Top 5 of India’s most Famous App Developers


In the world of online gaming, India has already positioned itself as one of the leading countries in the industry. This country has not only the best players but also the most famous developers. But what does this mean in business terms? By bringing together multiple talents capable of constantly contributing innovative ideas and also seeking to offer better online experiences, India can not only offer the word the best opportunities in game development, but this can also be extrapolated to the entire technological world, participating in projects that can help solve the problems of daily life.

It was only in 2024 that the demand for mobile games was surprisingly awakened by the consequence of the social distancing that the pandemic brought to the world. People all over the world found a way to connect with their family and friends through online platforms, share experiences, and also experiment with a type of entertainment that was new to many. With increasing demand in this field, India not only finds the opportunity to expand its horizons in terms of business, but the rest of the world finds an opportunity to invest and create alliances that lead to success.

In any case, mobile game development in India is expanding quite fast. As demand for mobile games persists, the country will continue experimenting with an increase in development companies. Of course, this is motivating a large part of the young population to pursue a career in this field, as many job opportunities have emerged in recent years. 

In fact, in 2010 there were only 25 companies in India dedicated to developing mobile games. There are now more than 300, which will soon reach a value of US $ 1.1 billion. For this reason, we find it very interesting that you meet the 5 best application developers in the country, so the next time you search for a game, you will know that you will be uploading a high-quality production.

Octro Inc


In 2006, Saurabh Agarwal launched Octro Inc to create exciting applications for Indian mobile devices. Later, the company found a niche in the mobile games business. One of the most famous apps ever provided by the company has been the Teen Patti card game, which got a surprising boost in 2024 on the Apple Store and Google Play, a piece of information that has been detailed in-depth, you can check out to learn more about it. For instance, the 800% increase in downloads in recent months has already created many expectations for the company during this current year, as they now expect to have a user base of around 700 million by 2024.

All of this makes Octro the fastest-growing mobile game development company in the country. However, other of their games are gaining more attention such as Indian Rummy and Tambola, which positions the label “make in India” as a high-quality entertainment feature.

Red Apple Technologies


Launched to the tech market in 2011 by Arup Roy, the brand is now one of the most trusted in the industry. Since the beginning, the main focus of the company has been to create different genres of mobile games.

By bringing together the most talented minds in the field, in ten years of experience, Red Apple has achieved not only the respect of the industry in India but also abroad, delivering more than 200 projects spread across the United States and Sweden. Innovation and creativity have always been in their DNA, the reason why their products are so attractive.

Using the latest technologies in the development of each of its projects, the company has been able to create a portfolio that includes famous titles such as Bow Hunter, Swing Master Poka, or Theme Park Mania.

99 Games


Back in 2008, 99 Games was founded in Karnataka. Today is known as an award-winning studio based in India with more than 20 million downloads. This strong presence in the country is due to the company bringing together skilled designers, writers, coders, animators, and developers.

Titles such as Battle Con, Pixel Tactics, or Exceed Fighting system have been played by gamers from both in India and abroad since the company is known for the immersive experiences that its products provide.  

Games 2Win Media


A leading publisher and creator since 2006, this Mumbai-based company can proudly say that its 50+ productions have been downloaded over 150 million times, with around 23 million active users. It has certainly been the product of the hard work of its founder Alok Kejriwal and his team.

What drives the popularity of your portfolio is the ability to play each of them online or offline. Plus, the titles are so engaging that they immediately make you curious about what it would be like to have an immersive experience on them. Such is the case of Power Cricket T20, Parking Franzy, International Fashion Academy, Parking Frenzy.

Dhruva Interactive


One of the oldest developer companies in India, it was founded in 1997 by Rajesh Rao in Bengaluru. In December 2016, Dhruva was mostly acquired by Swedish developer Starbreeze Studios. Their services have not only been offered to India but to the rest of the world. Today it is one of the masters in creating content for multiple genres and platforms, as well as producing and developing engaging games.

Its portfolio can be easily downloaded for any operating system, including Android and iOS. Games like GloFo, Spooky Treats, and Capt’n Sharky have been created by a team of seasoned designers, programmers, and creatives. 

Although today it is related to Rockstar Games, in its DNA the Indian label is still present, constantly monetizing the gaming industry in India with each passing day.

In sum

After introducing you to our top 5 of what we consider to be the most respected app developers in India, we hope that you will continue your research in this field. Currently, the country is experiencing one of its best moments in the technological world, opening the door to many opportunities that you will only see represented little by little with the passage of time. Having said that, by starting to learn about their contributions to the mobile gaming industry today, you will be aware of the significant contributions India is making to the gaming industry.