Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder in India 2024

Best Mixer Grinder in India
Best Mixer Grinder in India

Our Indian food recipes included a chutney, masala and spicy ingredients. Its all process taking much time when you grind using traditional stone. In our speedy life, Mixer Grinder is the best solution which grinding and doughing variety of ingredients in less time. If you are interested in buying the Best Mixer Grinder in India. Here is everything about mixer grinders and Important factors to know before you place an order.

Our Top Picks

#1 Sujata  #2 Philips  #3 Maharaja  
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Why trust us?
We almost  spent 4 days and compare over 70 mixers and finally we bring top 5 best mixer grinder in India for you. Also, we got an external experience from restaurants for the quality of the mixer jars.

Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder in India

 Preethi Zodiac 5 Jars Mixer Grinder

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One of the best selling mixer grinders in India nowadays is Preethi. This brand is very trustfully. This mixer grinder has consumed 750 watts of power. The juicer mixer grinder has grinder and juicer is clubbed in one. It’s chopping, kneading, grating functions are work awesome. Looks amazing in black colour. The dry and wet jar works very well and lifetime warranty is longevity. The mixer grinder comes with 5 jars of different capacities with one juicer jar.

Technical Specifications:

Speed Of Motor – The used vega w 5 motor that grinds hard item in just 2 minutes.

Multi-Functional Blade – All blade works very well that ensure finest grinding and fine juicing work.

Noice Level – When you processing food is the little bit noisy.

Speed Control Knob – They have a three-speed mode to control each speed.


  • Brand Preethi
  • Cord Length 1.5 m
  • Chutney Grinding Yes
  • Juice Jar Capacity 1 L
  • Power Consumption 750 W
  • Power Required 1230-250v/50-60h
  • Weight 8 kg
  • Warranty 2 Year

Panasonic Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars

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The Panasonic Brand doesn’t need to introduce about itself because it is very famous in electric appliances. The mixer made up of sturdy plastic and hardened stainless steel blade. They have a four-jar it works exceptionally. With these different sizes jar, you can easily make fruit and vegetable juices, blend shakes, dry grind spices, make smooth pastes, prepare coconut milk and more. Its attractive with easy to use its piano type plastic buttons and 3 speed and pulse settings. It cuts short to save your kitchen time and makes cooking fun.

Technical Specifications:

Power Motor –  The mixer grinder is powered by a powerful 550W motor.

Blade Material – The blades are very sharp that helps to grind the hardest food whatever you need.

Design – Its sleek and port design easy to move anywhere.

Jar Capacity – The stainless blender jar has a 1L of juicer and 0.2L of chutney jar capacity.



  • Brand Panasonic
  • Power Required 220 – 240
  • Material Samurai Edge
  • Speed Mode 3
  • Power Consumption 550 W
  • Weight  6.59 kg
  • motor warranty 5 Year
  • Warranty 1 Year

Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

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Sujata Dynamix DX 900-Watt Mixer Grinder comes with a Chutney jar (0.4 Litre), Grinding jar (1 Litre) and Liquidising jar (1.5 Litre. The best quality of mixing supply a sufficiently 1 large jar and 2 small jars with leakage proof lid. Plus the jars and the blades are made of stainless steel for durability. Its powerful motor runs vibrantly during your kitchen task. You can prepare delicious smooth paste being whipped up in just 30 seconds. The mixer comes with an ABS plastic body which makes its shock-proof so, it is safe to use every day. The packed with powerful features with the longest electrical cable that comfortably places it anywhere on your workspace.


Technical Specifications:

Shock Proof – The mixer grinder is made of high-grade plastic that ensures a full of shockproof plastic body.

Dual locking system – Its dual locking system making the mixing a leakage-free task. So, don’t worry about clean around the area.

Speed of Operation – This mixer grinder has a 3-speed control knob. So, you can adjust the variable speed on mixing and grinding as your requirement.

Warranty – It comes with 1 years manufacturer warranty if any damage.



  • Brand Sujata
  • Motor Wattage  900 W
  • Dry Grinding Yes
  • Blending Yes
  • Colour White
  • Stars Rating  4.6
  • Weight 4 kg
  • Warranty 1 years on product

 Philips 3 Jars Mixer Grinder

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This mixer grinder becoming innovative design with fabulous performance. The sleek design combines with stainless steel jars provides an attractive look to your kitchen. It has used for lots of work like chopping, mixing, grinding task while cooking several types of meals. This mixer grinder is user-friendly and controls 3-speed settings buttons. This feature to use the grinder as per your requirements.

Technical Specifications:

High-Quality Blades –  It has high-quality blades for perfect mixing.

Jar – You get 3 Jars with this appliance for 0.4-litre chutney jar, 1-litre dry jar and the 1.5-litre wet jar for regular use.

Automatic Shut-Off – This feature protects the mixer grinder from overload dangers.

Ventilation System – It keeps the mixer body cool.



  • Brand Philips
  • Cord Length 1.2 m
  • Power Required 230 V
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Power Consumption 750 watts
  • Warranty2 year

Maharaja Whiteline 3 Jars Mixer Grinder

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The Maharaja mixer grinder is capable of mixing, smashing, grinding and much more. The grinder made of plastic body construct light-weight with a compact design. It has 3-speed control facility help to set the mixer speed according to the type of food item being preparing. The mixer grinder delivered high-quality performance with the help of super sharp stainless steel blades. For long durability, Maharaja has gives 2 years of warranty on product and 5 years warranty on motor.

Technical Specifications:

Ergonomic handle – That gives you comfortable grip to your hand.

Frequency – It is a 750 watts mixer grinder need a 50Hz frequency.

Jar Capacity – 1.5 Litre liquidizing Jar, the 0.4 Litre chutney jar and the 1.0 Litre dry grind jar.

Noise Level – Mixer Grinder industry acceptable levels are 80-90 D.



  • Brand Maharaja
  • jar materials y Stainless steel
  • Noise Level 86.4 Db
  • Power 750 watts
  • Operating Voltage 220-240 volts
  • Warranty 2 years on product

Best mixer grinder – Buying Guide

Mixer Grinder is a kitchen appliance which we never forget to use in our daily chores. You can see for yourself how easily you can grind spices, lentils or vegetables. 

It is a very popular kitchen appliance with both mixer and grinder built right into one product. You can do mixing, blending and grinding of different food ingredients. 

Why should you buy one?

  • Chutneys, Masalas, garlic paste or chilli paste becomes the most important part of an Indian meal. You can make all those irreplaceable side dishes with the help of Mixer Grinder. 
  • Hassle free grinding and pureeing with just a press of a button. 
  • Some mixers come with Aata kneading attachments which lets you make doughs easily

Types of Mixers 

Hand-held blenders: 

They are thin like an instrument that is used for mixing or pureeing. Suitable and convenient for small tasks like mixing smoothies. 


These type of mixers are used for heavy-duty tasks like grinding coffee beans to a fine powder etc. It requires more power than the hand-held ones. 

It is more popular than the previous option. 

Factors to consider before buying

A mixer grinder comes with different specifications which you should be aware of in order to get an ideal one for your home. 

The motor and wattage: 

  • Wattage defines the power of the motor
  • Higher the motor speed, more easily your mixer will grind heavier species or ingredients.
  • Optimum value: 550 – 600 watt
  • Keep in mind that above 500-watt mixers do make some noise. 
  • For bigger batches go with 750W Mixer Grinder.

RPM (rotations per minute): 

  • Higher the rotation, more powerful your motor will be
  • Higher RPM means your food will be processed in lesser time
  • Downsides: More heat and noise
  • Mixer Grinder offers 5,000 – 20,000 RPM. For an ideal mixer grinder, 10,000 rpm is more than enough. 

Rating in Minutes: 

  • It is the continuous operation time that is recommended for a Mixer Grinder to work. 
  • Don’t run this appliance continuously without giving the motor some break. 
  • Overheating might damage your appliance. 
  • Ideal time: 30 minutes – with 5 minutes on and 3 minutes off repetitions.

Incher or Pulse Facility: 

  • With this feature, you can process delicate foods easily. This feature is suitable for processing boiled eggs or tomatoes. 

Quality and branding

Not just in the case of mixer grinder but with every product go with a brand which has good after-sales services. Availability of spare parts like rubber gaskets and blades should also be considered. 


If you’re not aware, you can do both dry as well as wet grinding in a Mixer. But for that, you need to have different jars. If you can go with a product which will have 3-4 jars, it would be of great help.

Also, look for the materials of the jars. A durable and break-resistant lid is a must-have for regular use. 


One of the most important parts of a Mixer Grinder is the blade.  It becomes necessary to check the quality of blades too. The material should be stainless steel with a grade rating of 304.

High quality steel blades work for a longer span of time. 


A product with a good warranty is, in fact, a quality product. Look for the products with the warranty period from 2-5 years. Apart from that, check for any additional warranty on the motors. 

Speeds in Mixer Grinders

Every Mixer Grinder comes with different speed options which you can set by pressing a button. Make sure that your mixer supports at least three-speed levels.

You can process delicate food at low speed while for much finer higher speed is an option. 

Design & Size

When the budget is not a problem then you can get a product with great aesthetics which will go with your kitchen design. 

Always keep in mind how big mixer you can accommodate in your kitchen. For families with a big kitchen, you can easily go with big mixer grinders but the same does not apply to small kitchen space. 

Safety mechanisms 

Almost every other products now come with safety features so does your mixer grinder. Here are some of the features you should be looking at. 

Safety lock: With this feature, your mixer will not run until and unless you close the lid properly. 

Slip-proof feet: Sometimes small details also matter. Mixer Grinder with a foot will not slip easily when running especially when there is an unbalanced load. 

Thermal cut-off switch: This is yet another safety feature which you should keep in mind. Whenever your mixer will experience overload, this feature will stop the mixer so that your problems like motor burning does not appear. 


Any appliance, be it small or big, need proper time to time maintenance. If you’re the type of person who does not like cleaning jobs at all, then you might want to go with minimum jars. 

A simple two jar model requires low maintainance as compared to 3-4 jar model.  

How much should I spend? 

There are tons of Mixer Grinders in the market with a different price tag. Spending how much totally depends on an individual. Mixer Grinder with more and latest feature will, of course, cost you more. 

On the other hand, the low budget one might not be that durable and strong. It all comes down to your requirements and priorities. 

Tips to remember

  1. Avoid adding hot ingredients into the mixer grinder. It might damage the jars and blades. 
  2. While making purees, add an adequate amount of water. 
  3. Allow air inside the jar lid to escape before switching on the machine. You can wait for 5 seconds to let the air escape.
  4. Make sure the socket is well earthed to reduce shock.

Recommended brands

  • Philips 
  • Bajaj
  • Havells
  • Maharaja
  • Morphy Richard

Using the above references, find out what matters most to you. Choosing the right product becomes trickier most of the time. Just follow this guide and create your priority list.  

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