The Best Dairy-Free Drinks To Make At Home With A Cream Charger And Just 3 Ingredients


If you’re looking for delicious, dairy-free drinks that won’t leave you feeling deprived, look no further! We have compiled a list of some of the best dairy-free drinks you could make at home using a cream charger and three ingredients you probably already have in your pantry! Take a look below to see what our list consists of and to discover how you can make all of them for yourself!

1. Flavored Coffee Creamer

One of the easiest things to make at home is a flavored coffee creamer. If you want to add a bit of sweetness to your morning coffee, then a flavored coffee creamer is perfect! All you need is a cup of almond milk, a flavor drop for the Exotic Whip cream charger, and some sweetener of your choice and you are good to go!

A flavored coffee creamer is a great way to get that sweet treat you crave every morning without ruining your diet! Here are some flavors you can try for your creamer: vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate. If you add some chocolate syrup to your mixture, you don’t need to use the sweetener! This drink is easy to make, delicious, and good for you too! Who could ask for more?

2. Chocolate Milk

With your cream charger, you can create decadent chocolate milk at home in no time! You will need to pour some unsweetened almond milk into a glass and then add it to your cream charger. Once your ingredients are combined, simply shake the bottle to mix them together. Next, add a flavor packet or two depending on what flavor you are going for and stir well. Finally, you just need to add your sweetener of choice and enjoy a delicious glass of chocolate milk that will satisfy your cravings!

3. Mocktail Mojito

Another fun drink you could make with a cream charger is the classic mocktail mojito! For the mocktail mojito, you will need a couple of fresh mint leaves, a wedge of lime, a bottle of sparkling water, and a sugar substitute or simple syrup. Once you have all the ingredients ready, all you need to do is combine them and shake vigorously so that the sugar or syrup mixes in with the water and mint.

Then just garnish your glass with a slice of lime and enjoy a refreshing mocktail mojito cocktail without having to order an expensive one from a bar! You can use your cream charger to make this drink or you could also try making a fresh lemonade blend instead!

4. Eggnog Latte


Another dairy alternative treat that you could whip up with your cream charger is a healthy eggnog latte! To make your own eggnog latte, you will need to boil an egg in a bowl of water until it is hard boiled. Then, peel the egg out of the water and place it into a food processor along with some cinnamon and nutmeg. Process the egg until it is smooth and creamy, then add this creamy egg mixture to your favorite latte recipe.

Try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg to the top of the latte to give the eggs some extra flavor. Use your cream charger to add a bit of foamy goodness to the top of your latte to make the perfect holiday beverage that everyone will love!

5. Peppermint Hot Cocoa

A peppy twist to your classic hot cocoa! With your whipped cream dispenser in hand you can top off your cocoa with a simple swirl of peppermint-infused whipped cream to make it the ultimate festive treat! This decadent hot choc can be made in minutes and will satisfy your sweet tooth on a cold winter day!


A cream charger can help you make any of your favorite treats a lot healthier by making it easier for you to create tasty substitutes for some of the high-fat and high-caloric ingredients used in traditional recipes.

Making dairy-free hot chocolates, homemade egg nog, and other sweet treats has never been easier than using a cream charger! These handy gadgets can also help you make delicious frozen desserts like milkshakes and ice cream floats. No matter what kind of dessert you like best, you will definitely be able to find a fun and healthy recipe that you can make with a cream charger in no time!