10 Best Hand Blender Under 1000 in India – 2024 Buying Guide

best hand blenders

The hand blender is one of the Important Things in kitchenware products. The hand blender can easily do big stuff in minutes. There are lots of companies like Bajaj, Philips, Orpat, prestige and many more brands that have the best hand blenders.

Are you planning to purchase the best hand blender? You should check my recent research on the best hand blender and below you can find the best hand blender in India to buy online.

Our Top Picks

#1 Orpat HHB-100E #2 Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt #3 Maharaja Whiteline
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Things to Consider


We should consider and check the weight of the hand blender before place an order. Weight is useful when we are making juice or some ruff crushing. so before shortlisting products one time we have to check it.


There are two types of material in a hand blender. steel and plastic. When you purchase to make sure where you are using.


In most cases, hand blender blade material is stainless steel. Also check the shape, size and how sturdy is a blade.

Power Button

When you are buying a hand blender make sure about the power button. Is it smooth? how many steps? what is the position of the power button? chose which is comfortable and easy to switch turn on-off.

Here is the list of some best hand blender based on key features and Amazon and Flipkart reviews.

Best Hand Blender In India to Buy Online

1.  Philips HR 1459/00 300 W Hand Blender

 Philips HR 1459/00 300 W Hand Blender

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Philips HR 1459/00 hand blender provides solid performance in everyday usage. It means, kneading, mixing and beating are now going to be easy and effortless when this hand blender use in your kitchen. It has a 5 stage speed controller that you can choose from according to your recipe.

Philips is crafted in elegant white color and the lightweight design takes very little space. The distinguishing feature of this blender is providing a  powerful 300-watt motor for fast and better effect.

Designed with super sharp stainless steel blades cuts the ingredients immediately. Philips HR 1459/00 300 W Hand Blender is one of the best hand blenders in India on the list.


  • 600ml of the multipurpose jar.
  • Variable speed controller.
  • It comes at affordable prices.
  • Features chopper and whisker too.
  • Uses 800 watts DC motor.
  • Offers 2 years of warranty services.
  • Detachable stainless steel blades.


  • It is a little noisy
Customer Reports
Aam Consumer

I am reviewing this after 4 years of continuous use ..Even today it works like a brand new and no problem encounter so far …it never heat even we continue use for half an hour .
Built quality is premium both machine body as well as attachments steel quality. Machine has 5 modes of speed you can adjust it as per your requirement.


Excellent product. Prepared tiramisu, was awesome for all the different types of whisking required. 5-speed option, so good control over whisking various material.

2. Wonderchef Regalia 350 W Hand Blender

Wonderchef Regalia 350 W Hand Blender

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Wonderchef Regalia 350 W Hand Blender is the second-best hand blender on the list. Its stylish compact design with a combination of orange color adds beauty to your kitchen. This hand blender delivers one blender with 800 ml jar is best for smooth gravies, milkshakes, and all other things.

One of the best features of this blender has a silent motor so, it operates quietly without making any noise. It has a weight of just 998 g and a warranty of 2 years.

Equipped with sharp blades that allow blending all ingredients finely and evenly.


  • Slim design snugly fits in a woman’s hands.
  • Powerful 350-watt motor.
  • Lightweight.
  • Hand blender and Jar.
  • Offers 2 years Manufacturer Warranty.


  • The warranty does not cover the outer.
Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

The product is excellent and must have for all households. The surprise was a mini chopper with it. That’s superb.


Easy to use.

3.  Morphy Richards HBCP 400 W Hand Blender

Morphy Richards HBCP 400 W Hand Blender

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Morphy Richards HBCP 400 W Hand Blender is the third-best hand blender on the list. This multi-purpose device used in all cooking activities such as chopping, blending, whisking. The appliance uses 400 W power of a motor.

It has a 2 stage variable speed controller is a very handy feature that helps to adjust speed settings as per your requirements. Hand blander attach with a chopper, measuring beaker, and instruction manual. Using its detachable leg with an easy locking system, hand blender clean thoroughly and fuss-free process.

The reputed brand hand blender of Morphy Richards provides a 2 years warranty on this blander. Overall, the performance of the Morphy Richards Hand Blender is pretty good.


  • Stainless steel shaft.
  • 2 variable speed soft push buttons.
  • Low vibrations and tight grip.
  • Detachable leg.
  • Affordable price range.
  • 2 years Manufacturer.
Customer Reports

Went through various products before buying this one and I must say I’m pleased to have this product. The 2 jars and 2 blades are highly effective. The motor is decent for a blender and it’s an easy to use the device. Got it in the sale and super happy after using it.

Amazon Customer

Very nice product and good quality worth its price. The 2 piece hand belnder is good to maintain and easy to wash after use. It has a 2-speed mode and helps for different kinds of stuff.

4. Bajaj MAJESTY HM01 250 W Hand Blender

Bajaj MAJESTY HM01 250 W Hand Blender

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Bajaj MAJESTY HM01 250 W Hand Blender is the fourth-best hand blender on the list. This household equipment is efficient for all the purposes like blending, whipping and crushing. In compare to with other brands, this blender power motor is low but never compromises in service.

The attachments dough hooks, beater and eject button-without press eject button attachment cannot be removed effortlessly. It means the eject button is useful when an attachment is supposed to be removed or changed. Dough hooks used for kneading bread, pizza, cookies and beater used for making creams, beating eggs and more.

It comes with 3-speed control like – low, medium and high to process the ingredients as per your desire.


  • 3-speed controls.
  • Dough & Beater attachment.
  • Nice performance.
  • It has a weight of just 1.1 Kg.
  • Function: kneading, mixing, whisking, beating.
  • Provides 2 years Warranty.


  • Only 250 W.
Customer Reports
Jomy Thomas

A very good quality hand blender with a 250-watt genuine motor. It is lightweight and easy to operate. Quite durable. I mainly use it for making a cake.

Tanu Thakur

Extremely useful, handy, easy to clean. Does its work nicely. So far tried making cake batter, aata dough and pizza dough. Cake batter does very well. Even the work load is decreased when you use it to make aata dough. I won’t say it does complete dough for aata but atleast does 80% work. Binding is not really good. You need to use your hands. But force is less and better dough. Same for pizza dough. Good work and useful in day to day life. Highly recommended.

5. Philips HR1350/C 250 W Hand Blender

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Philips HR1350/C 250 W Hand Blender is the fifth-best hand blender in the list. It is a popular brand in the home and kitchen appliances. It’s always offering high-quality of the product. Especially designed for fast work to batter whip cream or beat eggs just in a minute.

The hand blender has 250 watts of a powerful motor that enough for kitchen needs. It requires the standard 220-240 volts to operate. The single-speed hand blender provides a uniform texture for perfectly smooth results.

It has a detachable plastic bar, which can be removed by twisting the body of the blender, making it easy to clean and maintain.


  • Powerful 250 Watt motor.
  • Detachable plastic bar.
  • Waterproof shaft and accessories.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Function: Mixing.
  • Offers 2 years Warranty.


  • It does not have an on-off.
Customer Reports

Easy to operate and clean but makes lot of sound and has heating issues if used continuously for 5-6 mins. So leave heavy duty work for mixers and grinders. If you are a gym freak looking to make smoothies, banana shake, cold coffee or protein shake go for it!

Hitesh Joshi

Philips blender which I bought is handy, nice and useful in true sense. Worth a buy! Though it’s been a couple of months only, but the usefulness of the product matters the most. It’s well made with good finishing and compact, hence less trouble to use for daily kitchen work.

6. Bajaj Majesty HB04/06 300 W Hand Blender

Bajaj Majesty HB04/06 300 W Hand Blender

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Bajaj Majesty HB04/06 300 W Hand Blender is the sixth-best hand blender on the list. It has an ergonomically and sleek design perfect grip for women’s small hand. Equipped with a unique wall-hanging bracket, you can just hook it up on the wall and save valuable counter space in the kitchen.

The presence of the single multifunctional blade that helps to prepare soup, chutney, smoothies, beat eggs, churn butter, cream, and much more. It has a soft push button for more comfortable while working.


  • Multi-function blade.
  • Sturdy powerful motor.
  • Super clean surface finish.
  • Wall mounting bracket.
  • Sturdy plastic shaft.
  • Get 2 years Manufacturer Warranty.


  • Overheats at times.
Customer Reports

I recived it today (in 2 -3 days) I liked it but the only drawback which I found is it to heavy. I have used a hand blender for ages but this one in terms of weight is not good. It should be easy to handle but due to the heavy top, it’s a little tricky to use it.


It’s a good product. Well priced, works well enough. Only Wish a jar was included, in the package sulied by Bajaj.

7.  Boss B101 125 W Hand Blender

Bajaj Majesty HB04/06 300 W Hand Blender

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Boss B101 125 W Hand Blender is the seventh-best hand blender on the list.  It is very famous for innovation and durability. The portable hand blender use in a variety of basic tasks. This hand blender comes with superior 3 additional stainless steel blades for chopping, slicing and dicing effortlessly.

This lightweight and compact hand blender allows you to set the speed according to your necessities. It comes with 3 sharp blades to do a variety of jobs effortlessly.


  • Easy to clean and operate.
  • wall mounting stand.
  • Multiple blade facility.
  • 2 stage speed setting mode.
  • Warranty: 2 years on motor.


  • Just 125 W motor.
Customer Reports
Jatinder K.

I have been using this for the last 18 years. First I bought it 18 years back. It worked for 10 years and then again and this is the third time. Reliable product. It has an on and off switch. You need not keep it pressed during running. Only in this blender BOSS.

Saroja Indap

This blender I brought it for preparing my baby food and it does wonders. It is good for making fruits n vegetable purees n even for wisking liquids like butter milk, lassi, milk shakes, etc.

8.  Morphy Richards Pronto 300 W Hand Blender

Morphy Richards Pronto 300 W Hand Blender

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Morphy Richards Pronto Hand Blender is the eighth-best hand blender on the list. This hand blender from the house of Morphy Richards comes in a beautiful white color. Its sleek space-saving design attracts all people.

It fastest way to make delicious milkshakes, vegetable smoothies, and refreshing mixed drinks without much effort. All the parts are extremely easy to wash with its detachable leg and easy locking system.


  • Detachable whisk.
  • Slim and ergonomic design.
  • Long-lasting design.
  • Lock system available.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty from Morphy Richards.


  • It consumes a lot of power.
Customer Reports
Ankita Srivastava

It is very convenient to use for daily needs.

Amazon Customer

Excellent easy to use.

9. Orpat HHB-100E 250 W Hand Blender

Orpat HHB-100E 250 W Hand Blender

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Orpat HHB-100E 250 W Hand Blender is the ninth-best hand blender on the list. This is the highest-rated product on the list. This blender powered by a heavy-duty 250W motor that allows you to quickly blend and mix. The Orpat hand blender comfort to using your daily routine task.

Hand blenders are handy that prepare healthy cooking without any risk. Its trendy design touche-up a rich look to your kitchen.


  • Easy to clean and require small space.
  • Consume 250 W power.
  • Easy to store and wash.
  • Quickly blend and mix.
  • Function: Beating.
  • 1 years warranty on this blander.


  • The low wattage of the motor.
Customer Reports
Sanjeev Punia

Awesome product. Best for banana and mango milkshakes. Can be used for other kitchen purposes. Got only in Rs520 – the best deal.


A very simple Hand grinder. Surprisingly more powerful than all previous versions I have used. This causes milk to spray all up and around when using a smaller vessel. A large vessel is fine. I wish a slower speed would be nice to select.

10. Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix+ HB 101 350 W Hand Blender

 Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix+ HB 101 350 W Hand Blender

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Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix+ HB 101 350 W Hand Blender is the tenth best hand blender on the list. Equipped with 350W motor for quick and perfectly smooth results. Its sharp blade blends your shakes, purees, and smoothies easily. It is attached with a hanging loop feature after use you can easily dry and allows you to keep it hanging on your kitchen wall.

Ergonomically body grip designed to give you a comfortable and secure grip. For ease of use, the push button is located on the top end.


  • It consumes very little power.
  • Ergonomic design is easy to use.
  • The frequency is 50 HZ.
  • Super sharp blade.
  • Function: Blending, Mixing.
  • Provides 2 years Manufacturer Warranty.


  • It is a little noisy during
Customer Reports

Really easy to use, easy to clean and east to store.
The metal foot really makes soups & dals very easy.

Parth Garg

There’s no option other than this. My family has 4 of the same model.


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  • Can you use a hand blender for baking?
  • How do you use a hand blender without making a mess?

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