6 Ways to Tell the Difference Between Good and Bad Bitcoin Casinos

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Ever since the concept of digital currency or bitcoins came into the light, it has changed the course of transactions in the world. Although the concept wasn’t taken very well initially, today it is among the most secure means of transaction all over the world. In fact, the reason behind its success, popularity, and use is the level of security Bitcoin offers its users. No matter in which part of the world you live in, this technology allows you to make the transaction without any additional paperwork, hidden charges, or additional time. For these obvious reasons, digital currency has bypassed the banking system and financial institutes.

But, it is not just the ease of use and transparency that is making bitcoin into the spotlight. It is the constant increase Its value as well. Because of this constant upshift, it is also considered a good investment opportunity. Given its characteristics, many online casinos have shifted towards bitcoins. Allowing the users to gamble by using bitcoins offer more security, anonymity, low fee, and speedy withdrawals and deposits. It has caught the eye of many online gamblers. If you are interested in online casinos, let alone bitcoin casinos continue to Playamo.

Whether bitcoin or not the same rules apply to the online casinos, there is always some loophole that the hackers or frauds try to explore. Just as online casinos are categorized as good or bad, the same rule applies to bitcoin casinos.

If you are thinking to try your luck in an online bitcoin casino, here are a few things you need to keep in mind so that you can differentiate between a good and a bad online casino:

1. Choosing a wallet

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The first thing when dealing with bitcoins casinos is choosing a wallet. A wallet is like an application through which you handle your bitcoin account. It is like a bank account only that it is readily available for you without any physical location. You can send or receive money via wallet. There are three main types of wallets, I.e. a software or offline wallet, an online wallet, and hardware. The most commonly used wallet is the hardware wallet. That’s because it is highly secure. However, it is a bit expensive, but it’s totally worth the level of security. The online wallet often called the hot wallet is very easy to use. That’s because it uses internet access. However, because of internet access, the level of security can be compromised as it is always a target of cyber hackers. But that doesn’t happen usually. So, if you want a wallet that is very easy to handle, an online wallet is the best for you.

2. Look the casino up at casino.org

Now, before you choose a casino to start gambling, take some time and visit casino.org. It is a website that has information on every online casino that is there. You will get a piece of clear information on all the online and bitcoin casinos that are good or bad. Even those that are not functional anymore. You can also find reasons for the shutdown of any online casino. Most of the casinos are considered unsafe or are blacklist because of the following reasons;

  • Due to some unethical business practices
  • Due to some unresolved customer issues
  • Because of loose gameplay especially in the free mode
  • Because of prolonged payments
  • Lastly, because of no information regarding licenses.

This information will give you the perspective of the bitcoin casinos. It is always ideal to do your homework before getting into something new.

3. Look out for certifications

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It is integral that you look out for the certificates and credentials of a bitcoin casino website before signing up with it. Most online casinos also provide a copy of their license on display for the users to see. It is an excellent way to show credibility. Such casinos are good casinos because they work professionally and are committed to giving high customer value, service and satisfaction. So, make sure you tick the boxes for license and certificate before signing up.

4. Read Terms & Condition

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Most casinos have hidden terms and conditions that are written in their terms and condition clauses, but no one bothers to read them. The terms and conditions can tell you a lot about the credibility of the casino. It can, in fact, be the dealbreaker between a good and a bad casino. So, take some time to read the terms and conditions carefully.

5. Invest in reading reviews

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The reviews of casino users and players on their websites and different forums can tell you a lot about the casino. The more happy customers and positive reviews, the more are the chances that the bitcoin casino is good. Similarly, never sign up on casinos that have a few user reviews, old reviews, are relatively new or not working. Furthermore, talk to a few users before you start gambling yourself. Getting information from the user’s experience will help you out a lot.

6. Look for “provably fair”

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Provably fair is a tool or a system that the bitcoin casinos provide. This tool allows you to verify different roll results. As a result, you can be sure that the casino is not fraudulent and is not cheating on you. This tool is not just effective but also increases the reliability of the bitcoin casino. In other words, it makes the bitcoin casinos look good.

According to 1xbit, Bitcoin might have many advantages, but when it comes to casinos, choosing the right casino is very important to protect your money. So, before you hook up to a bitcoin casino, make sure you know how to differentiate between a good and a bad casino for the sake of your own money. Choosing a credible and reliable casino will not just give you entertainment, but it will also give you an opportunity to increase your bitcoin count.