors around you.
  3. It covers most of the blackjack variants, which means it easily applies to almost every version you may want to play.
  4. You can develop a whole strategy, and make it useful and successful.
  5. You can estimate your chances, and get it right most of the time.


  1. It may take you plenty of time to study the hit or stand system, and even more time to develop it properly.
  2. It may not work in the most critical moments.
  3. Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to consider the options you have.
  4. It may give you the wrong impression of having things under your control.
  5. Failing can be frustrating.

When to hit and when to stand?

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The most accepted rule or advice for when to hit is when you have a total value of 10 or between 12 and 16 in your hand.

To stand is most acceptable when you have a total value of cards 17 and up.

In fact, you, as a player, have to decide what is the smartest move you can make at the moment.

Of course, these rules and strategies sometimes come with a whole bunch of possible mistakes, because players either invest too much confidence or are very skeptical about what is happening.

To avoid these things, you need to understand:

– Table limits, so you do not end up in a situation to spend more money than you plan.

– Improper money management, leading to rapid losses.

– Not recognizing the moments when you have to give up, i.e. when your sum is very small, but you insist on either hitting or standing.

– You do not understand the values ​​of the cards.

– You did not have enough practice before you started playing.

You need to learn hand signals

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You’ve probably seen in movies how a player gives certain signs with his hand or fingers, but this is not always shown exactly. It is therefore important that you learn these technical details in advance.

In this context, you need to know that:

– If you scratch the table using your index finger, you are giving a sign to hit.

– If you wave with your hand over the cards, that means to stand.

– If you put out extra money, you are doing the double down.

– If you match the bet and make the V sign using your fingers, that means you split.

Does it make sense to follow betting systems while playing blackjack?

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If you find the right balance between your approach to the game and the application of certain strategies, then it can be said that you have understood the goal and you know what you are doing.

But if you blindly follow a certain system or strategy, then you must know that you give preference to the house.

The basic idea of ​​betting systems is to give you a certain direction according to which you will decide what to do, but you will also recognize the most common challenges. But these systems, in practice, work against the player, if they are applied as the rules say.

So stick to the most basic tips, such as controlling the money you spend, recognizing the bluff, and of course, not believing all the blackjack myths you have heard.

And of course, do not let yourself burn. No casino game is worth losing your entire salary or savings, even if the strategies “promise” a different outcome. A losing streak means you have to get up from the table and take a break from gambling.


Hit or stand is a simple system, that is not always as effective as it seems, so be careful with it. But, we hope that you are a smart and responsible gambler, and you can make a difference between fixed and adjusted strategy, that is tailored according to your preferences and overall performance.