Huawei Mate SE vs Moto G6 – Which One Is Better 2024

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    Many people have discussed and talked on the topic of the most useful and practical middle-priced phone. It should be added that there has been a lot of discussions and that it has been established that Huawei mate and Moto G6 are the best ones of these. However, there are some differences among them that should be mentioned in order to determine which one is the best.


    First of all, it should be noted that Motorola G6 is much cheaper than Huawei Mate SE since its price is 8,798 rupees in comparison to 14,999 of Huawei Mate SE’s price. It should be mentioned that the prices may vary depending on the store and site of purchase.


    It needs to be stated that Huawei Mate SE has a significantly faster CPU. To be more precise, it should be mentioned that its CPU is faster for 31% in comparison to its competitor.

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    The manufactures have done an amazing job in terms of the touchscreen of both phones. First of all, it needs to be said that the responsiveness of the touchscreens is not the same and that Moto G6 has a bit more responsive touchscreen than its competitor.


    When we are talking about RAM, we should mention that Moto G6 has a better and far faster Ram than the competitor. It should be also added that the RAM is faster for 33% in this case. This practically means that the entire device is faster for that much.

    Front camera

    When we are talking about modern phones, we should also mention that they are mostly used for making photos and memories of particular events. This is why a camera plays an important role in choosing a phone. When these two are in question, we should mention that Moto G6 has a way better camera than the competition. This practically means that it has higher resolution and better image quality. However, this is not it. It is important for the phone to have a flash for a front camera. When we are talking about the two, we need to mention that Mate SE has one while its competition does not. The advantage of this camera is best seen when you try to take a selfie at night or when light is dimmed. On the hand, the resolution of Moto G6 is 33% better than its competitor since it has way more pixels.


    The purpose of modern phones is to be practical as well and to be able to be carried without any obstacles. In order to do this, manufacturers have decided to make them slimmer and thus easier to carry around. When the two are in question, it should be noted that mate SE is way slimmer than Moto G6. To be more precise, it is slimmer at 8%.


    When storage is concerned. It should be noted that Moto G6 has larger internal memory and this can be even larger through the usage of memory cards.