How To Get The California RBS Alcohol Certification In 4 Steps


The Government of California demands that alcohol servers/sellers get RBS certified before they start their profession. The certificates are particularly accredited to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). There is a tremendous need for regulation in serving/selling alcohol.

The law has points that explain how a server/seller of stiff drinks should execute their work to maintain social peace. Many aspects of careless alcohol consumption traits question social harmony and stability.

Maintaining a code of conduct at a party or on any other premises is a social responsibility of an individual. But sometimes, stiff drink overtakes the intentions and influences them to create a messy and harmful situation.

To avoid chaotic circumstances, a server/seller or a manager of alcoholic beverages has to be definite about the target audience. There are age barriers to serving liquor at approved premises. The server/seller community should also be aware of the places where they can sell/serve the drinks.

Applicable Laws In Alcoholic Beverage Serving/Selling In California


The government of the United States has the complete power to control alcoholic beverage purchase, supply, and manufacturing within the states. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has the exclusive right and command to interfere in every transaction related to the stiff drink industry. It is free to deliver ABC licenses for alcoholic beverage businesses by the law enacted by the legislature.

ABC has the power to approve the training curriculum of RBS training programs. They also have the authority to cancel the alcohol serving/selling certificate of an alcohol business for an excellent cause to preserve the moral value of a peaceful culture in the country.

Responsible Beverage Server certification is a mandate for any server/seller in the country. RBS training California has multiple ABC accredited training providers in its list. A trainee must choose a trainer accredited by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

As per the alcoholic beverage regulation act, an alcoholic beverage server/seller should not serve liquor to any minor citizen. This is a punishable offense as per the Legislative Act.

Nobody can buy or sell alcoholic beverages for consecutive odd hours of a single day, say, 02:00 am and again at 06:00 am. Those who purchase alcoholic drinks within a short span of the same day are guilty, according to the alcohol control law. Maintaining a retail time to sell and buy stiff drinks are a significant and noted point in the rules and regulation list.

Any retail licensee of alcoholic beverages is not supposed to sell the drinks at weird timing that does not match the approved retail time at their premises is identified as a punishable act. Either the seller has to pay the penalty for the action or the cancellation of the license.

No time prohibition is stated in the law for transporting stiff drinks from the manufacturers’ godown to the seller’s store. All the law violations of the provisions of the section are considered guilty misdemeanors.

What Is RBS certification?

What Is RBS certification

RBS or Responsible Beverage Certification is an easy four-step process to start the career of an alcoholic beverage server/seller in California. The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control wholly accredits this certification.

A list of approved RBS training providers sells the course to the registered trainees looking for a certification. Without RBS certification, no one is permitted to serve or sell alcohol to anyone at any premises in California.

Four Steps For RBS Certification

There are four easy steps to follow to get RBS certification. There are ABC-accredited trainers to guide the trainees for easy coverage of the curriculum.

1. Register With The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control


Create an account in the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control online portal and get a candidate ID. This ID is generated after filling out a KYC form in the doorway. The ID is used to receive course-related information and exam-related suggestions from the Department until the ABC provides the RBS certificate.

The candidates can also get information regarding the ABC-accredited trainers from their list. The accreditation assures the quality of the program provided by the RBS trainers.

2. Buy An Authentic Course

There are several accredited RBS training providers in California. Choose the best faculty group and buy a genuine course. RBS curriculum wraps in a self-pace. The objective of the course and the way of presentation is the actual attraction of the training since the curriculum is parallel in content with all trainers. It is advisable for the candidates preparing for the RBS exam to spend two hours a day with the training curriculum.

3. Complete The Course victoriously


After completing the RBS training program, the trainers will submit the course completion certificate to the Department of Alcoholic Beverages Control. The course completion details provided by the RBS trainers are the main eligibility criteria to cross so that the trainees can attempt the exam. The training curriculum covers three main aspects such as:

  • Educating the alcoholic beverage seller/server about the rules and regulations implied on-premises alcohol serving and selling.
  • The illicit transactions of alcoholic beverages cause fundamental harm without authorities’ consent.
  • Law points affected the situations in which being an irresponsible server and providing stiff drinks to toxic people who follow abusive alcohol consumption creates a public nuisance.

4. Attempt The RBS Exam

The RBS exam should be completed within 60 calendar days per the ABC criterion. ABC conducts the RBS exam online, which is easy to crack since the course is self-paced. The candidate gets an ABC-accredited certificate as soon as they crack the exam. No alcoholic beverage server, seller, or manager can provide alcohol without this certificate.

To Conclude

RBS certification is easy to acquire but has to follow all the steps mentioned above without fail. The Government of the United States has substantial control over alcohol importation and exportation, plus supply and selling within the country. Specific rules have emerged for good causes to maintain colonial peace and progress. They verify the quality of living depends on the socioeconomic stability of a community.

It is the prime responsibility of authorities to control the transitions happening in the alcoholic beverage industry. Thus they decided to educate people involved in the business. The excellent consumer touch point of the alcohol consumption industry is the servers and sellers. So, RBS training, exam, and certification are genuine, thoughtful procedures to avoid unwanted abuses related to stiff drinks.