5 Practical and Exciting Uses For Hoverboards

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Reliable hoverboards cost between $100 to $700, with high-quality models costing between $300 and $600, according to Gadget Review. After they first appeared in Back To The Future II, hoverboards have gained a lot of popularity. However, unlike the flying skateboard used in the iconic movie, current hoverboard models are generally self-balancing electric boards. They rely on gyroscopes and body movements to move on the ground. Hoverboards also feature other tech components like logic boards, motors, tilt and speed sensors, and rechargeable batteries to function effectively.

While hoverboards are classified as high-tech toys and gadgets for kids and teens, adults can use these self-balancing transportation gadgets for various reasons. Check out some of the most practical and exciting uses for hoverboards.

Increase and Improve Mobility

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Many people assume hoverboards are only useful for enjoying fun rides and spinning tricks in the park. But for some adults, especially those who experience pain or difficulty walking for long hours, using self-balancing electric boards is an excellent way of enhancing mobility. A self-balancing electronic board enables you to move to the direction you want with minimal hassle. Thanks to the gyroscopes fitted inside the top of plastic mounts near the wheels on each side, a hoverboard can navigate towards your desired direction accurately.

Gyroscopes play a significant role in calculating the rotational position of the electric board. That way, it can detect your body’s movement and then transport you to the direction you’re leaning to the most. The gyroscope also sends the tilt and speed information to the motherboard. The logic board then produces voltage to the electromagnetic motors, which apply force on the opposite side to ensure you and the hoverboard maintain balance.

Zip Around Work Fast

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For those who work in large manufacturing plants and warehouses, walking can be a tedious task. For this reason, riding a hoverboard to get around the workplace faster is a practical move. Because of their compact size, self-balancing electric boards are easy to ride in narrow spaces, through warehouse shelves, and across office lofts. Depending on your needs and the surroundings, you can zip around the workplace at a high or low speed. It all depends on how far you’re leaning towards a particular direction.

For example, leaning too much on the right side will prompt the hoverboard to go faster in that direction. This is because the tilt sensors attached to the gyroscopes calculate the angle of the self-balancing board and accelerate the speed based on your body’s movement. Speed sensors, however, limit how fast the hoverboard can move to ensure you’re safe. Nonetheless, you should follow hoverboard safety precautions and tips to make the most of your self-transportation device.

For Eco-friendly Commutes

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With increasing concerns about reducing greenhouse gases emitted from cars, commuters are in search for sustainable ways to travel around urban cities. While bikes are a perfect choice, they are not always practical for people whose work wardrobe or lifestyle isn’t compatible with cycling. And that makes hoverboards ideal mediums for eco-friendly rides. Instead of gas or petrol, these self-transportation gadgets rely on Lithium-ion cells, meaning they don’t emit carbon when used.

Regardless of the model or brand, each hoverboard comes with a battery pack on one side. The most recent models come with high standard batteries upgraded with a long-lasting battery shell and a higher voltage count. Some models, like the Hovertrax, feature a removable battery that allows you to swap out with a fully charged one while the other is charging. This advancement prevents the battery from malfunctions caused by high levels of stress from frequent vibrations.

Enjoy Outdoor Fun

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Hoverboards are probably the best investment if you’re looking to buy high-quality tech devices that allow you to enjoy unforgettable experiences. According to Hover Patrol, whether you want to go off-roading or looking for the cheapest and fastest rides, there is a list of hoverboards to fit your needs. For example, you can choose between the Razor Hovertrax 2.0, Segway miniPRO, Epikgo, or Swagtron T6 if you want to have fun off-roading. These models have all-terrain capabilities that help you overcome road obstacles like cracks, potholes, gravel, sand, and mud.

You can even transform your hoverboard into a go-kart to make your racing experience more enjoyable and memorable. A hoverboard go-kart also allows you the opportunity to transport yourself around the neighborhood. All you need to do is buy a hoverboard go-kart accessory pack and attach the parts appropriately to get the most of outdoor fun.

Safe & Convenient Rides

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Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, hoverboards offer convenient rides. With a top speed of 10-12 miles per hour, you can arrive at your destination quickly. Hoverboards also come equipped with lithium-ion batteries that last long. In most cases, battery cells have a voltage count of 36v to 42v and last at least 8 to 15 miles on a full charge. This means you don’t have to worry about finding a spot to charge your two-wheeled transporter in between rides.

However, for you to enjoy convenience and comfort, there are other hoverboard tech aspects you should consider apart from the battery. Some of these features include the motor rating, safety wheel sensors, gyroscopes, Bluetooth connectivity, and LED light. When it comes to hoverboard motors, the capacity varies from model to model. Some motors are faster compared to others. You want to make sure your self-balancing boards guarantee top speed while keeping you safe.

Therefore, check the motor and safety ratings before making a purchase. Likewise, check that your desired model comes with LED lights that illuminate your path at night. Your two-wheel self-transporter should also have Bluetooth speakers that let you give you more control.

Hoverboards are fun and comfortable to ride both indoors and outdoors. Even more impressive, they are among the top tech innovations transforming mobility and transportation. And with today’s trends pushing the limits of technological advancements, hoverboards can do incredible things. Experts predict future hoverboards could work as rescue drones, haul heavy materials up the ladder or stairs, and enhance mobility for people living with disabilities.