What is the Difference Between Neon Lights and LED Lights – 2024 Guide

Everyone knows how good lighting can enhance the looks of every room, make even not that great of a space look much better and pleasant. Now, home décor is one thing, as you want to get the overall best effect no matter if it is work-related or not, and since technology has advanced so much lately, we can now choose from several types of lights.

Understandably, just because there is a vast offer doesn’t always necessarily means that it will make our decision any easier, on the contrary. That is why doing some research is always recommended, as it is the only way to find precisely what we want and need.

When it comes to looking and picking the best lighting for our homes or offices, what troubles so many is understanding the difference between two main types. Even though this may sound silly for those familiar with this topic, for someone unaware of how these lights work and what their benefits and downsides are, it can all get pretty confusing.

Now, to settle this, we will focus more on that, as even though LED ones are more popular and people know more about them, neon ones often get overlooked, which should not be the case, and this is why.

The first and the most important – safety

The first thing we need to mention when we talk about neon as the best solution is that they use glass tubing for their operating, and it is important to be cautious while we are operating with them. It is not easy to install them because they use high voltage and emitting much heat energy, and we need to be really careful while touching them.

The material they are made of may look pretty strong, but, in the end, it is just glass, and there is always a possibility of breaking and hurting us. Besides that, once they are no longer usable, we need to dispose of them properly by following the special treatment, or they can endanger our environment.

On the other hand, we have LED, which is made from an entirely different material, and it is almost impossible to break them because they are shockproof and can handle way more pressure. There is no huge heat emission, so we can touch them, which makes the installation process much easier, and since they do not require high electric energy, it is also much safer.

When our LED light does not work more, we do not need to follow some special treatment to dispose of them because they do not contain any dangerous materials.

It is (not) all about money

img source: amazon.sg

Sometimes the main thing that people consider when they want to buy something is the price. It is okay to decide to go with the cheaper option when something is drastically more expensive.

But, when it comes to neon and LED lights, there are more things to consider than just their buying price. Although this will surprise many, buying LED lights is about 10% cheaper than buying neon ones.

The main reason for that is that there are much fewer neon lights manufacturers, and that, combined with the fact that making this type of light is much harder than the LED ones, affects their price. It is good to know, and many will probably go with LED, but it is necessary to consider many other factors besides initial price, and repairs and life spans are definitely on that list.

In that situation, the better choice is neon lights because they can last longer than LED ones, and there are no repairing costs because there are no repairing and replacement of components at all, as is the case with the second option.

Electricity usage

img source: isotherm.co.za

One more thing to reconsider is electric energy necessary for operating in both cases and decides which option is better for you. Well, the winner for this round is LED because it needs more than 600 times less electric energy for its operating.

It is a huge difference when it comes to big signs, but if we talk about small indoor ones, there is no big difference in energy consumption. Some logical conclusion that comes to the story about money is that going with neon lights is probably a much better and much cheaper option. You can read more about customized neon lights here.

The style

img source: festive-lights.com

Many often overlook the looks of these lights and form their opinion when they see a neon one as just a different type of LED, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Namely, to get that retro, warm, and welcoming glow, neon is the best possible option on the market, as these lights really leave an entirely different and a much better impression.

Knowing this, it’s no wonder why companies and big corporations use neon signs as they provide a better welcoming feel that only a few can resist.

On the other hand, according to Chris from VoodooNeon.com, there are LED lights, and even though many choose to go with them for their offices and even homes, in comparison to neon ones, they leave the sense of robotic, futuristic, yet cold impression, and that, in the end, will not attract anyone, on the contrary.

To summarize

Hopefully, the difference between these two types should get much clearer now, as you know every important fact about them. Now, personal preferences always play a role, and that, combined with the price, always has an immeasurable effect on a person making decisions.

Depending on what your goals are, whether you want just to get the best possible and futuristic light for some room or to get a much warmer and pleasant environment, you can either go with LED or neon ones.

Understandably, both have many benefits, but what everyone should keep in mind, especially those running some business, is that neon signs are more likely to get you wanted results.

Furthermore, since one can easily order customized neon lights online via reputable shops like sculptneonsigns.com, the choice should be simple, as what better way to get both good lighting and the best impression than this.