Top 5 Best Drill Machine in India 2024 – Price & Review

Looking for Best Drilling Machines in India?  After long research, we finally preference a this five best drill for regular house purpose so, do not have to depend on carpenters for any installing things. The drill is the most useful tool for installation and repairs. You can be tapping holes in wall, wood, furniture or fixtures and any other surface.

Our Top Picks

#1 Hammer Drill Machine #2 Bosch GSB 501 500-Watt #3 JCB 20mm Rotary
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In a current market, multiple power drill brand available in the market. Our research analysis which you should check all product reviews or rating and after consider you to buy two reliable brands models like Bosch, Black & Decker.

Best Drilling Machine Kits to Buy Online

1. Bosch GSB RE 450-Watt Kit

The GSB 450 RE drill is the impressive and professional tools to the Bosch brand. Since its established in 1993 and won many awards in power tools segment.

The powerful drill helps to holes or screws into furniture, plastic, wood, walls and other surfaces very easy with hassle-free way. Also, helps to remove unwanted nails or screws from furniture or fixtures.

The drill machine kit consists of several different sized insert bits like 4 Metal Drill Bits, 4 Wood Drill Bits, 10 Screwdriver Bits, 1 Bit Holder, 30 Screws and 30 Nylon Plugs.

The piece is perfect for your household repairs immediately.

Bosch GSB RE 450-Watt Kit

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Compact handle for better grip in heavy operations.
  • Use powerful 450 Watt motor.
  • Highly efficient work.
  • Shockproof plastic body.
  • Easily remove unwanted nails or screws from furniture with the help of reverse brush system.
  • Maximum capacity in concrete 10 mm, metal 8 mm and wood 20 mm.


  • Brand Bosch
  • Power 450 W
  • ColourBlue
  • Impact Rate 0 – 41600 bpm
  • Weight 1.5 kg
  • Warranty 6 Months

2. Bosch GSB 10 RE Kit Power & Hand Tool Kit

The 550W power motor impact drill requires in your home to do all the fixing and repairing. This drill designed for both beginners and professionals likewise. Additionally, this is hammering and reversible two-in-one drill kit. It means its brush plate for constant power in reverse and forward rotation.

The toolkit is consists of multiple tools related to repair/working needs. A noticeable feature of this kit has come with 100 accessories and the made of better and long-lasting material.

At just 1.5 kg weight easy to use and hold while working.

Bosch GSB 10 RE Kit Power & Hand Tool Kit
Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Hammering and reversible both capabilities.
  • Strong and useable kit for home.
  • Lightweight is perfect for portability.
  • Powerful and handy unit.
  • Speed control mode.
  • Long tool life tool.
  • Sleek and smooth design comfortably put in your hand and the convenience to work.


  • Brand Bosch
  • Power 500 W
  • Impact Rate 0 – 41,600 bpm
  • Weight 1.5 kg
  • Warranty 6 Month

3. Skil 6513 JD 13mm Drill Kit

Looks like a pistol. The device creates neat holes without straining your hands. The drill has 550 watt motor with maximum rpm of 3000. Furthermore, it useful for both professional or beginner at home.

The handle also has a sturdy and stable grip which is comfortable to fitting screw or chuck in the interior walls of a small thickness.

The torque allows you to drill holes up to 13 mm steel, 30 mm in wood and 13 mm masonry while you can need to apply simply pressing it when drilling holes in the surface. Has an impact rate up to 0 – 48,000 bpm.

This is the third best drilling machine from our point of view.
Skil best Drill
Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Robust and reliable design makes it easy to use.
  • Spindle locking mechanism system.
  • Ergonomic design easy to hold.
  • Impact drilling.
  • Reverse & rotation functions.
  • 3000rpm load speed.
  • convenient wire cord.
  • Lightweight and smart design.


  • Brand Skil
  • Power 550 watts
  • Chuck Size 13 mm
  • Impact Rate 0 – 48,000 bpm
  • Weight 2 Kg
  • Price Rs.2,199/-

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4. Black & Decker 550-Watt Reversible Hammer Drill Machine

It is extremely lightweight and portable to one hand handed product kit. Black & Decker is a leading brand in the drilling machine. It comes with three different types of drill bits sets such as steel, concrete and wood. Auxiliary handle & soft rubber grip has provided a comfortable grip for ideal usage.

The drilling machine has multiple features such as the reversible function which helps in anti-clockwise drilling/reverse drilling and switch trigger top of the drill by pushing or releasing for the speed adjustment.

This is a perfect drill to make your task easier.

Black & Decker 550-Watt Reversible Hammer best Drill MachineWhy Do We Recommend It:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Soft rubber grip fitted your palm.
  • Forward and reverse drilling.
  • Concrete – 13mm, Metal – 13 mm, Wood – 20 mm.
  • Shockproof plastic and rigid body with lightweight.
  • Speed locking button for continuous use.
  • Auxiliary handle for tough performance.


  • Brand Black and Decker
  • Load Speed0-2800 rpm
  • Power 550 W
  • Max Torque 4.5 Nm
  • Cord Length3 m
  • Warranty 6 Months
  • Price Rs.1,999/-

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5. Black & Decker 500-Watt VSR RBS Hammer

Black & Decker designed crafted by shockproof plastic materials. This is ideal for drilling into a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic and masonry to hang frames or fix shelves. Each and every tool is made of high tensile steel for hassle-free working.

It comes with four concrete bits for drilling and hammering purposes. The power output of this device is 500 watt. Its built with pistol shape and soft grip added a more balance in the grip and makes you comfortable while drilling.

Its 2 m cord length lets you convenient for anywhere work. Also, comes with a lock-on button for continuous drilling without stressing the finger.

black and decker best Hammer DrillWhy Do We Recommend It:

  • Variable speed option.
  • Insert the bits very carefully into the chuck.
  • Strong & sturdy.
  • High quality 10 mm keyed chuck.
  • Lock on button for greater comfort.
  • Switch easily from impact to drill mode.
  • Powerful 500 W motor is performing well.
  • Robust and reliable design.


  • Brand Black and Decker
  • Model KR 504
  • Power 500 W
  • Coeded Yes
  • Weight 1.04 Kg
  • Warranty 6 Months

Personal Recommendation

Since we have explained about the top 5 best drill machine in India. Therefore, our users are simply to choose the best product.

Black & Decker 550-Watt Reversible Hammer best Drill Machine

Through our analysis, we recommend the Bosch GSB 10RE Professional model to all users. This comes with the affordable price range.

Best drill machine brand

♣  Bosch

♣  Skil

♣  Black & Decker

Mostly Ask Question

Which is the best drilling machine for home use?

Bosch GSB 10RE Professional kit is the best for the home uses while setting up your house for DIY projects, home development to do all the repairing and installing an extension.

What is the best voltage for a cordless drill?

If you can use a drill for home then 4 to 8 volts are enough for cordless screwdrivers. But, can you have a hard word then need to 12 to 18 volts of power.

How many types drilling machine accessible in the market for home use?

In India five types of drilling kit accessible in the market such as Hand drills, Pistol-grip, Hammer Drill, Rotary hammer drill, Cordless drills.

Drill Machine Buying Guide: Some Important Factor To Look When You Buying Drill Machine

When there are thousands of drill machine available on the market, choosing the right one becomes the toughest job for you. Apart from serving on construction sites, a drill machine offers numerous services in your life. For example, for any DIY project, you must have it in your grip. Therefore, it must not be taken lightly. You have to reflect on the quality, cost, and availability of this machine before you label it as the best drill for you. But most importantly you have to ask yourself-

What kind of drill do you need?

  • Power Drill- Corded power drills usually are more highly effective and efficient than cordless drills, and are used for heavier duty projects. Corded or power drills are generally kept completely in carports or workspaces as they can be involved to move around. Corded drills usually be a bit less expensive than cordless but they aren’t as convenient for use in the home.
  • Cordless Drill- The main benefit of a cordless drill is that you have the flexibility of movement to use it anywhere around the house. You can get into limited places like roof areas having cables get in the way. Cordless drills are ideal for things like minimal home repairs or building flat-packed furnishings.

What are the important features that you should look for?

Drilling machines are good for small household work. They come very handy when you want to fix a screw or nail in wall, wood or any other place. When you are looking for the best drill machine you must do research, you can purchase the best drill machine but it should have some features which will help you with most of your household work.

Here are some of the important features which you will need to pay attention to while buying the best drill machine –

With cord / cordless

Depending on the use of your drill machine you must select your machine as cordless or with the cord. Cordless drill machines must have the good power support so that you do not have power problems while working. The drilling machine with the cord has a problem with portability. If your primary consideration is the convenience, then cordless drilling machines would be the ideal choice for you.


Power of drilling machine usually measured in watts, a drill machine an array of 450 to 750 watt is enough for regular use in-house. Cordless drill power is usually measured in volts, with the most powerful models being around 20 volts.


This is an important feature that every drill machine must have. This is a highly important feature if the drill machine is to be utilised for drilling. Speed is necessary to generate the screws properly in the surface. While you look for the best drill machine in India this feature is one of the important things you must check. The power to generate the screw is determined by the speed of the drill machine. Low bit speeds will enable you to drive screws flawlessly. This feature is critical if you are going to drive screws with your drill.


Clutch allows stopping the overdriving of the screw. This will help the user of the drill to know exactly where to place the screw and hence work is done with excellence. You must look very carefully for this feature as well while you are buying a new drill machine.

Chuck Selection

The chuck is a part that keeps the bits of a drilling machine together you will get it different types and sizes. Keyed and Keyless are two types of the chuck. The keyed chuck is used to tighten and loosen drilling machine bits. The keyed drilling machines are able to hold the bits tighter so they don’t easily slip into the chuck while drilling. It is very simple to change drilling machine bits in keyless chucks and you don’t have to worry about losing your key.


The reverse function allows for screw removal. This is an important area to which you need to keep in mind unless you use the machine for driving screws. It comes in handy when you have cabinets or furniture pieces to dismantle, or for the occasionally misplaced screw. A keyless chuck will always have this feature since it is the only way through which you can take out the bit.

Torque clutch

This is a must-have feature if you going to drive screws. It is with the support of the clutch that you can set a maximum torque point beyond which the machine will stop running. It helps to prevent overdriving the screw into the material. Therefore, it helps to ensure the screws do not get overdriven into any surface. You will be able to drive a large number of screws as a result. This feature is a real lifesaver if you are trying to drive a large number of screws.


While you are looking for a battery, you will need to know the kind of batteries require, especially if you are using a cordless drill. Lithium Ion batteries are the best option compared to other batteries because they are more strong and durable. They don’t have issues with memories and are eco-friendlier.

Some additional recommendation for you

  • If you want to be on the safe side while buying a drill machine but you have little knowledge of such a tool, it is recommended for you to buy one from a well-known company.
  • According to experts suggestion, Hitachi Bosch, DeWalt, and Makita are the most renowned names in Amazon. You can certainly rely on their build quality.
  • If you are on the hunt for tools at affordable and reasonable prices, you can buy it online.
  • Apart from this, you can always check on the reviews from the users of that particular machine and choose the best and right one for you.

The buying guide has been helpful to you and now you know where to look the best and what things to consider prior to making the purchase.

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