Top 3 Best Content Marketing Tips for 2024: What Changes?

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As 2019 comes to a slow end, experts say that content marketing will have a huge impact next year. There have been various reports that suggest radical changes in content marketing strategies will help in both the creation and distribution of online content.

While we don’t agree with Seth Godin’s comments stating that content marketing is the only type of marketing left to explore, we do agree that it takes a more center-stage approach in the future.

So, with the year coming to an end and strategies needing replenishing, we are going to take a look at some tips that will enforce these changes to the way you market and distribute content.

1.    Focus on Results

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It’s always been a results business, and results are what drive success. With so many content creators across dozens of platforms, having the ability to stand out separates success and mediocrity.

Changes in approach need to be made that will allow a different view of how your strategies perform. If your primary goal is to create content that will increase website traffic, then you need to focus more on how to achieve the desired results.

Will that content is used on your social media platforms? If so, then it needs to be optimized. Optimizing content isn’t easy, though it will help you increase your website traffic, according to marketing strategists from Smemark.

Since we didn’t really mention what content marketing is, you can read a great article about it if you click here.

2.    Video and Live-Stream Content Are Going to be Huge

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Every year we see a graph that displays how various types of content perform for both B2C and B2B businesses. On these graphs, which have been accumulated during the past few years, we’ve noticed that video and live-streaming content are performing better with each passing year.

As it stands currently, blog posts are performing best, with video content being the 2nd most popular and successful type of content. The reasons for it shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Blog posts are the most popular type of content, and we don’t think it will ever be surpassed by any other type.

However, people also don’t want to read blog posts or articles, and they would be more than happy if they had their daily dose of content in a video form. It’s the reason why YouTube grows bigger with each passing year.

Even if you’re not making content for YouTube, marketing your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Snapchat, or your own website will be huge in 2024.

3.     Make Content on What Users Want

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As we’ve seen with email marketing, it still works so well because people themselves sign up for it. It’s not something that’s forced onto themselves. If a person likes what he sees, he will subscribe to it.

He subscribes because he wants more of that content. And this is a model that you need to start implementing into your content marketing strategies. Instead of creating content for various uses, try to understand what users want.

But for a person to get to what he needs, he performs a quick Google search. There are, mostly, four types of web searches. Those are:

  • Informational Searches: When a user searches for answers to his queries.
  • Navigational Searches: When a user wants to “navigate” or visit a specific website on the internet. This can easily be explained when a user searches YouTube on Google instead of
  • Investigational Searches: When a user searches for the “best” of something, for e.g. ” best smartphone for 2024”,” reviews for the best bikes”, etc.
  • Transactional Searches: When a user makes a search and wants to buy something, for e.g. “plane tickets”, “buy jackets”, etc.

Since Google knows what the type of your search is, it can point you to the best direction based on that search. Based on this, you need to create content that will cater to each and every category of searches.