Make Your Journey Remarkable with Train WiFi Technology 2024

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Internet, one of the greatest inventions of all time. Today most of us can’t think anything without the internet. In other words, you can say the internet is the lifeline for most of us, especially for youths and middle-aged person. Either you are browsing your social media pages or any other web pages or looking for an important topic. You use the internet. Either you are going to bed or sitting idle for some time you need to surf the internet else your life will be like a blank page with nothing in it.

A few years back, the craze for the internet was not this much as it is now. You will be gone mad if I say “Please sit idle for 3 hours without doing any work”. I guarantee your mind will not think about any work, but yes it will definitely think that let’s see the mobile phone and surf the internet for some time. In short, the point to be noted is, for a short time or for a longer time there is a need for you to serve the internet — no mater, whether for your entertainment or for your work purpose.

Thinking about today’s situation and craze for internet our railways are also planning to provide their passengers with free or paid (as Premium) internet service.

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How is it possible?

You might be thinking that will railways provide you with SIM cards that have ample of unused data for its passengers. Or railways have contacted your network operators to provide you free internet if you are traveling by train or metro rail. The answer to all your doubts is a big no.

Railways have no such plans for you. Those are just your foolish ideas. Instead, railways have planned something better for you. The thing is Train WiFi Technology.

Can You Imagine?

Previously in the first paragraph, we have talked about the advancement of internet, but here we are to add something that is not the only advancement of internet has taken place but simultaneously there is an advancement of technology.

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Who would have thought that he/she would be able to surf the internet while they are traveling by trains or metro rail with even using their own mobile network? It is possible just because of the technology named rail WiFi system that our railways are installing on all of their trains for the convenience of their passengers.

Evolution of rail WiFi Technology

  • Previously railways used to have different Access Point (AP) in their train coaches. Those AP’s are linked with the satellite and also with your device (Laptop or cell phones or any other WiFi devices).
  • The major drawback was there was no assurance that passengers’ needs are fulfilled. That is, they are deprived of the internet speed that they wish to obtain.
  • This drawback was due to the fact that not only the trains were moving in high speed, but also, they were moving through hilly areas, tunnels and places where there was a poor network connection.
  • Then comes the new technology. It is installing of Transportation Base Station (TBS) and Transportation Mobile Unit (TBU) beside railway tracks and on trains.
  • The TBS that is installed beside rail tracks is connected with the TBU installed on trains and with the satellite. Due to this technology, the network issue is resolved

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