7 Ways LED Grow Lights are Perfect for Small Vertical Farms

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Improvements in LED technology have led to being increasingly embraced as the go-to lighting solution for vertical farms. While growers initially preferred HID lights because of their potential for generating high yields. This advantage is steadily eroding, thanks to technological advancements.

And when the durability, efficiency, and convenience of LED grow lights are considered, it is easy to see why farmers are finding the LED technology too attractive to resist. However, when it comes to setting up small vertical farms, LED is a clear winner. Undoubtedly, LEDs are easy to access and are available at an affordable price.

How to Choose the Right LED Grow Light for Your Needs?

If you are considering starting a small vertical farm, then you will want to consider using LED grow lights. LED grow lights are perfect for small farms because they are energy efficient and produce high yields. Check here for more detailed instructions on how to install an LED grow light.

To choose the right LED grow light for your needs, you will need to think about what you are growing. If you are growing vegetables, then a cheap LED grow light will work just fine. However, if you are growing fruits or flowers, you will need to invest in a better LED grow light.

There are many different types of LED grow lights available on the market today. You should choose the one that is best suited for your needs. Some of the most popular types of LED grow lights include red, blue, and green LEDs. Each type of LED has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. For example, red LEDs produce a warm light that is good for plants that like warm environments, while blue LEDs produce a colder light that is better for plants that like cold environments.

Once you have chosen the right LED grow light for your needs, it is important to install it correctly. You will need to find a spot in your garden where the light can penetrate deeply into the ground. You should also make sure that the light is properly directed so that it shines directly onto the plants.

But these reasons are not enough to understand why this lighting system is perfect for vertical farms. You can check all the complete information about vertical farming from ledibond.com. The following are some of the reasons why you should opt for LED grow lights.

1. Space Saving

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Modern LED lights come in different shapes and sizes. They typically take up less space and can be customized to fit into almost any space. Furthermore, unlike HID lights, they do not require additional fixtures to provide adequate lighting for crops.

As a result, when installing these vertical grow lights, you don’t have to worry about creating space for extra fixtures. It makes these lights perfect in circumstances where one has limited space.

Many people have small spaces for farming, and it is possible to grow the desired plants in an indoor area with the help of LED lights. The installation space necessary for farming does not need to be huge. The crops will grow healthily without any compromise to lighting. Within less space, the light will cover the entire space and let the plants grow efficiently.

2. Can Be Placed Closer to Plants

If you are organizing and running a small-scale operation, the chances are that you will want to maximize your yield per square space. The simplest way to do this is to fit as many plants as possible into space.

If you are using traditional lighting solutions like fluorescent bulbs or HID lights, using every square inch of your room will not be possible because when you place plants close to these lights, the plants will burn.

Because of this, growers are usually advised to keep the plants a certain distance away from the light source. If you are farming in a small space, this space is a resource that you cannot waste, and creating adequate space between the lights and your crops could end up affecting your farm’s financial viability.

Instead of wasting space by creating a safe distance between your crops and the lights, you can install efficient lights and emit less heat. Since LED grow lights fall in this category, they pose a minimal risk of destroying your crops.

As such, since you can place crops closer to the lights, with these lights, you will have more freedom as far as using every square inch of your farm is concerned.

3. Simplifies Temperature Control

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When compared to lighting solutions like fluorescent bulbs and HID lights, LEDs are incredibly efficient. It typically translated to lower heat emission. As a result, using these lights on a farm rarely leads to drastic temperature changes.

As a small-scale vertical farmer, using an inefficient lighting solution will make it challenging to get rid of heat from your farm. You have to space your plants, install aerators, improve ventilation, and invest in other climate control techniques.

It is something that costs money. And even in cases where you can do the installations yourself, it will consume your time. An energy-efficient solution that emits negligible amounts of heat will make your life easier.

When investing in climate control measures, you won’t have to go overboard simply because these lights do not heat up as much as traditional lights. As a result, they will lower the amount of money you have to spend on setting up your farm. It will make it simpler for you to turn a profit.

4. Convenient Operation

Most LED grow lights take advantage of smart lighting technologies. One of the features that some LED vertical farm lights come with is the ability to be controlled remotely. Suppose you are setting up your vertical farm as a side project.

In that case, this feature will afford you the convenience of optimizing your farm conditions without having to be there physically. Monitoring and adjusting your farm’s climate consistently will also increase the odds of ending up with a higher yield.

It is way more convenient because you can manage the lighting even if you are not around that space. You can control everything by using a remote and monitor the growth of the plants constantly. You cannot do such things with another technology. Therefore, it is quite excellent to use this convenient option for better plant growth and other future profits.

5. Energy-saving and Cost-effective Technology

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In comparison with other lights, LEDs consume less energy and give more output. It makes technology energy-saving and cost-effective. Every person will look for an affordable option to get more profits in the future.

Due to high productivity, it is acceptable to spend some money on installing bulbs in the room. Whereas the installation process is also not too expensive, and anyone can afford it. If you have not switched to this technology, then you need to do it immediately.

6. Visible Spectrum for Plant Growth Cycle

Plant growth indoors is possible only when you choose the right wavelength and spectrum for the species. Generally, pink LEDs are used for sufficient plant growth because the wavelength lies between red and blue.

The significance of both colors is different. The red-colored waves help optimize photosynthesis, and blue-colored waves help enhance the color of leaves and prevent stretching.

The combination of blue and red, i.e., pink, helps in improving the growth of plants and give them a natural environment for growth. It is hard to get the same color and wavelength required for the crops. It is available in LEDs, and therefore, it is better to go with this option.

7. Sustainable for Growing Foods

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Undoubtedly, the LED lighting system works well for optimal plant growth. Nowadays, many farmers have switched to this technology, and they are learning how to use it. Every person wants to earn profit without suffering any loss.

If we talk about outdoor farming, there are chances of crops getting ruined due to extreme weather conditions like rain, floods, droughts, etc. Many times, it is not possible to provide adequate sunlight. It leads to a massive loss to farmers, and hence, it is better to look for a sustainable option to prevent any loss.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to start a small vertical farm, then you’ll want to consider using LED grow lights. LED lights are perfect for vertical farming, and we can prove it by the above-listed reasons.

Not only are they more energy-efficient than traditional grow lights, but they also have a longer lifespan and can be customized to produce the exact light spectrum that your plants need. It is relatively better to invest in indoor farming than outdoor with the right and latest technologies. Grow your plants indoors optimally and earn huge profits by choosing the right technology for vertical farming.

If you’re interested in learning more about LED grow lights or in finding the perfect model for your small farm, be sure to check out our selection of models.