Best Scientific Calculator in India – 2024 Buying Guide

best scientific calculators in india

We all know the advantage of a scientific calculator. If you are compared to a regular calculator especially during an engineering examination the scientific calculator makes your task easy.

Scientific calculator most of use mathematics students and professional peoples before make decisions read below points so it will help you to choose your Best Scientific Calculator.

Our Top Picks

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  • First thing first try to find suit your exact need for a calculator whatever it is like for simple calculation or complex things.
  • Generally, calculators are durable and long-lasting so choose best so it would be part of your life next 5 to 7 years.
  • It’s one time to buy the thing, so try to get the best possible instrument.
  • Choose one with the easiest UI to handle.
  • Lastly keep in mind that even if you don’t know or don’t need some functions now, but you may need them in the future.

Best Scientific Calculator in India For Engineering Students

1. Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

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Everybody knows that the Texas Instrument is an old standard brand calculator in India. The best scientific calculator performs common math as well as various financial functions and also able to analyze cash-flow, advanced list-based statistics and many more basic calculations.

This scientific calculator is appropriate for finance students as well as average users also. Its computing processor response time is fast and can save up to 10 entries into its memory.

The auto power-down feature of this calculator gives the guaranty to long-lasting battery life even after maximum usage. The display shows the 10 digit characters that view clear for easy to read.

The user-friendly calculator certified by CFA.

Why we recommended this:

  • Its methods are easy to understanding.
  • Its response time is very fast.
  • Can be allowed to used for chartered financial analyst exam.
  • Operates in both standard calculator and worksheet modes.
  • Displays 10 digit characters.
  • Gives a 3 Year Warranty.

2. Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator

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Yet another best Scientific Calculator from Texas is TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator. The TI-30XS from Texas Instruments powered by dual-source – solar and battery, moreover it works properly and stays a battery long time.

It has the support large LCD display which enables us to show 16 digits clearly and accurately.

This calculator is ideal for use to learn General Mathes, Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry,  Algebra, Percentage, Square Root, Pre-algebra, and easy to calculate General Science and Biology.

The comprises of a color-coded key and Scientific and Engineering Notation output for stress-free practicing.

Why we recommended this:

  • Auto power off the system.
  • Long-lasting battery with a  solar panel.
  • Allows you to revise the previous calculation.
  • Exact and accurate results.
  • Color-coded keypad for easy to key identification.
  • 3 Years Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.

3. Casio FX-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator

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The highest-rated calculator comes with superior quality. It is ideal for secondary and high secondary students in completing their mathematics homework. The dual power sources prolong their battery life significantly.

It has a large dot matrix display that supports shows 12 characters. Its button looks like a senior citizen’s phone. Combine black and white color in a button that looks pretty. It uses a decimal system for complete calculation.

Moreover, scientific calculator added a utility in daily life and education to solve integration, matrix and vector calculations.

This Casio FX-991 calculator comes with 3 years of all India manufacturing warranty.

Why we recommended this:

  • It uses solar power & battery both.
  • High-resolution display.
  • Lightweight and easy to port.
  • It saves up to 150 previous calculations.
  • Supports natural textbook input & 417 functions.
  • Displays numbers in three digit separator formats like Standard, European, and Indian.

4. Casio FX-991EX Scientific Calculator

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Casio FX-991EX scientific calculator is lower faster as well as compare to FX-991ES Plus. It uses a soft plastic key for quick and eases to process. Also, it saves up to 150 previous calculations.

It looks much better as compared to the older design. Further, you can use Standard, European, and Indian digit formats for better understand.

The FX 991EX scientific calculator has 2 line display for accurate viewing results. This scientific calculator has the capacity to shows the 12 digits on display making it easier to lengthy calculations.

The provided dot matrix display perfectly specifies graphs for better view and perception.

Why we recommended this:

  • Extra-large dot matrix display.
  • Powered by a battery and solar.
  • 12 digit scientific calculator.
  • 2 line display for better viewing.
  • It helps to solve the equation very fast.
  • Key operations are stored in a buffer.
  • 9 variable memories, Up to 260 functions.

5. Casio FX-82-ES Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-82MS 2-Line Display Scientific Calculator

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If you are looking for a calculator for your fundamental solution of your maths problems such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, then this cois the best pick for you. This reasonable range and incredibly little calculator comes from Orpat. The powerful scientific calculator is 100% trusted.

It checks up to 120 previous calculation steps and 9 variables memories. Has a 2 tier display for perfectly check and seeing the result.

As compared to another calculator is only powered by a battery, But it comes with a protective hardcover for extra protection and sturdiness that is good.

Why we recommended this:

  • Large 2 tier LCD display.
  • Stat data editor.
  • Easy to use functionality.
  • It shows formula entry and measured results at the same time.
  • Designed and engineered for easy operation.
  • It provides 240 functions to solve several mathematical calculations.

Scientific Calculator Buying Guide

If you are confused to choose a Scientific calculator here we give some guidance on how to choose a calculator.

In most cases, the scientific calculator basic needs of engineering students who worked on complex calculations. Scientific calculators are a necessary tool for students and professionals alike. If you perform arithmetic equations, logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, or exponential functions, you want to have a Scientific calculator in the list of your college accessories.

Scientific Calculator Functions

Operation Mathematical Function
+ plus or addition
minus or subtraction Note: On a scientific calculator there is a different button to make a positive number into a negative number, usually marked (-) or NEG (negation)
* times, or multiply by
/ or ÷ divided by, over, division by
^ raised to the power of
yx or xy y raised to the power x or x raised to the y
Sqrt or √ square root
ex exponent, raise e to the power x
LN natural logarithm, take the log of
SIN sine function
SIN-1 inverse sine function, arcsine
COS cosine function
COS-1 inverse cosine function, arccosine
TAN tangent function
TAN-1 inverse tangent function or arctangent
( ) parentheses, instructs calculator to do this operation first
Store (STO) place a number in memory for later use
Recall recover the number from memory for immediate use


These days, everyone uses his or her laptop for computations. There is that standard calculator that comes with the operating system or even some third-party applications. To a certain degree, they work but a physical, traditional calculator is something that should not be losing from the collection of a student or professional.

There are three types of calculators. Most people will use the regular one but there is also a visual calculator and a scientific calculator. A person with average skills will never need a scientific calculator. It will influence be absolutely essential for a student or an engineer.

This Scientific calculator can solve the primary and advanced mathematical expressions. One of the key functions of this calculator is its ability to give detailed solutions for any complicated problem, a preferred function for individuals.

This Scientific Calculator also shows Arithmetic in a nice structure while you input the mathematical expression; thereby eliminate the errors while entering the mathematical problems.

You can use this scientific calculator using a keyboard or using the control buttons.

How to Select a Scientific Calculator?

1. Built-in Functions

Other than fixing complicated improvements, subtractions, multiplications and sections and the scientific calculator should be capable of performing binary, hexadecimal, and octal computations, parts, logarithms, probability, research, etc.

2. Battery/Solar and Battery

While all primary calculators are battery powered, some high-end designs also have solar power back-up which guarantees a longer battery power.

3. Portability

It is best to select a light-weight and convenient calculator that fits easily in the pocket or bag and can be carried to sessions and the workplace.

4. Durability

While engineers may need to use their scientific calculators in the areas, learners may need to carry it to their sessions, laboratories, and classes. So, it is necessary to select a calculator that is effective and durable and has a large display that shows clear numbers even in the sun.

Exploring the Highlights of Scientific Calculators

These calculators come with different functions that help customers execute specific projects. Graphing calculators offer functions that let you create and display graphs on the screen. Some designs consist of one line of 10 or more numbers, which works well for fixing simpler equations.

Others accept and show up to four lines of 10 or more numbers, providing adequate space for in-depth computations. Calculators consist of memory storage and recall functions that protect entered information until the user removes it. Models with continuous storage include the last details listed even if the device turns off, guaranteeing customers don’t lose essential computations.

A scientific calculator with Visually Perfect Algebraic Method technology shows the equations in the same way as books, helping students imagine the details they enter for increased understanding.

Although, most of the computations we need to do on a day-to-day basis can be done with the primary four functions (+,-, ÷,*) calculator present in our mobile phones, but having a scientific calculator in your workplace and the home table is useful for whenever you need to perform advanced mathematical computations.

Designed for use by students, teachers, and engineers, these calculators feature extra functions beyond the addition, subtraction, department, and multiplication of traditional models.

Check out this instructional video to get more details on how to use a scientific calculator:


Since we have explained the top five best scientific calculators in India. Still, we’ve picked one from the list that is an extremely good  Casio FX-991Ex Plus Scientific Calculator. this scientific calculator enough to general financial use and for CFA exams. Engineering students also preferred this calculator.

It’s a reasonable range everybody affords to buy. You can also check out some other offers on Amazon:

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